The Exeter connection: Clement Freud, Uri Geller, Jimmy Savile, Michael Jackson, Greville Janner (and Robert Murat?)

The Exeter connection: Clement Freud, Uri Geller, Jimmy Savile, Michael Jackson, Greville Janner (and Robert Murat?)

The article below has been sent to me by someone who used to be active in discussing the reported disappearance of Madeleine McCann, but no longer is. Whether it has any direct relevance to Madeleine’s disappearance is very doubtful, but it is certainly fascinating background material for anyone interested in the way serial paedophiles like Clement Freud, Jimmy Savile, Michael Jackson and Greville Janner seem to cosy up to one another.

Exeter is a University town in Devon and was one of the few places to vote ‘Remain’ in the E.U. Referendum.  

So far as the town of Exeter is concerned, several people connected with the Madeleine McCann case live in or near Exeter.

Let’s just list them:

1 Robert Murat’s two sisters live at Exeter (less than a mile from Jane Tanner) and Sidmouth and Murat flew out from Exeter airport to Faro at 7.00am on Tuesday 1 May 2007

2 Jane Tanner and her partner Dr Russell O’Brien moved to Exeter in 2007 and Jane Tanner is now a Web Marketing Officer with Exeter University. On the Exeter Universoty website, she self-describes herself as follows: “I maintain and develop the websites that represent the College of Social Sciences and International Studies. I work closely with the central CaMS team and the College ERICA team to create a consistent approach across all communications. I moved to Exeter and joined the University in 2007, following years of varied marketing roles for Fisher Scientific UK in the Midlands”

3 Jim Gorrod, Solicitor, employed by Ansteys and specialing in property law, and his wife Charlotte, live just two minutes’ walk away from Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien. They were in Praia da Luz the same week as the McCanns. It is not known if the two families knew each other before 2007. Jim Gorrod was questioned by the PJ after he hired a blue or grey Corsa whilst he was in Praia da Luz and his wife was quoted as saying: “We know Dr O’Brien and Jane Tanner because we both have children of about the same age and we were staying in the same resort [the Ocean Club]”.

Plymouth is nearby, also in south Devon, and there are other Murat connections:

Des Taylor - the architect who designed the Murats' villa in Praia Da Luz, is from Plymouth.

Murat's aunt and uncle Sally and Ralph Eveleigh lived in Plymouth where I think at one time Sally Eveleigh worked for an adoption agency. She seemed to be into all kinds of weird and wonderful ‘alternative therapis’, one visitor to their Salsalito villa described it as “a fantastic, wonderful, amazing retreat!! We thoroughly enjoyed the massage, crystal healing and relaxation,  Salsalito definitely has healing powers”, while the Eveleighs’ guest house at Casa Grande was advertised as follows: "We can also arrange for many different therapies, including Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage, Bowen technique, Meditation and Yoga etc."


As the article below makes clear, both Clement Freud and Uri Geller had  strange Exeter connections:

4 In May 2002, Uri Geller bought a football club, Exeter F.C., currently in Division 2      

5 Geller’s friend, pop star Michael Jackson, also became a Director of Exeter F.C.  Geller’s son Danel also became a joint Vice-Chairman of Exeter F.C.

6 Uri Geller and Clement Freud jointly owned a racehorse

7 Uri Geller asked Michael Jackson to visit Exeter, to which Jackson allegedly replied: “I will come if you bring sick kids from hospitals”. He did visit Exeter later that year

8 Uri Geller and Greville Janner were close friends, and both were members  of the magiclans’ club, the Magic Circle

9 Michael Jackson’s visit to England was co-organised by serial paedophile Greville Janner.

10 Clement Freud was a close associate of Uri Geller. Both of course have Jewish ancestry

11 Another man closely connected to Uri Geller, Clement Freud and Michael Jackson is was Paul Boateng, now Lord Boateng, who spent time with Michael Jackson at the House of Commons on his 2002 trip.

Before reproducing the article below, there were claims that Uri Geller was an agent for the Israeli spy service Mossad and there were claims that Geller’s role included enticing people who were paedophiles and then blackmailing them. There is no evidence that I am aware of that Geller was a paedophile, but here is an article from the Independent, only last year (2015):

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