Goncalo Amaral DID NOT LIE about Madeleine: Today (7 Dec 2015) Daily Express publishes, on page 21, an offical correction to its 29 Apr 2015 headline

Posted by Tony Bennett on the CMOMM forum:

On 2 May this year I made a complaint against a headline in the Daily Express which ran:


As my colleagues in Mods & Admin are aware, to extract this correction, published on page 21 of today's Daily Express, has taken 7 months of letters and negotiation back and forth with the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) and with the Express Head of Legal Affairs, Barbara Ludlow.

I understand that I am not allowed to publish any of the correspondence, but I am told that a formal report on my complaint will be published on the IPSO website next week.

In the end, I accepted the wording you see below. Had I not done so, this would have gone to formal adjudication, and I personally doubt if I would have got a different result.

The result is a correction in the bottom left-hand corner of the page - see below.

Was it worth it?

Goncal Amaral was publicly accused in the Express's headline of having 'Lied about death cover-up claim'.

That has now been publicly corrected.

He did not lie.

I am personally content that I have not wasted my time and effort:




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