Madeleine McCann's parents desperate for new donations to fund the search for her.

Search? What search?

Cash crisis hits search for Maddie as fund is down to last £46k
MADELEINE McCann’s parents are desperate for new donations to fund the search for her.

By Jerry Lawton / Published 31st August 2016

HELP: Maddie’s parents are desperate for new donations to fund the search for her
More than £4.2million has been donated to the fund since she vanished in Portugal in 2007.

Last year’s accounts showed just £746,152 left and sources suggest it is now just £480,000.

FUND: More than £4.2million has been donated since she vanished in Portugal in 2007
And the couple face paying £434,000 to Portuguese ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral’s lawyers after losing their libel action against him.

That would leave £46,000.

The McCanns were hoping to use the cash to pay for private investigators.

They have already had to axe their spokesman Clarence Mitchell to save cash.

He has agreed to work for them when he can to keep costs down.

Yesterday the fund’s website was still asking for public donations and selling T-shirts, wristbands and car stickers.

Parents Garry and Kate, from Rothley, Leics, continue to believe Madeleine, who would now be 13, could still be alive.

A source close to the McCanns said: “They can’t rely on the Met Police inquiry continuing forever and they are making contingency plans."

The Met believe that Madeleine may have disturbed burglars.

Posted by Sharon on CMOMM:

It all boils down to the fact that the McCanns have to pay the costs of their case against Gonçalo Amaral and they don't like it. It's just an open begging letter, the loss of the manipulator is just manipulation.

This pair had gained more than enough from suing others, now it's their turn. Gonçalo Amaral didn't get his his begging bowl out when he was due to pay them, he fought back, with dignity and he won. People willingly donated to his cause because he was honourable and genuine. Maybe the McCanns should put away the begging bowls and start assisting the investigation that they and their bogus detectives trashed.

And what a cheek, this article claims that money is needed to fund private investigators -
Lol, so far they have funded the now defunct, corrupt Metodo 3 whose detectives has been arrested for serious crimes elsewhere, who called in journalists after paying people in Morocco to claim that they had seen Madeleine, and who also claimed that they knew who the abductor was and where Madeleine was. Then we the convicted fraudster, Kevin Halligen and the bogus PI company set up purely for McCann purposes, Alphaig Limited.

Sorry both, not a penny from me - try getting the investigation in Portugal reopened, get over there and start answering questions, do the reconstruction, and take the lie detector tests.

Oh, and don't forget because we haven't, Kate said that you would sell the house if you really needed to. 

Surely not more McCann lies exposed? Riddle of misinformation as media reports McCanns “down to their last €72,000”