Exclusive to CMOMM - Corruption and criminality inside the Metodo 3 investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance: Extracts from a book by two Metodo 3 men, Tamarit and Peribanez

Once again I’m delighted to bring to my forum more exclusive information from inside the McCann Team.

In the past, we’ve featured details from inside the Brian Kennedy-led investigation, brought to us by Kennedy’s right-hand-man in England, Gary Hagland, a man who, professionally, was an expert in financial compliance and money laundering - but not finding missing children. He had contacted Tony Bennett and shared fascinating details of how he and Kennedy had masterminded the McCanns’ Moroccan operation. He had even shared with Tony a chapter of his book, which is also on CMOMM.

Now two more McCann Team insiders have spoken out – Antonio Tamarit, and Julian Peribanez, both Metodo 3 investigators.

Their book, La Cortina da Humo, or ‘The Smokescreen’, blows the lid off Metodo 3, exposing what a corrupt and criminal enterprise it was. Why did the McCann Team choose them? The book was immediately banned in Portugal. Books about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann regularly seem to get banned.

But CMOMM member PeterMac managed to get one from Amazon. He passed it to The Madeleine Foundation. Because of the significance of its contents, they paid for a professional, certified translation of it. And Andrew Simmons has written an introductory piece about it.

The book by Tamarit and Peribanez is copyright, but I’m pleased to host just one chapter of it here under the ‘fair use’ provisions of copyright legislation.

If you’re reading this as a guest and are not yet a member of CMOMM, why not join us, get yourself briefed on one of the most mysterious cases of the century, and maybe even help us in our quest to find out what really did happen to Madeleine McCann.
Read the following posts to get the whole story.

Jill Havern

Read the whole story here: http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/t12458-exclusive-to-cmomm-corruption-and-criminality-inside-the-metodo-3-investigation-into-madeleine-mccann-s-disappearance-extracts-from-a-book-by-two-metodo-3-men-tamarit-and-peribanez

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