Is Dr David Payne, formerly of Leicester Royal Infirmary, now working at Woodland Hospital in Kettering, involved in the most shocking crime of the century involving the death of Madeleine McCann?

Let's not forget that Madeleine Beth McCann, aged 3, is now dead Mr Payne. Should you still be on the Medical Register?

Here's a couple of other doctors who should be struck off - one of them your wife!

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Presenter (P):

A British tourist who was near Praia da Luz when the child disappeared, happened to work in England for the Child Protection Services. This woman, seemed to have recognized David Payne (the McCanns’ close friend) as a man who appeared in some report (to the Child Protection Services) in connection with inappropriate behaviour towards children.

(Reconstruction re-starts)

(VO): The day following Maddie’s disappearance, a British tourist in Algarve switches on her TV on an English channel. The news, in direct from the Ocean Club, travel around the world. The woman is moved by the suffering of the couple and decides to try and help these shattered parents.

The woman who rushes to the village of Luz is Yvonne Martin . She is not an ordinary tourist. She works in England for the Child Protection Services. She is conscious of her duty to give all assistance she can to this couple, who are living through the pain of their child’s disappearance (but) she is not welcome by the McCanns (…)

The English social worker tries to find out if the parents need help. She wishes to know the circumstances in which the children were left alone, and expresses interest in knowing details of their scheme (regime) of vigilance (checking) but, Kate and Gerry response thwarts her initiative.

Kate seemed much tenser than the others. Yvonne tries to talk to her alone, but Kate, brusquely, puts a stop to their conversation. Desolated, Yvonne Martin abandons the Ocean Club.

During the brief minutes she was with the McCanns’, she fixed (remembered) the face of a man who was always around them. This man was not introduced to her. They simply told her he was a “close friend” of the family but, Yvonne knew that face (it rang a bell).

She (thought) she had seen that friend of the McCann’s before. Then, she seemed to remember the name and where she knew him from. (As) it transpired later, David Payne had been reported in England as suspect of inappropriate behaviour towards children!

The case that involved David Payne, occurred during a (period) of holidays in the island of Mallorca in September 2005. Towards the end of that Summer, the McCanns’ went on a holiday with some friends – three other couples; among them David and Fionna Payne. The group rented a spacious villa (in Mallorca).

(One evening) at the dinner table, one of the women of the group (Katherina Gaspar), also a medical doctor, overhears a (bizarre) comment David Payne makes to Gerry McCann.

Obviously referring to Maddie, David asks Gerry if she “would do this” – (demonstrating what he meant by “this”) by sucking one finger and sliding it in and out of his mouth. While demonstrating this with one hand, he makes circles in the region of his nipples with the fingers the other hand (…)

On another occasion, the same witness, saw David Payne repeat the same gestures as he spoke about his own daughter.

Until the end of their holidays in Mallorca, this doctor and her husband, never again allowed David Payne to come close to their one and half year old daughter.

After Maddie’s disappearance the couple, once again, denunciate (report) the suspect behaviour of David Payne to the English police but, the English authorities (for some strange reason) do not disclose this (to the Portuguese police investigators) until much later.

(Program returns to the studio and the conversation resumes)

(P): So, these allegations which were reported to the police in England, were never taken into account in the investigation …

(GA): Hmm, this is very interesting. No (they were never taken into account) and I will explain (why) …

(P): (interrupts) This was never investigated !?

(GA): I am going to elaborate on it if I may, for your benefit, and for those who are watching the programme.

From May (2007) onwards, we became aware of information (coming in) from our British colleagues about something (very odd) that had happened within that group during a holiday (in Mallorca). They never told us specifically what . (We knew) it was something to do with Madeleine but, they (British) never gave us any details.

Some time later – and by then I had already been removed from the investigation and reassigned to Faro (police headquarters) – and for no specific reason, except it reminded me of the “we can’t tell you attitude” (of the British); a fax (from the UK police) arrived in Portimão (PJ headquarters) ostensibly about some other matter – and this, by the way, is all (clearly stated) in the process; this is all clearly stated in the investigation process files - and, attached to this fax, (which was conspicuously about some other subject) were the statements of Dr. Katherina Gaspar and her husband – which had been made to the British Police (months before)!

(Oddly enough) these statements (Gaspars’) were not referred to in the main communication (either in the heading or the text of the fax).

(I could well take an educated guess and say) the Gaspars’ statements entered the process by the grace of a (British) colleague who was probably fed-up of hiding what he had been told to conceal …

And it is very strange not to see anyone on behalf of the family – I mean the family of the missing child – showing any concern, any interest in these allegations ! And I don’t see anyone from Scotland Yard preoccupied in clarifying these, either!

Recently, they were talking about paedophile networks in Albufeira (Algarve) and I ask: What if there was a paedophile in the very middle of it (of this group)?

I do not know if the Gaspars’ denunciation is relevant! I have no idea if the gentleman in question is a paedophile or not , but if we ask if his behaviour was very odd, we have to admit it was!

Now concerning the British senior social assistant (Yvonne Martin) what she said was, that the person she saw in Praia da Luz (when trying to assist the McCanns’) had already passed through her hands (been seen by her in some files) either as a witness or a suspect. She recognized him afterwards from a photo (shown to her by the police).

In spite of this, when the British police was questioned by the PJ about David Payne, they replied (insisted) this gentleman had no records (on their files).

The fact is, this gentleman was the one who organized the group’s trip (to Praia da Luz); it was he who, for years, had been bathing the children, (including) the little girls of the other couples and – as is contained in the investigation files – had gone to the (McCanns’) apartment that afternoon, to see if Kate needed help with the children. Furthermore, it was he who that (very same) afternoon, (helped to) gave bath to his own daughters, while his wife went for a jog on the beach (…)

(In summary), he is the one who, over the years, had the preoccupation about bathing the children of the other couples (…) I do not know if this is normal, if it is part of British culture or not, but I do not think it is.

The gestures he made in Mallorca were (potentially) very serious (leads) particularly since these gestures related to Madeleine!

The gestures – according to the report of Dr. Katherina Gaspar , who (by the way) is herself a medical doctor so… if in this case we have to show reverence to the couple and their friends because they are doctors (least we are found guilty of lèse majesté), then we should remember she is a medical doctor as well – and her husband too!

The gestures (made by David Payne) were aimed at Madeleine, and Dr. Katherina Gaspar was shocked when she witnessed them – it was not just the gestures, but the very question he (David Payne) poses to the father (Gerry McCann) right in his presence!

This evidence (the Gaspars denunciation ) has never been denied by anyone, anywhere – not least by any of those concerned. It is as if it never happened

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