Kate and Gerry McCann and the Leveson Inquiry

Kate and Gerry McCann have arrived to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into press standards about their experiences of the media after their daughter Madeleine went missing.

The couple are expected to describe their anger at newspaper stories suggesting they may have been involved in the little girl's disappearance from the family's holiday flat in Portugal in May 2007.

The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have previously spoken of their frustration that negative reporting like this was distracting from the search for Madeleine.

Eddie, the British sniffer dog, also did some 'negative reporting' when he detected Madeleine's death scent in the McCanns holiday apartment and hire car

This comment was posted on our forum here:

I'm still recovering from Gerry's freedom of speech statement...that is some gall. Its going to take time to recover from this one. Maybe he should be proving this to the ones that are being sued and threatened with losing their lifelong homes and pensions, imprisonment, for having 'their opinion'! Practice what you preach McCann

As for the diaries...wasn't it Gerry who had an online diary/blog for everyone to see and keep up to date with their thoughts and feelings? Wasn't it Kate who released the book to the world with all her thoughts/feelings (with hardly anything on Maddie in it)? isn't this 'book' already being publicised for paperback release in the UK next April 26th 2012?

To the 'Maddie is dead' headline....didn't Gerry say himself on his online diary/blog long before the press made the headline and I quote "I hope Maddie isn't buried here'!!!!!!

Isn't their 'story' officially logged in the UK Foreign Office as a 'missing persons' case and NOT an abduction as there is no evidence of an abduction?

Wasn't it the PJ who made them the suspects based on the evidence or lack of evidence that they hold? It wasn't the press who decided to make them suspects

Press intrusion...who made the call to Sky news and Daily Telegraph before the police even got there on May 3rd 2007? If they didn't want press intrusion why make the calls, especially at a time when you didn't know what happened to Maddie, she may have just wandered off and be found...they wanted the press intrusion alright

Why were posters already printed out and being handed on photographic quality paper within 2 hours of Maddie disappearing? and on paper unavailable to purchase in PDL. Where did they get this paper between 10pm and midnight as they discovered in their panic Maddie had gone?mmmmmmmmm...and why an old photo of Maddie

Why did they and all their Tapas friends phone everyone in sight pushing the point the shutters had been jemmied (and immediately putting down the Portuguese police) yet when proven it was a lie, all totally retract from this and admit they hadn't been and it was the patio door that was unlocked? yet 4 years later and having admitted the shutters were not jemmied, they are still going on TV interviews to this day to unsuspecting foreign countries telling their public the jemmied shutter lie with Kates reconstruction, knowing full well they have admitted this is not true?

Why do their twins look so much younger in May 2007 than they did in April 2007? Why do Maddie's cousins look incredibly younger in 2008 than they did in April 2007?

Why do they release pictures of their daughter with fully professional makeup sucking ice creams and laying in seductive poses? where are the pictures from the holiday? there are none of mother and daughter, friends, twins and daughter...none

This is from the top of my head.....I could go on and on

If you ever wanted proof that the UK is riddled with corruption controlled by ones with money...then look no further than the McCanns scam and the ones protecting them

This freak show this afternoon I think had 3 purposes. To get the public sympathy and back on side in believing their scam story. To put down at every opportunity the Portuguese and especially their press as they know next February they will be reporting truths from the forthcoming Amaral case, sowing the seeds now in the British heads how bad and biased the Portuguese are. Their continuing praise of Clarence Mitchell was suspect and a worry he may spill a few beans, so keep him on side with the lavishing praises of how wonderful he was.

Oh and Smethurst....You are not forgotten either.

The Leveson Inquiry video and transcript of the McCann's evidence can be viewed on our forum here

Details of people who are being sued by the McCanns or having their books banned despite Gerry McCann saying he believes in Freedom of Speech can be viewed on our forum here

Images of the McCann's press intrusion can be seen here

Criminal profiler Pat Brown is suing Kate and Gerry for libel and tortious interference with business

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