Kate and Gerry McCann - It was then it wasn't

The apartment was locked. Then it became unlocked.
The apartment was secure. Then it wasn't.
The shutters were smashed. Then they weren’t.
Madeleine’s bed was between the twins 2 cots. Then it wasn't.

The toy CuddleCat was in left in a 'high place'. Then it wasn't.
Kate 'knew not to touch anything in the crime scene’. Then she did.
The Gorrods searched all night. Then they didn't.
Renwick was on holiday with the McCanns. Then she wasn't.

The McCanns had been to Portugal before. Then they hadn't.
The McCanns dined at the Paraiso. Then they didn't.
Madeleine isn't called 'Maddie'. Then she was.
Madeleine isn't called 'Margaret'. Then she was.

Gerry McCann went into the apartment. Then he didn’t.
Webster doesn’t remember. Then she can.
O’Brien made a bed. Then he didn’t.
Tanner left the table. Then she didn’t.

The McCanns booked two tables in the Tapas Bar. Then they didn’t.
Oldfield saw Madeleine asleep. Then he didn’t.
Father Pacheco handed over the church keys at 4AM. Then he didn’t.
Then he did. Now he won’t talk about it anymore.

Sue Healy didn’t know Robert Murat. Then she did.
Norah Paul was Madeleine’s grandmother. Then she wasn’t.
Nora McCann was Madeleine’s aunt. Then she wasn’t.
Nora Paul said 'they could have covered it up'.

Brian Healy said they ‘hadn’t had too much to drink’. Then they had.
Najova Chekaya was 'working that night'. Then she wasn’t.
Kate McCann cries. Then she doesn't.
Kate McCann will take a lie test. Then she won’t.

Madeleine had wandered off. Then she hadn’t.
Madeleine walked to the beach. Then she hadn’t.
Madeleine fell asleep under a bush. Then she hadn’t.
Madeleine McCann hadn’t been abducted. Then she had.

Madeleine was abducted INTO the Mark Warner complex. Then she wasn’t.
Madeleine left by the bedroom window. Then she hadn’t.
The door was lying open. Then it wasn’t.
Mitchell 'knew how the abductor left the apartment'. Now he doesn’t.

Madeleine hadn’t been drugged. Then she had.
Madeleine had been drugged. Then she hadn’t.
The twins had been drugged. Then they hadn’t.
The twins hadn’t been drugged. Now they have.

Campbell tipped off the police. Then she didn’t.
Murat wasn’t at home that evening. Then he was.
Carpenter the cleaner dined with the McCanns. Then he hadn’t.
Edmonds the millionaire dined with the McCanns. Then he hadn’t.

Madeleine visited Murat’s villa. Then she hadn’t.
Murat translated witness statements. Then he hadn’t.
Jenny Murat wasn’t looking for tax cheats. Then she was.
A private plane left Portimao on May 3rd 2007. Then it didn’t.

Madeleine McCann is ‘like a student overdraft’. She isn’t.
Madeleine McCann is like ‘there’s no money in your bank account’. She isn’t.
Madeleine McCann is ‘that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you’ve got no money’.
Only Madeleine McCann isn’t. She really isn’t.

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