Scotland Yard WILL examine parents' possible guilt re Madeleine McCann - OFFICIAL

Here's an interesting question posed by one of our forum members regarding letters to and from New Scotland Yard regarding the case review of Madeleine McCann (letters here):

"I'm very confused about this whole process. I don't even understand the scope of this and the possible consequences. Say for instance that they question the parents and Tapas friends regarding the timeline inconsistencies and one of them cracks and reveals they have previously told lies. What can happen after that? Can anyone be charged with anything? Is there a crime like obstruction of justice in Portugal? Would they have to re-open the Portuguese enquiry for any action to follow?"

Tony Bennett's response:

"Good questions.

First of all, this is a REVIEW, similar to what is called a 'cold case review'. Essentially this means a group of officers trawling through thousands of documents and looking for possible new leads and lines of enquiry.

If there is evidence of a crime having been committed by one or more individuals, then the status of the review would change from REVIEW to INVESTIGATION - and, yes, that could lead to ARRESTS.

It is my understanding that as Madeleine McCann is British and all the Tapas group are British and as some of the alleged offences occurred in Britain that IF they have collectively covered up the death of Madeleine in Praia da Luz they could be charged under British law with a whole raft of offences:

* causing or allowing the death of a child (McCanns)

* hiding a body and preventing an inquest (McCanns)

* interfering with or perverting the course of justice - or conspiracy to interfere with or pervert the course of justice (McCanns, Tapas friends, and anyone else involved in the cover-up)

* conspiracy to obtain a pecuniary advantage by deception (all those involved in setting up and running the Fund)

* interference with witnesses (Brian Kennedy).

I think Cameron, Sir Paul Stephenson, and the McCann Team hoped that the Review would merely be an excuse to lambast the Portuguese Police once again for their incompetence, and announce that the Portuguese Police had lamentably failed to follow up potential 'sightings' of Madeleine, therefore giving the McCanns' narrative the official backing of Scotland Yard.

Those of us who believe the evidence strongly suggests that Madeleine McCann died in Apartment G5A have, I believe, a solemn duty to explain this to DCI Andy Redwood and his colleagues."

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