Thanks to Kate and Gerry McCann for exposing the depth of corruption in the UK

By Stevo

Truth for Madeleine /Eddie: Dogs don't lie

Imagine if Madeleine McCann went on that holiday and returned home on May 5, 2007.

For Madeleine she would be alive and well and none of us would be any the wiser. The Portuguese police budget would be up by a few million Euros and probably Snr. Amaral would still be working in Portimao nick.

But what of all the scheisters we would never have known about?

A few of them we already knew because they had a track record. People like James Whale having a similar intelligence level of an amoeba - or high-end helpers like Mr Caplan QC - assisting scumbag General Pinochet in his efforts to avoid justice.

But what about Tony Parsons or the long list of child neglector helpers....the Bransons, the Winyards, the Euro MPs, Brian Kennedy the glazing magnate. To think you could have been buying windows from this man and not known he wanted to finance a pair of outrageous fraudsters who's direct action or inaction caused their daughter to disappear...however that happened.

Would we have known that the Press Complaints Commission is a shambles and so governed by nepotism that it is pointless making complaints to that organisation.

Would we have known the depth of corruption and press manipulation in the UK media if a case like this hadn't come along?

Do you still have faith in the good old honest British "Bobby" anymore? I don't. True, there were other cases like Stephen Lawrence and the Menezes case which also showed poor policing skills, but the Madeleine McCann case has been layers upon layers of deceit by public protectors. And for what reason?

I wish Madeleine was alive today because I don't like to think of any child coming to harm. But in a way, her death has left us armed with more than a few tidbits of useful information.

And it isn't over yet either. I'm convinced she didn't die in vain. Sean and Amelie will grow up and learn. They will be able to ask questions. When Sean and Amelie are old enough to have families of their own they will be able to understand that you don't leave toddlers alone. There will be more than enough information out there for them to read about that fateful week in 2007.

It really doesn't bear thinking about if Madeleine hadn't disappeared. So much incredible information would never have come to light.

Source: If Madeleine hadn't disappeared...
Top image by Himself at The McCann Gallery

And let's not forget:
Clarence Mitchell for raising awareness of how many unsolved mysterious deaths he's been involved with.

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