Superintendent Stuart Prior, Leicester Police, intimidates Judiciary Police

The Superintendent Stuart Prior, the English police inspector who made the liaison with the Portuguese authorities in the Maddie case, has contacted the PJ to express his annoyance at the suspicions of paedophilia raised about a friend of the McCanns, David Payne. [read the official statements here 'David Payne May Hold the Key to Maddie's Mystery'] The British doctor was part of the group staying in Praia da Luz, at the time of Maddie's disappearance from the apartment where she slept in the tourist resort in the Algarve.

The informal phone calls of this senior officer - who was accused at the time of protecting Kate and Gerry McCann - are interpreted by Judiciary Police sources as "an attempt of intimidation to stop future endeavours."

The CM established that Stuart Prior, the head of the Leicestershire Police Constabulary (area where the McCanns live), called the PJ, giving an account of the couple's 'nuisance' regarding the suspicions over David Payne raised by Gonçalo Amaral. The former coordinator of the PJ in Portimão questioned the lack of explanations regarding 'the bath given to the children on the day Maddie disappeared'.

Amaral, who was removed from coordinating the case precisely because he accused the English police of taking sides with Gerry and Kate, believes that 'promiscuity continues between the couple and the British authorities'. According to the former police inspector 'only very influential people can send messages through the police'.


To Reopen the Case

Gonçalo Amaral, together with other Portuguese and foreign former police inspectors, is examining evidences left behind after his departure 'to discover the truth and to make possible the reopening of the case'.


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