Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

13 Mar 2017

Prime Suspects Kate and Gerry McCann who never co-operated with Portuguese investigation send Good Morning Britain viewers into angry meltdown over continued £11million Operation Grange funding

Prime Suspects, Prof Gerry McCann and Ambassador for Missing People, Kate McCann

By Louise Randell, Senior Showbiz Reporter

13th March 2017, 8:58 am Updated: 13th March 2017, 9:45 am

GOOD Morning Britain viewers went into meltdown today as they vented their fury over the “ridiculous” £11.1 million which has been spent on the hunt for Madeleine McCann.

Piers Morgan debated the case on the show today as it was revealed police are getting another £85,000 to prop up the probe – a decade after the youngster disappeared in Portugal.

Piers Morgan led the debate on Good Morning Britain today
Funding for the case has been extended for another six months, and the move was a hot topic on Good Morning Britain today.

Piers and his co-host Susanna Reid debated the issue with retired Met police officer Sue Hill, Dr Graham Hill, who worked on the investigation, and Karen Danczuk.

Top cop Sue declared the huge bill is a waste of taxpayers’ money – and urged the force to finally “put sentiment aside”.

She said: “Knowing how many undetected murders there are here in London… sometimes you have to put sentiment to one side and say enough is enough.”

Retired police officer Sue Hill is convinced the force needs to put ‘sentiment aside’
Viewers were left furious as it emerged the investigation has cost more than £11 million so far since Maddie, three, vanished in 2007.

Fans took to Twitter to insist police resources had been stretched far enough by the case – and many suggested other missing child cases have been underfunded in comparision to the Maddie probe.

One outraged viewer wrote: “Glad that @gmb are covering the #MadeleineMccann funding. This case is being over-resourced, yet again. Taxpayers aren’t happy.”

Another added: “11.1m on the search for #MadeleineMccann is ridiculous…”

McCanns believe Maddie's alive

Dr Graham Hill claimed the original investigation was 'botched'

A third tweeted: "#MadeleineMcCann When Do We #ScaleBack Really? Im #Hurt For The Families Of This Girl But What About Other #Children Who Have #Disappeared?"

Another added: "Oi I'm not being funny but if I was abducted in Benidorm when I was 8, my mum would not have got 11m quid to look for me #MadeleineMccann."

TV detective claims Maddie McCann knew where parents were and went looking for them

The funding bump comes after it emerged cops are chasing a new lead as they hunt for a a former employee of the resort where Maddie disappeared.

British police want to seek to a Portuguese man who worked at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz.

The unnamed man had previously been interviewed by cops desperate to track down Maddie, but now they have reason to believe he may hold more key info.

A Portuguese police source told The Mirror: "British officers are very keen to question him and are convinced he knows more than he was previously saying.

“They are not suggesting he stole Maddie but he may know people who could have been involved."

Discussion on CMOMM: http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t13727-operation-grange-given-85000-for-another-6-months

Prime suspects Kate and Gerry McCann flee Portugal to avoid answering questions and taking part in the reconstruction of their daughter's death

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Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

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