Criminal profiler Pat Brown is putting together a team to go to Portugal


A message to Pat Brown from a member of our forum:

Pat, if you read this post, please please please push this as far as you can. With a sound professional background and reputation you can do what the rest of us would like to do (red flag all the weirdness of the case to a mass audience and try and get some answers/explanations for the contradictions etc) but do not have the opportunity or access to the right people. This is a Golden Opportunity to change the course of this peculiar situation, where two people seem able to control everyone and everything they wish despite some gargantuan flaws in the theory they are persuing.

The McCanns seem to have a free license to defame anyone who questions their theory, despite there being not a scrap of evidence for that theory. Yet are able to wield the axe over anyone who, using the official investigation files in the public domain, comes up with a different theory or scenario. They can contradict themselves with impunity (see thread on The Eye/Coloboma for a sledgehammer of a lie), but supress anyone who publicises their own spoken error!

I think the McC's should be put in a situation where they clarify all the errors and contradictions they have made as a quid pro quo for the millions and millions of pounds from the Portugese and British public purses they have had spent on this (but they say nothing has been done - pah!)

There has to come a point where the McC's admit the wrongs they have and continue to do, or just go away. This cannot go on for 4 more years, it really can't.

So please Pat, help bring this dreadful media whitewash, this never-ending series of contradictions and arrogant behaviour to it's conclusion for everyones sake. Thank you and good luck!!

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