Maddie case: Scotland Yard joins forces with Portugal - or do they?

Dear Kate and Gerry - Yours, David (with photo...?)

Let me separate out for consideration the two reviews going on at the moment.

Take the Scotland Yard review first. Here are a few salient facts:

* The Leicestershire Police were on familiar terms with the McCanns and their friends

* They called the lead detective, Chief Superintendent Stuart Prior, 'Stu'

* Leicestershire Police gave Gerry McCann a personal tour of their incident room in the early weeks of the hunt for Madeleine

* Leicestershire Police did the McCanns' bidding. They jumped to their tune in preparing a front-page 'Exclusive' on the (alleged) 'sightings' of Monsterman/Cooperman in January 2008

* For the first time ever in world history, they linked their own website to the website of suspects who was asking the public to give THEM information and to give them MONEY

* The McCanns called for a Review

* They got a Review

* The Prime Minister of Great Britain announced he was providing £3.5 million funding for the Review on the very day (12 May 2011) that Kate McCann's book was published

* On the very same day, the Prime Minister's spokesman said that the Review was being undertaken 'to support the family'

* The SY Review Team has said that its remit is to treat THE ABDUCTION as if it happened in Britain, not Portugal.

There are no signs that I can see from the above that the Scotland Yard Review Team intends to do anything other than to maintain the abduction scenario. I would love to be proved wrong.

They say they have 37 detectives working on the case. If their average salary is say £40,000 a year (and I bet it's more), the Review would cost £1,480,000 = $2.35 million in one year, NOT including the cost of all their trips to Barcelona and Portugal etc. = air fares plus hotels plus meals.

Leicester police deliver flowers for the prime suspects

NOW, looking at developments in Portugal.

Grounds for optimism:

a) there is a new team in charge, in Oporto

b) the spokesman for that team appeared to say they began their review BEFORE the Scotland Yard Review Team were appointed

c) there are some signals that they may have re-opened a review because of fresh information, HOWEVER there was also a contradictory statement saying there was nothing new, and they were simply reviewing the old files

d) Amaral broke the news about 'new developments that are not going the McCanns' way, so he appears to be more in touch with what is happening than the McCanns.

Grounds for pessimism:

a) they are in touch with Scotland Yard. Are the two perhaps in collusion, to suppress the truth?

b) they say they have been working on the review for a year, but come up with nothing.

I don't see any real grounds for optimism from what I see.

But you never know.

Around £20 million (= $31 million) has been spent on this case so far, and do we have one usable piece of information about who the abductor might be? - NO...or where Madeleine might have been taken to? - NO.

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