Robert Murat revisted: 2 - How did he become a PJ translator?

Posted by Tony Bennett on the CMOMM forum:

This is an extract from my April 2010 article: 'Murat: From Arguido to Applause'.

It gives two alternative explanations as to how Robert Murat became the PJ's lead translator on the first few days after Madeleine was reported missing:

1. Stephen Carpenter happened to be walking past the Casa Liliana on the morning of Friday 4 May, heard for the first time about the abduction, and immediately jumped up and went up to the Ocean Club to volunteer his help, and

2. He was recommended by the British Ambassador, Bill Henderson.

The two explanations may not be incompatible

We know now of course that much of what Murat said about his movements from 1 to 4 May, when first interviewed by the PJ on 15 May 2007, was untrue.

What is clear is that Murat was well-known to the British Embassy, who were heavily involved in supporting the McCanns in the very early days, even to the extent of their begging the PJ: "Have pity on them, let them alone to wash their clothes" (or words to that effect).

I will add a poll.

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