Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

18 Feb 2017

Is Sun journalist Tracey Kandohla throwing her friend, Kate McCann, under the proverbial bus - or enabling more money laundering for the dwindling Fund?

By Jill Havern

Tracey Kandohla

I don't understand what Tracey Kandohla, journalist at the Sun and Daily Mail, is up to...she's supposed to be a personal friend and gym buddy of Kate McCann. 

In her recent press articles she's told her readers about Amaral's book, The Truth of the Lie, and where to find the English version online - The Truth of the Lie is one of my blogs and according to the statcounter there have been many thousands of hits in the last few days alone and over 85 million in total.

Tracey has also told her readers about the documentary the McCanns want banned in the UK, and where to find it on youtube. The documentary has been available online for over 8 years already! She's also informed her readers that the McCanns have ordered their lawyer not to mention the ruling of the Portuguese Supreme Court that Amaral has won or that costs for the appellants were awarded to the McCanns.

Tracey has also left hostile, unmoderated, comments on her digital articles - including one that quotes the damning Gaspar statements that the McCanns have kept secret for 10 years.

She has informed her readers that the McCanns have gone to extraordinary lengths to ban all their friends and family from saying anything in public.

She has informed her readers that Maddie is dead, that the McCanns have used public donations for suing Snr Amaral, the police officer who was tasked to search for their daughter, destroying his life and that of his family after forcing him to get divorced in order to seize his assets.

All of this is now in the public domain, having been kept a secret for nearly 10 years. 

Who needs friends like Tracey Kandohla? 

As has been said on my CMOMM forum either she's setting the stage for the McCanns to sue the paper and settle out of court (again) to top up the dwindling fund, another form of money laundering, or she's saving her own skin as the truth comes out. 

I say money laundering because the McCanns have admitted that they think Maddie must be dead, as if they didn't know anyway, yet for nearly 10 years they've carried on asking for donations to search for her. The Fund is an immoral fraud. Of course, there is also evidence that Maddie is dead - the two British sniffer dogs alerted to blood and death scent in the McCanns' holiday apartment, Kate McCann's clothes, and the car they hired 3 weeks later which was used to transport Maddie's corpse, presumably to her final resting place.

Whatever Tracey Kandohla's agenda is, the McCanns can't be in a good place now and they must realise they're the most hated 'parents' in the UK! 

Even the Leicester Mercury have reported that the McCanns have not been cleared of involvement in Maddie's disappearance which can only mean that the McCanns neighbours and other residents of Rothley are now taking a keener interest in the case, if they hadn't already. 

How on earth do the McCanns go about their business in Rothley knowing all eyes are upon them, questioning them? How does Gerry McCann go to work knowing that his colleagues and patients are aware of the truth? How can Professor Gerry McCann's employers, at Glenfield General Hospital, continue to allow him to work as they must now know, if they didn't before, that he's never been cleared of the involvement in the concealment of his daughter's body?

What on earth are the McCanns going to do now to protect the twins from this inevitable sunami backlash? 

They've brought it all on themselves, of course, but this is not going to be easy now for Sean and Amelie or their future children.

It will be an horrendous cross for them to bear in the knowledge that their parents were instrumental in the hounding to death of pensioner, Brenda Leyland, on a trumped up charge of 'trolling' when, in fact, she did nothing of the sort - she merely questioned the McCann's version of events, albeit it robustly at times.

The McCanns could move out of the UK, of course, but where could they go? They've made Maddie's 'cash-cow' case global and the whole wide world knows they've been conducting a scam for nearly 10 years.

The cover-up scam of Maddie's death will ensure that the McCann's, and all their accomplices including their own children, go down in the annals of history as one of the worst crimes, involving a child, in the UK. 

Who would want to live with that?

Perhaps it's now time for the McCanns to tell the truth, face the consequences, and accept their punishment. Karen Matthews, who also staged a fake abduction of her own daughter, has served her time and is now out of prison using a new name - ironcially, 'Kate'! Of course, in Matthew's case at least Shannon was fortunately found alive.  The punishment for concealing a corpse and perverting the course of justice for 10 years will carry a much higher price.

Or maybe the McCanns will merely carry on with their Pact of Silence and carry the truth to their grave, leaving behind a devastating legacy for their children and grandchildren, a massive burden for them to carry through their lives.

Either way, the McCanns are not in a good place now and I, for one, have no sympathy whatsoever for what they've brought upon themselves. I do, however, have tremendous sympathy for all the children caught up in this disgusting web of lies and deceit.

Are the McCanns now feeling miserable and feeling fear as they wished Gonçalo Amaral would, and as their lawyers ensured he did?

Bottoms up, Kate!

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