Maddie McCann Case Review: Scotland Yard detectives photographed carrying 30 boxes of information away from Metodo 3

Scotland Yard detectives have no jurisdiction in Spain to seize documents

Who arranged for a photographer to be available to record this particular photograph of Scotland Yard detectives taking away 30 boxes of information from Metodo 3?

Who knew what time those SY officers would be going to Metodo 3's offices?

ANSWER: Scotland Yard and Metodo 3.

So, who arranged the photograph?

Was it Scotland Yard? Does this mean SY are working in cahoots with the McCanns to carry out a £3.6 million whitewash paid for by British cash-strapped taxpayers, and didn't mind being photographed?

OR was it Metodo 3. Did Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns arrange for the photographer to be there?

Comment from retired police officer, PeterMac:

"Scotland Yard have no jurisdiction in Spain, or Portugal, or anywhere else outside the UK and HM dominions.
When they are in Spain or Portugal they have the status of tourists.
The boxes were handed over. Without argument, though perhaps after negotiation.
They were not 'seized'.

Which makes the whole story even more fascinating."

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