Brenda Leyland - Hounded to death by McCann supporters, Sky News and Martin Brunt

Brenda Leyland was doorstepped on 2 October 2014 by Sky reporter Martin Brunt who accused her of 'attacking' the McCanns. On Friday the mainstream press attacked Brenda without mercy. The next day she was found dead in a Leicester hotel room having, apparently, taken her own life.

Why did Sky News and Martin Brunt get away with this?


Who added data to Gonçalo Amaral's Gofundme Legal Defence page (which has now raised over £50k) and is it preventing Google searches?

Posted by HiDeHo on the CMOMM forum:

Has SOMEONE (Google?) added data to the GoFundMe page to prevent successful searches for Gonçalo Amaral FUND page?
Upon checking the view source page there is added data that does not show in a random Gofundme page as can be seen in the  graphic. ''

Could this be to prevent people searching for the fund on Google and if so...WHY??

Read more about it here: