**NEWS FLASH** Ex-Portuguese PM Jose Socrates (Gordon Brown's partner in crime) to face trial ready for PROSECUTION for CORRUPTION.

**NEWS FLASH** Jose Socrates to face trial ready for PROSECUTION for CORRUPTION.

[Joana Almeida JORNALECONOMICO 8th Oct]

Head Line: Prosecutor seizes Jose Socrates properties and banks accounts.

The seizure of his assets occurred after the DCIAP ( Department of investigation and criminal proceedings. ) had discovered that the ex-PM illegally received 32 million euros from the State and now it has to be compensated.
Apart from the properties, the State will ask for the rest of the money ( around 15 million euros) from Socrates Switzerland account.

The Prosecutor ordered the seizure of 3 houses and a large farm belonging to the ex-PM after he concluded that Socrates illegally received 32 million as part of Operation Marques, the assets will be kept as a guarantee in case he gets condemned. 

The 3 houses were sold by Socrates mother to his friend Carlos Santos Silva and the farm is under the name of Sofia Favs, Socrates ex-wife. Also, all of Carlos Santos Silva accounts were seized. 

As part of OM, Socrates is accused of the practice of eventual crimes of CORRUPTION fiscal fraud, money laundering, wrongful receipt of an advantage, forgery, INFLUENCING peddling. 


The case started in July 2013, Socrates was arrested on November 12th, 2014 and served 10 months in preventive prison.

The accusation will be ready for PROSECUTION next week.

[Translated by abscam member Pamela Copetta Ossandón many thanks ]

THE McCann case is closed - until as Gonçalo Amaral tells us (and believe it he knows more than us)
''When there will be political courage, it will be solved".

LOW AND BEHOLD his prayers have been answered THE PORTUGUESE parliament have thrown a massive cover-up to one side, and have charged the former Prime Minister Jose Socrates, with CORRUPTION and more important he use this position of trust by the Portuguese people, to sell the INFLUENCE it brings I think we can say, Sócrates, was pressured in IMO by the UK to release the McCanns.

BECAUSE he had accepted bribes from a UK company the trial will show all this has massive ramifications on the case, this is a game changer, think about it's like GORDON BROWN being arrested!

The corruption is being bought out into the open, despite national interests, the TRUTH and Justice is being put in front of national interests, ask yourself have we the UK ever done this? this shows us the Portuguese wind of change means they will not be scared to PURSUE the McCanns if they want to, if Sócrates, DECIDES TO TELL ALL WHICH HE MIGHT TO GET A SHORTER SENTENCE

FOR TEAM McCann its one disaster after another.

The case again GA totally lost they own 500k over this, the Portuguese high court has told them are still, the prime suspects, operation Grange has been exposed as a sham, public opinion is demanding it's closed or they interview the tapas nine, their accountants on the fund has pulled out no longer willing to put their name to the accounts, MSM are doing their best in mind of super-injunctions to leak the truth, in fact, the truth is now bubbling to the surface, the game is up ! Rome is burning CM might be still playing his violin of spin, but to no avail, this is the beginning of the end Sócrates WILL LAY BARE the cover-up, what will be left nothing but a word ABDUCTION, Gonçalo Amaral has many friends in the police, the media and the political world is this as he said....
''When there will be political courage, it will be solved".

Brown vs Sócrates. Someone with power can attempt to influence other people to listen to him or to do things for him, here we see PM Brown trying AND indeed influencing the Portuguese national government. 

The conversation between them and the signing of the Lisbon Treaty. For Sócrates it was important to secure Brown’s signature, but for the latter, it was equally important to solve the Madeleine McCann case, which counted on the personal and institutional support of the new British Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown was informed by his SFO the suspicions that hung over Prime Minister Sócrates HAVING TAKEN A BRIBE FROM UK FIRMS TO GIVE PLANNING PERMISSION to build a shopping centre FREEPORT on RESTRICTED LAND near Lisbon. 

on the 2nd of October 2007, case coordinator Gonçalo Amaral is removed. 

The removal of the man who had always suspected the involvement of the McCann their daughter’s disappearance happened on the SAME DAY that Gordon Brown announced to Sócrates that he accepted to sign the Lisbon.

Strangely this is not reported in the UK press yet, but they will have to as the beans are about to be spilt. 




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