Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

17 Feb 2017

Tracey Kandohla, Kate McCann's gym buddy, tells Sun readers where to find Amaral's book and documentary the McCanns want censored in the UK

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Cheers, Kate!

Not only does Tracey Kandohla tell her readers at the Sun where to find Gonçalo Amaral's book and youtube documentary that Kate and Gerry McCann want censored in the UK, but she no longer seems to want to moderate any comments that are not in the least supportive of her friends, the McCanns.

How times have changed. It would seem that the Press are now hanging the McCanns out to dry by finally allowing the other side of this sordid story to be told. Or maybe the papers just want their money back after the McCanns sued them?

Whatever the reason, it can only be good in the fight for justice for three year old Madeleine that the McCanns don't seem to be part of as they squander donated money on mortgage payments and expensive libel lawyers.

With friends like Ms Kandohla though, Kate, who needs enemies?


Terry Curtis
@ Bella    There's a difference between stiff upper lip and a cold aloof presence enhanced with happy carefree laughing faces photographed just days after their daughter went missing.

"I can only assume there is a conspiracy to muddy the waters and lay the blame at their feet.."  I can't understand why you seem to deflect the bottom line in this case ( if you believe the official version). Those kids were left on their own by their parents. Dress it up as you like but they and only they are to blame here.*

* = obviously depends on whether you believe Kate McCann's original statement with jemmied shutters and opened windows which were soon dropped after the shutters were inspected and found undamaged, or the intruder came in through an open patio door ( the later version).
 Terry Curtis

"Amaral should go go to prison for a very long time....."     and your reason behind that  Geff Allen ? Please explain that Geff.
The fact that the man did his job and got too close to the truth ? Or was it his comments upset the McCann's search for Madeleine ? Have they started looking yet ?

Maybe you should think about the deception of their 'no stone unturned' fund which is in fact a limited company NOT a charity, paying for the McCann's mortgage and legal costs. Do you think the public donated for those reasons? Or you should consider the fact that the McCanns wanted to force Goncalo Amaral to get a divorce from his wife to separate his family's assets in order to split them up and seize any available monies for compensation.

The McCann's are the ones who should be going to prison for a very very long time. Their whole scenario has been one deceptive, lying charade from start to present, suckering in the public along the way and presenting themselves as poor, innocent parents. Looking at their laughing joyous faces just 3 days after Madeleine went missing, they looked anything but.
 Terry Curtis

It is long overdue that this shti Amaral should go to prison for a very very long time.. Good luck Jerry & Kate
 Terry Curtis

In jobs stifled by professional conduct and professional indemnity, insurance that silences any comment you want to make, and being Scottish, why on earth are people too thick to realise a stiff upper lip is not a crime.  I can only assume there is a conspiracy to muddy the waters and lay the blame at their feet, there are certainly enough abusers on this thread to suggest an investigation in to paedophile abductions is not something they wish to be pursued despite other instances of locals and police working together to conceal such crimes for their own ends.  

Terry Curtis

Of course they're responsible. Even if they didn't kill her they are responsible for leaving her alone thus allowing the abduction to take place!
Why would anyone shout "They've taken her" instead of "Maddie's missing" or "Maddies gone"?
Tanequil Smith

The McCanns are starting to believe their own lies I hope it is only a matter of time before they are in prison.
mark stephenson

The fourth picture in this story says everything to me!The way he is looking at her is like he is coaching her to be careful what she says!!!
Neil Allen

Why would they want to stop this book? they lost the court case now they want to take more legal action against this guy WHO WON IN COURT,  what have they got to hide.
mark stephenson

Have they given reasons for not taking the lie detector?I know if i was in their position,i would jump at the chance............If i had nothing to hide!!!!
tommy graham

The McCann's are hiding something ever time i see them i feel sick this couple should be in jail they need to come clean they should be made take the lie detector test
Neil Allen

The McCann's Left their children in their apartment alone why?, would you leave your children, NO,  they have got off very lightly by the Portuguese Government and this hopeless British Labour Government.
They are still suspects under Portuguese Law, Why?
Summer Rules

I think the whole of the UK should sue the McCann's in an effort to get them out of our Country. They are wrong-uns as far as I am concerned.

Stephanie Lloyd

This copper needs to stop!!!! He's had his 15 minutes of fame and is looking like a mug now! Now I have never been a fan of the McCanns as they did leave their children alone, and I do belive they need prosecuting.

david stacey

There's still time, Sun. Come over to those of us on Madeleines side. Don't make yourselves look stupid when the truth comes out.
Tim Sandham

They seem to love getting money any which way, whats the odds it all started when they sold maddie?? Greed is a terrible thing and nothing really has added up since the child went " missing"
Just confess to either selling or killing your child it'll all come out one day.
Maria leprevost

The Only Lunatics in this story are The Parents, One day the The Truth will come out and i just hope They Both  rot in hell!!!
Jenna Bates

Every time I see these so called parents my skin crawls. They voluntarily left their children alone to go and have a meal with their friends. The Tapas bar was able to cater to take away - why didnt they do that? Why couldn't they eat in the apartment with friends? If they wanted a nice drink and be merry adult holiday why weren't the children left at home with a relative?
If this has been a single mother or father or even a working class family, they would be hounded to the death but yet these two have managed to turn it into this great tale of devastation with themselves as the leading victims. I don't understand how.
I don't know what happened to Madeleine but I do know it was something to do with her parents. Sniffer dogs are unable to lie. Nothing at all about this whole thing has ever added up. Did they drug her so she didn't wake up and gave her too much? Did she wake, stumble and hit her head on the tiled floor? One day the truth will come out and it looks like it is all starting to unravel.

Neil Allen

@Jenna Bates Would you leave your baby' no so why did they?

Jenna Bates

Exactly. Our eldest daughter was one at the time of Madeleine's disappearance and our youngest daughter turned three the beginning of this year so the same age as Madeline when she "disappeared".
I would never leave either of them alone. I cannot for the life of me comprehend any way to reason it.

The only lunatic conspiracy theories I've read have come from the McCann's camp. From day 1 I thought them guilty, at first admittedly just guilty of neglect for leaving such small children unattended but as the days, weeks, months and years have past by i have only become more convinced one of them or someone from the tapas 7 group done something very terrible to that little girl. The dogs don't lie, the police files of collective facts also do not lie. Maddie, the child they so longed for, was going to be given to someone else before this tragic night. I couldn't part with my Dog whom i love and adore so how is it possible they was willing to give up such a precious thing? Rubbish, everything they say is rubbish. Someone has some very big questions to answer over the way this couple have been protected. The sad thing is, we are unlikely to ever find the truth as if what I believe is true or even close to the truth, someone very high up in the british establishment has made all of this possible for them. What do you know Gerry? What do you know and who do you know through what activity Gerry? A lie detector test for both McCanns and David Payne please. I'll happily pay for all three.

Where was @Paul Bennett on the day?? Someone who has expressed an un healthy interest in minors on this forum!!
Iain  McGregor

I can also not understand why the Media and Press has not hounded the McCann's to try and get to the facts of their daughter Madeline going missing, if this had been any other family the press and media would have hounded them to get to the truth when there is so many unanswered questions, one can only think that their friends in very high places has placed a no go area on the Media and press to protect their friends. But when someone comes out and comments like all of us on here they are outed and hunted down to ba named and shamed i.e Sky News and Brenda Leyland all to protect the McCann's and the truth coming out.

Andy Turner

@Iain McGregor the government have put a D notice on the media as the  McCann's are well in with the government thay need more money to keep the pedo ring or there so called friends   from squeaking 
Iain  McGregor

I have watched the video. it is based on facts from the Portuguese  investigation facts, just like Goncalo Amaral book, only reason the McCann's are planning to sue is that they can no longer sue Mr Amaral, I honestly think it is because both the book and video are too near the facts for the McCann's and yes the video does confirm that the McCann's and their friends were offered a lie detector test by the Portuguese Police which they all refused.

Chris Day

They should have NEVER left her and the other children unattended that was and is reckless parenting without question. In away they are responsible for neglect and being poor parents yes!  
Ron Wiseman

I have watched some of the documentaries on youtube and I can see why the McCanns want them banned as they raise some very large concerns about the McCanns themselves.

A pair of vile leeches living of the blood of the daughter they murdered. I hope Karma has something truly exceptional in store for them.
Duncan Walker

These two people who are solely and wholly responsible for their child going missing have not only escaped all punishment for abandoning their children to go drinking but have somehow become the victims in this crime and have since made a career and huge sums of monet from it.
A single mother or family on benefits would not have been given the same treatment this well to do couple have in a million years they would have been shamed, pilloried and most definitely prosecuted for leaving their children from day one !
Yellow and Black

As I have said previously, they are the only couple we know who leaves their children alone to selfishly go out with friends and instead of being prosecuted they make hundreds of thousand of pounds and have a good jet setting life. Now they want to use this documentary to further feather their unsavoury nest. Disgusting couple
Frank brewer

until they do a lie detector i will always think they had some thing to do with it or now some thing they are not telling truth about  some thing sorry but that's what i think 

Rachael  Ainge

They were offered a lie detector but agreed to take it only if the results were admissible in court and only if it was 100% accurate, obviously their conditions made it impossible.
hayley neill

The McCann's again. Seriously if I see them or hear about them again I will scream. They are guilty as sin as we all know, sniffer dogs don't lie. Also who the hell leaves children alone on holiday so that makes them neglectful too but it's all ok because they are one of the elite so to speak and it gets covered up. Stop covering this vile pond filth scum already and I hope THEY ROT IN HELL. Also make them pay back the millions they've taken for their mortgage, oh sorry I forgot it was a search fund wasn't it


SUN, take note, and take these parasites out of your paper, nobody believes them or supports them
Dog Breath

People in a hole should stop digging. Along with Clarence Mitchell they are an industry, they jump on every chance to keep the ball rolling. I feel sorry for the surviving children that whole family has built their identity over that poor little girl they lost through pure carelessness 10 years ago.
john macca

i agree with you i have never let my children out of my site but everyday of agony life sentence conspiracy theories etc i just feel pity for them must be going through hell day in day out

john macca

for gods sake leave these poor people alone they have suffered enough 

Sarah Barrett

Oh please. They have no one to blame but there selves. Even if they didn't kill her they still left 3 young kids alone in a foreign country so they could go out. They are to blame. If they didn't leave her, she would still be here. FACT

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Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

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