Criminal Profiler Pat Brown talks to Joshua Nevett (senior reporter @DailyStar) about Madeleine McCann and Operation Grange

Pat Brown

Well, I wasn’t misquoted, so I thank the reporter for that. But, as you can see, the actual point of my commentary was not included. Here is my total statement:

Joshua Nevett: I'd be interested to hear your perspective on the extra funds that have been given to Scotland Yard to pursue one “final line of inquiry”.

Pat Brown: Operation Grange has had seven years and more money than any missing child investigation to date and has not found Madeleine (dead or alive) nor does it appear they have come up with any solid leads. I hardly believe they need more money to follow up on just one particular lead as if it was suddenly the Holy Grail. It is more than odd that their investigation started with a remit to only investigate the crime as an abduction when, in fact, there is no evidence an abduction occurred. Furthermore, any proper review or investigation would start at the beginning and assume nothing; this means the parents should have been considered suspects until there was evidence to eliminate them. To date, the parents have not effectively been eliminated as participants in the disappearance of their daughter.

Joshua Nevett: Why do you think the Met Police have continued the investigation for more than a decade despite the lack of any major leads? It's seem disproportionate given the number of people that go missing every year.

Do you think the mystery of her disappearance will ever be solved? Why or why not?

Pat Brown: The Met DO have a major lead; it is the McCanns. However, the remit will not permit them to follow the top lead and IF the McCanns are indeed culpable in what happened to Madeleine, every other lead is fruitless and, therefore, seven years and a huge amount of taxpayer money has been wasted.

Even if the McCanns are not guilty of a crime other than neglect of their children, the amount of money spent on this one crime is outrageous especially considering that it isn't even a case that occurred within the UK and another police force has jurisdiction over it. Furthermore, if the McCanns were not involved, the only reasonable scenario would have have been a local child predator and Madeleine would almost surely have been dead within hours, meaning there would be no need of extensive worldwide searches or complicated investigations into child sex rings.

And why has this bizarre behavior of the Met police continued for seven years? I really don't know except to say that there was and is some political pressure that influenced this whole debacle.

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