Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

5 Mar 2017

Dear Dr. Synott and the UK Media: I am not a Troll, I am Pat Brown

Image result for criminal profiler pat brown with goncalo amaral

Pat Brown in Praia da Luz with, the persecuted former Portuguese Police Officer, Gonçalo Amaral


I just love how there is so much talk in the UK media about anonymous people on Twitter trashing the McCanns; how they don't have the cajones to come into the public because of the consequences. Really?
Hello, Dr. Synott! Hello, UK Media!

Know my name? Pat Brown? The Pat Brown who writes on Twitter under....what....Pat Brown? The Pat Brown who has the blog called The Daily Profiler where she has written many articles about the McCann case under the name....ummm....Pat Brown? . Who was interviewed by a Portuguese paper as.....yes, Pat Brown. That's right, that same Pat Brown who wrote a book called Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann under the name....yeah....Pat Brown. Who had her book pulled from Amazon because the McCanns threatened to sue them and the McCanns named the author in the lawsuit as......guess.....Pat Brown.

Pat Brown is not hard to find. Google "Criminal Profiler Pat Brown". You come up with The Pat Brown Profiling website where you can find my email and phone number. Guess how many UK journalists or others writing on the McCanns contacted me, a real person, not a anonymous troll, to discuss the McCann case and the issues surrounding it during the last ten years?

Yeah, exactly.

Oh, wait, I forgot about Anthony Summers, Looking for Madeline author, but he was just pretending to interview me as he had already included me in the troll section of his book.

In other words, there ARE people who doubt the McCann's abduction claim who have come forth publicly with their own names...even professionals and experts .....but the UK media is not interested interviewing them as it might let the public know that not only a sardine munching deplorable Portuguese retired police detective and some loony Twitter trolls question the McCann's innocence. There are also people who do crime analysis for a living who find that the McCanns should be considered suspects and believe Scotland Yard is conducting a sham investigation on behalf of someone, but not the citizens of the UK or Madeleine.

While there are certainly some trolls out there on Twitter who act rather badly concerning the McCanns, there are also many rational people who simply have a hard time swallowing the McCanns' protests and the biased "news" stories put out by the UK press.

I am Pat Brown. I am one of them. I'm waiting for your call.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
March 4, 2017

Image result for criminal profiler pat brown 

Pat Brown with retired lawyer Tony Bennett en route to see Gonçalo Amaral

Pat Brown and Tony Bennett are members of the CMOMM forum where, guess what? I also use my real name! http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/

Other members also use their real names - retired Police Superintendent PeterMac, who wrote an e-book, and Portuguese journalist Natasha Donn for instance.

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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