High-ranking MP from Leicester in paedophile allegations

Thirteen years before the Madeleine McCann story, Leicestershire Constabulary found itself in the middle of another controversial story. Greville Janner QC MP was accused of sodomising Paul Winston.

The story came out during the trial of Frank Beck in Leicester in 1994. Beck died under suspicious circumstances and Janner never had to take the stand. A booklet was produced and is reproduced below.

It is worth repeating the text because one can see many parallels between that case and the Madeleine McCann case.

There are Freemasons involved in the cover-up. Sir David Napley of Kingsley Napley represented Janner and Michael Caplan QC of Kingsley Napley represented the McCanns soon after they fled Portugal in September 2007. Many believe that Michael Caplan QC represented the McCanns because he had successfully defended Augusto Pinochet against extradition. However, it is not widely known that Augusto Pinochet was a high-ranking Freemason. Of course, Janner is a Freemason as well.

This is a rather depressing story. It shows how the establishment work and long before the Internet was as powerful as it is today we have to ask just how many stories like this have been covered up? Former soccer star Justin Fashanu claimed to have had sex with MPs. He ended up dead, just as Stephen Milligan MP did after allegedly trying to gag Fashanu.

It seems that politicians can evade having to face the music but rich people in the music industry are not so lucky as Jonathan King, Tam Paton and Paul Gadd have found to their cost.

Is there any wonder the McCann case is treading water?

The text below is the document circulated around the early 90s.


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