Maddie McCann case in The Sun: Tracey Kandohla's attack on Portuguese crime expert, Moita Flores


Portuguese crime expert launches vile attack on Kate and Gerry McCann over their daughter’s disappearance

Moita Flores says he has 'no doubt' Maddie died inside the holiday flat

Updated: 15th March 2017,

MADELEINE McCann’s parents are facing fresh misery as a Portuguese crime expert spouts further outrageous claims over their daughter’s disappearance.

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No sooner did I leave just two very polite and useful comments (notifications below) on Kandohla's article than all the comments were whooshed, even though she leaves all other comments intact.

Looks like PeterMac's FREE e-book is a touchy subject for the Sun...?

Or maybe Kandohla only wants the 'vile troll' comments to further her and Clarence's agenda.