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28 Sep 2016

Letter sent today to the Prime Minister and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe suggesting Met Police enquiry into Maddie McCann mystery is not genuine

I have today sent off my letters to the Prime Minister and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

I set up my forum (CMOMM) with serious intent. I wanted my forum to put together evidence about what really happened to Madeleine. Over the years, together, we have done just that.

When Operation Grange was set up in May 2011, many of us had high hopes for it. I think it’s fair to say that most of us now feel that those hopes have been dashed.

I’d like to thank first of all those who helped me compile this letter, and all of you who in recent weeks have made suggestions about the content, even those who noticed a minor typo or a failure to close some inverted commas. I hope I’ve done justice to all your suggestions. I’m especially pleased to be able to say that my letter has been examined by some of those who have put the most work into unravelling this mystery and they have pronounced it accurate in its details and very much to the point. And that point is that Operation Grange does not seem to have been a genuine search for the truth.

I also want to pay tribute to many others whose work has contributed to this letter. By that I mean people like Nigel Moore and ‘pamalam’ who have for nearly 10 years run the mccannfiles and mccannpjfiles sites. I also mean Joana Morais and the many Portuguese helpers who voluntarily translated the Portuguese police files on the case, and many other documents. And I also mean every single individual anywhere who has helped to get us nearer to the truth.

What to do now?

I’ve done my bit. Now can you all help me please?

Can you please contact your local M.P., enclosing a copy of my letter, and add something like: “Dear MP, Please have a look at the enclosed letter and Appendix. It suggests that the Metropolitan Police have not been conducting a genuine enquiry into what happened to Madeleine McCann. Please forward this letter to the Prime Minister, Home Secretary and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and ask them for a detailed response to the serious allegations in the letter. Thank you. Yours sincerely…”

There is information and advice about how to contact your M.P. on the ‘Write To Them’ site: https://www.writetothem.com/

Please use social media to promote this letter. If using Twitter, please use hashtags. I suggest something like:

#CMOMM letter to #PrimeMinister suggesting #MetPolice enquiry into Maddie #McCann mystery is not genuine

Add a link to this thread, of course!

I’ll be arranging to send copies of this to various people over the next few weeks. Please share what you’ve done, or post further suggestions, on this thread.

And thank you all again


Letter and Appendix can be read/shared/copied from the CMOMM forum: http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t13163-letter-sent-today-to-the-prime-minister-and-sir-bernard-hogan-howe-suggesting-met-police-enquiry-into-maddie-mccann-mystery-is-not-genuine#350091


Update: First reply is from the Home Office

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