Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

17 Mar 2017

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown's radio discussion: "Quite a few experts" also agreed on theory that Madeleine McCann's parents might be involved in what happened to her

The criminal profiler whose Madeleine McCann theory has gone global steps Jade Robran through her reasoning on FIVEaa.
This week Pat Brown sensationally went public with her belief Maddie was never abducted, and instead died inside her parents’ Portugal apartment.

“I’ve been looking at this case for almost as long as the case has been around, which is now ten years,” she told Jade on Thursday. “I have found no evidence of abduction, there’s certainly nothing that supports that evidence physically, or behaviourally or circumstantially. Absolutely nothing.”

“But there’s a lot of evidence in another direction and that is what has really been suppressed a lot in recent years by the UK press and by the US press as well.”

Brown’s theory largely agrees with one put forward by the former lead investigator into Maddie’s supposed abduction, Goncalo Amaral, in a book called ‘The Truth of the Lie’.
Last month Amaral won a long legal challenge by the McCanns over the book…
“The McCanns sued him and had his book taken off the market and it went through the courts for many years and now has gone all the way to the Supreme Court of Portugal, and they have ruled in his favour,” Brown said.
“[The judge] even came out and said the McCanns have never been cleared.
“When I came into the case and analysed all the evidence… I came to the same conclusion. I do support his conclusions.”

Brown said “quite a few experts” also agreed:
“It’s not only one person who believes this, that the evidence supports that the parents might be involved in what happened to Madeleine.
“It appears to me the evidence supports that something occurred, there was an accident while [the parents] were not there, and therefore Madeleine expired in the apartment.”
“You look for the totality of evidence, all of the pieces of evidence put together.”

To listen to Pat Brown's radio discussion click here: http://www.fiveaa.com.au/shows/jade-robran/inspector-explains-her-explosive-madeleine-mccann-theory

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