An angry message today (3 Oct 2015) from the Webmaster of The Find Madeleine Fund

Official Find Madeleine Campaign


This is the last time I will address this issue. Gerry and Kate do not use social media and have asked me to manage the social media accounts for our campaign. If you have questions regarding our social media accounts, please Email me at I will not answer questions directly on social media.

In the past couple of weeks, there has been a concerted effort to get people to stop looking for Madeleine. Some argue the search costs too much, others say it's hopeless. We don't believe the search for Madeleine is hopeless and putting up polls asking if the search should stop is not only crass, it's cruel. How can one put a price on the life of a child?

With that being said, I, and I alone, have made the decision to block ANYONE who thwarts the search for Madeleine via social media--whether that be with running commentary on the investigation, posting negative comments about the search/investigation/cost, or saying Madeleine is a lost cause. We believe Madeleine is alive and we have great faith in The Met.

If you cannot be supportive of the search for Madeleine, please unlike/unfollow our social media pages. We want people who are hopeful and actually care about Madeleine being found supporting us. WE NEED YOUR HELP to find her and we don't want negative comments filling our feeds. I hope all can understand how we need to remain positive and hopeful Madeleine will come home. We need you to be positive and hopeful too. Thank you to ALL who care about Madeleine and want her to be found and reunited with her family. We are extremely grateful for your support!

Disgusted, Rothley, Leics

a.k.a. ~FM Webmaster


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