A true scandal? How Brian Kennedy and the McCanns may have deceived everyone about the search for Madeleine McCann’s bones in the Arade Dam

An article submitted for publication on The Madeleine Foundation website:

How Brian Kennedy and the McCann Team generated media publicity about a search for Madeleine’s remains in the Arade Dam, Portugal

Here we come to, surely, one of the most cynical and indeed sinister chapters in the whole sequence of events which followed the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Much more detail is available in The Madeleine Foundation’s lengthy article on its website, titled: ‘The Madeleine McCann mystery and the strange role of Madeira lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia: His links with the McCanns and Método 3…” (22)

In early February 2008, the British media reported on what purported to be a genuine, altruistic attempt by a Portuguese lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, to solve the mystery of what really happened to Madeleine McCann. He said he had used his own money to fund a search for Madeleine’s body in the Arade Dam, in southern Portugal, believing there was evidence that she had been killed and her body thrown into the dam.

In this article I will attempt to provide a number of indications that Marcos Aragão Correia may have been cynically paid by the McCann Team, via Método 3, to generate this story, which featured prominently in the British media over a period of weeks between January and March 2008.

Here are the details that I have been able to research:

It was in late January 2008 that Marcos Aragão Correia first came to public notice in Britain. He came forward with the dramatic news that he was sure that Madeleine’s body was lying in a reservoir. He added various details that suggested that he ‘knew’ Madeleine was dead. He said he had ‘been told’, by ‘underworld sources’, that Madeleine had been stolen to order by a gang of ruthless paedophiles, who had then, in turn, raped her, killed her and then dumped her body at the bottom of a reservoir - the Arade Dam in Portugal.

If anyone else had said this, the McCanns might have been deeply offended, even outraged. But as we shall uncover in the next few paragraphs, Marcos Aragão Correia, at the time of the search of the dam, was in the pay of Método 3, who, in turn, of course, were working for the McCanns. The shocking conclusion I have reached is that the McCann Team not only knew in advance that the ‘Arade Dam search’ story was about to break in the British media; they actually planned and planted it themselves. Brian Kennedy was the paymaster of Método 3, he appointed them and directed their work. So he also both knew and took part in planning this story and generating the media publicity about the search.

One aspect of Mr Aragão Correia’s claims that Madeleine McCann had been killed by paedophiles is that they chimed in almost perfect harmony with the repeated claims of both the McCanns and their team of public relations advisers that Madeleine had been abducted by evil men - quite probably paedophile predators. Story after story had appeared in the press during 2007 claiming that Madeleine had been stolen to order by a paedophile gang. The possibility that Madeleine had been abducted by paedophiles had in fact been specifically mentioned by Dr Gerald McCann the very night that Madeleine was reported missing.

We now need to find out just how Marcos Aragão Correia - up until now an obscure lawyer hailing from the Portuguese island of Madeira - burst on the scene and got deeply involved in the Madeleine McCann case. It’s not easy, since like so many things about this case, much remains hidden and secret - deliberately so, as the McCann Team choose not to tell us, just as Dr Kate McCann chose not to answer the 48 questions put to her by the Portuguese Police, and just as the McCanns and their friends refused to take part in a reconstruction in Portugal of the events of 3 May 2007, the night Madeleine was reported missing.

The full article can be read here: PART 6: A true scandal? How Brian Kennedy and the McCanns may have deceived everyone about the search for Madeleine’s bones in the Arade Dam

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Kate and Gerry McCann's scam detective agency is investigated

Arthur Cowley’s remote mountainside cottage on Halkyn Mountain, Flintshire, Wales: clearly not the HQ of a thriving detective agency,‘Alpha Investigations Group’ [photo: Tony Bennett]

The Madeleine Foundation’s recent article: ‘Leading the Hunt for Maddie: Dave Edgar, the Cheshire Detective’ (3), covers in more detail the deception by the McCann Team over a company described as ‘Alpha Investigations Group’, and I refer readers to that article.

It was on 2 May 2009 that the public were first informed of the appointment of retired detectives Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley to the McCann investigation team. Indications suggest that Edgar was quietly taken on by Brian Kennedy in November 2008, with Cowley added on weeks or perhaps months later. Crucially, both were to appear in a much-hyped documentary, featuring a so-called ‘reconstruction’ of events in Praia da Luz on 3 May 2007, the day Madeleine was reported missing. The documentary was made by Mentorn Films and was transmitted on 7 May 2007 by Channel 4. It was widely ridiculed as a ‘mockumentary’, since the programme contained no analysis but merely recycled the McCann Team’s version of events.

For example, it claimed that the person allegedly seen by Jane Tanner carrying a child at 9.15pm that evening was one and the same as a man seen by Martin Smith, and members of his family, carrying a child in a different part of Praia da Luz 40 minutes later. The idea that an abductor might have been walking around Praia da Luz carrying an abducted child in his arms was risible. The Channel 4 documentary also claimed that in each incident, the child was being carried ‘in exactly the same manner’. This was patently untrue. Jane Tanner claimed that the child she saw being carried was held by the man’s two arms. By contrast, Martin Smith explicitly said that Madeleine was being carried on the man’s shoulder. That was just one of a number of errors in this attempt by Channel 4 to imprint the McCann Team’s version of events on the public mind.

Returning to the subject of the two ex-Cheshire detectives, the publicity around them in May 2009 claimed that they worked for a well-established private investigation agency, allegedly called ‘Alpha Investigations Group’. It was suggested that Edgar, a retired Detective Inspector, and Cowley, a retired Detective Sergeant, ‘headed up’ this group. The McCann Team needed to ‘big up’ their new detectives.

This was all a deliberate deception, in which a close aide of Brian Kennedy played a part. There never was any detective agency called ‘Alpha Investigations Group’. Instead, what happened was that on 10 June 2009, over a month after all the press reports about the mythical ‘Alpha Investigations Group’, Arthur Cowley registered, in his sole name, a company called ‘ALPHAIG’, Company No. 06929397. Its registered office was: ‘Treetops’, Pant-y-Gof, HALKYN, Flintshire, CH8 8DH.

There was no mention of Dave Edgar being involved with the company. The company has no internet presence, doesn’t advertise in any way, employs no-one, and its accounts, submitted in 2010 to Companies House, show minimal assets and no evidence of trading. To put it bluntly, it is a sham company, and it seems beyond doubt that it was explicitly created to deceive the media and, in turn, the public. Added weight to this suggestion is provided by the revelation that on 12 January 2009, the domain name ‘alphaig.co.uk’ was registered by Andrew Dickman, who is inextricably associated with Brian Kennedy’s own company, the Latium Group. Dickman’s very close business relationship with Brian Kennedy was covered in an article in the Manchester Evening News on 21 May 2007, which informed its readers about a boost for the Kennedy-owned property business, Patrick Properties, named after his son Patrick. The company, said the article, was ‘established in 2002 by Mr Kennedy and managing director Andrew Dickman…’
Why did a right-hand man of Kennedy (Andrew Dickman) register the domain name ‘ALPHAIG’? Why did this happen over a month after the McCann Team was falsely claiming there was an ‘Alpha Investigations group’? Why did Arthur Cowley register a sham company, ‘ALPHAIG’? I suggest that these were deliberate actions, designed to deceive the public into thinking that their willing and kind donations to the Find Madeleine Fund were being spent wisely on an effective and successful private detective agency. This claim was, however, false.

Madeleine Foundation submits evidence to the Scotland Yard Review Team

ANNOUNCEMENT by Tony Bennett, secretary of The Madeleine Foundation

Further to our preliminary exchange of correspondence with Scotland Yard Review Team about its terms of reference, remit etc., (Note 1 below) in which we were told verbally and in writing that the Review Team was starting with a blank sheet and would consider ANY evidence no matter where it led, we have today by Recorded Delivery letter sent a 32-page letter and a bundle of supporting evidence to the Review Team.

We do not propose to disclose its contents. The Review Team will no doubt assess it, and in any event publication of the letter would risk yet a further letter from Carter-Ruck.

I will just say a few things.

I have spoken to one of the team's Detective Inspectors. He has, in terms, told me the following:

* The exercise is primarily a kind of 'cold case review', looking at all the paper evidence

* He described the volume of paperwork involved in the whole exercise as 'massive' and it was made clear to me that it would take months more work to get on top of it all and make sense of it

* Following the announcement of the review, he said that the Review Team had received many more letters from 'all sorts of people' offering evidence and containing suggestions which 'has added to our workload'

* It was unlikely that many people would be directly interviewed by the Review Team

* This remained a Portuguese Police investigation and was not in any shape or form a 're-investigation' exercise at this stage

* He has given me two contact telephone numbers for the Review Team which I won't disclose. Messages for the Review Team may be left by dialling 101 and asking to speak to a 'Member of the Madeleine McCann Review Team' at Belgravia Police Station'.

I have disclosed to the D.I. and in our letter to D.C.I. Andy Redwood that we have received written evidence of interest from an insider within one of the Madeleine McCann private investigation teams - and invited D.C.I. Redwood or one of his detectives to contact us if he wants to follow this up.

I will just disclose one paragraph from our letter to D.C.I. Redwood:

I know that we can expect the Metropolitan Police to approach the evidence in this case robustly, fearlessly and without favour, and no doubt if this is what happens, along with you and your team following recommended police policy guidelines and procedures, the eventual report will be career-enhancing for all those involved in this review. It only remains for us at this stage to wish you every possible success in uncovering just how Madeleine McCann disappeared and who was responsible.

It will not be a surprise to anyone that our letter and accompanying file of evidence to the Review Team deals contains in considerable detail an analysis of various contradictions, changes of statements and 'backfitting' as between and amongst the McCanns and their 'Tapas 9' friends, which we say is relevant circumstantial evidence.

The latest letter from Carter-Ruck to us insists that there is 'no credible evidence' that the McCanns have lied, or that Madeleine died in their apartment, or that they have covered up anything. It is because of their insistence that there is no such credible evidence that I now face contempt of court proceedings.

It is however worth bringing to mind the report of Britain's top criminal profiler in the National Policing Improvement Agency, Lee Rainbow, who in July 2007 wrote the following:

“Madeleine's father was the last one to see her alive. The family is a lead that should be followed. Contradictions in Gerald McCann's statements might lead us to suspect a homicide”.

Lee Rainbow's report also features in our letter to D.C.I. Redwood.

I would once again urge anyone with relevant evidence to write to D.C.I. Redwood.

DCI Andy Redwood
SCD1 - Homicide and Serious Crime Command
Room 3.30, 1st Floor
Belgravia Police Station
202-206 Buckingham Palace Road

Note 1: The Madeleine Foundation is still of course awaiting official responses from the Metropolitan Police to our Freedom of Information Act questions about the Scotland Yard Review Team and its precise remit

Posted on our forum here

Gonçalo Amaral: A message of hope for Maddie McCann

Gonçalo Amaral: "The investigation will be concluded, it will be reopened and it will be taken to an end; and justice will be made, that is all that we want."

The complete interview and transcript can be seen on Joana Morais' blog http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2010/10/who-will-take-responsibility-for-amaral.html

Kate and Gerry McCann don't want Britain to read Criminal Profiler Pat Brown's book

Pat Brown's interview on Jim Bohannon Show August 2 2011, regarding the banning of her book by NHS doctors, prime suspects in the concealment of their own daughter's body, Kate and Gerry McCann.

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Pat's book is now being sold online at Barnes and Noble http://tinyurl.com/3f649n9

Kate and Gerry McCann, prime suspects in their daughter's disappearance, continue to use Carter Ruck to silence those who seek the truth

Posted by Tony Bennett, Secretary of the Madeleine Foundation

This is to inform you all that at 3.35pm this afternoon I collected a large package from my nearest local Royal Mail Sorting Office which they had said on a delivery card was 'a white bag' and they had been unable to deliver whilst I was away on holiday and because it was 'too large for my letter box.

I was able to collect it this afternoon, not knowing what it was.

The lady at the sorting office (she's a Cockney) said as she lugged the package slowly towards me: "Blimey, it's a good job that didn't fall off on to me 'ed".

On reaching home later on I weighed it on my bathroo mscales and it was nearly a stone in weight.

On opening the package, there was a 5-page letter from Carrer-Ruck alleging basically that articles on the MF website, MR leaflets, and around four dozen items on this forum constituted a breach of ONE of the High Court undertakings given by me to the McCanns on 25 November 2009.

The specific undertaking they say I breached was "not to repeat allegations that the Claimants are guilty of, or are to be suspected of, causing the death of their daughter; and/or disposing of her body; and/or lying about what happeend and/or seeking to cover up what they had done".

I have been asked to remove a total of 22 articles from the MF website, and amend or cut two others.

So far as this forum is concerned, I have been asked to remove 42 of my postings, I give a full list of what the McCanns want removed below. I am urgently discussing with admin the removal of those posts from public view and so at any time these may disappear.

Incidentally the removal of all the posts and articles that the McCanns want removed will not necessarily stop the McCanns from bringing contempt of court proceedings, which would be brought before a High Court Judge. If found guilty of contempt, the three main remedies are: fine, seizure of assets, and imprisonment.

It may be noted that I have to date made 3,501 posts on here, and only 42 are deemed by the McCanns to be in contempt, that's less than 1.2%. The other 3,459 are presumably not regarded as being in contempt.

I have endeavoured since 25 November 2009 to stick closley to the facts and what may be deduced from, rather than finger-pointing and accusing - based on the legal advice I received at the time.

I can't publish the Carter-Ruck letter here (for technical reasons), but I can publish my reply to them, send just after 5pm today:

The removed material can be seen here for the next few days http://jillhavern.forumotion.net/f36-new-the-gagged-section

Carter-Ruck to sue everyone

Evidence found in the McCanns apartment and hire car that Maddie is dead and the McCann's have faked her abduction and set up a fraudulent fund


EXCLUSIVE to mccannfiles.com

By Dr Martin Roberts
04 August 2011


The McCanns may have been playing four-ball with us down by the sea-side in Portugal, but they'll need more than a sand wedge to dig themselves out of this.

Remember that trip to the beach on Tuesday 1 May - the one that didn't last too long because the weather was unkind and Madeleine preferred to be with her Mini Club playmates? And how the McCanns took the children back to their separate crèches for the last hour and a half, yet somehow managed to sign them in over an hour beforehand? Well it turns out they did something even more remarkable. They seem to have left Madeleine all on her own at the creche. (Some holiday!).

Although Madeleine was not signed out at the end of the day, her brother and sister were - at 5.20 p.m. We are at liberty to infer therefore that, collectively, their last hour and a half began at around 3.45 p.m., despite all three children having been signed in, apparently, at 2.30 p.m. that afternoon. Clerical error on the part of both parents no doubt.

Now here's the weird bit.

Mark Warner Nanny, Catriona Baker, gave a statement to the PJ on 10 May 2007, during which she told them that the only days they took the children to the beach were Tuesday afternoon (1 May 2007) between 15:30 and 16:30, on Wednesday (the next day) at the same time and on Thursday between 10 and 11 o'clock. (04-Processos, volume IV . Pgs. 870 to 873). She says nothing about any of the trips having been delayed or cancelled.

Which means the McCanns, having decided to take their children to the beach that afternoon for a change, delivered Madeleine back to an empty creche for the last hour and a half (commencing 3.45 p.m. approx.). Cat Baker will have left at least fifteen minutes earlier - for the beach. And the beach being no more than fifteen minutes walk away, the 'lobsters' should already have arrived on the sand before the McCanns had even set off for the creche. Did the two groups pass each other en route? Did the McCanns simply hand over the children there and then? 'Hi Cat! You can take over now. We'll just nip back and sign the registers an hour ago!'

Oh well. An account of the truth that contains only one lie can't be all bad can it? Unfortunately even one lie is one lie too many. And this one concerns a period of time over 48 hours before Madeleine is said to have been 'taken.' It's like having your car stolen on Wednesday and lying to police about where you drove to at the weekend.

There can be little doubt now that the McCanns have as many teeth in their respective mouths as Clarence Mitchell has in his.

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Operation Grange: Madeleine McCann – A potential Murder Enquiry

Posted on 03. Aug, 2011 by in News

By Steve Marsden

Today I phoned the Metropolitan Police to ask about their taking over from Leicestershire Constabulary and had this interesting telephone conversation.I recently learned from a trusted police source that the Metropolitan Police had officially taken up the Madeleine McCann investigation in London. This new line of enquiry is called Operation Grange.

SM: Hello, I’d like to speak to someone in connection with Operation Grange please.

Police: I’m not aware of that Operation…just give me one second.

A minute later the operator returned and gave me another phone number to call.

SM: Hello, I’m just calling to ask a few questions about Operation Grange.

Police: What’s the name of that operation again?

SM: Operation Grange.

Police: Ok, what was that?

SM: It’s the Madeleine McCann disappearance.

Police: Oh, alright ok, fine, yeah, we don’t usually use operation names here, what do you need to know?

SM: There doesn’t seem to be anything in the public domain so when did the operation start and what’s the scope of the operation? I just wondered if you can give me some background on Operation Grange.

Police: We haven’t very much talked to the media about the case at all. What we’ve said is we’re providing expertise to the investigators of the case. The Portuguese Authorities, the Portuguese Police retain lead. We’ve not made any suggestion that they’re not capable of investigating but we are assisting them and we have not given any details on it. It’s unusual for us to do that as it’s abroad and another police force is taking the lead on it.

SM: Is there any reason why the Met took over from Leicestershire Constabulary?

Police: I’m not sure we said anything about it at the time – for various reasons. We can’t be seen to criticize any other force. On the 12th of May the Home Office requested that the Metropolitan Police service bring their expertise to the case and on that evening we said that we would.

SM: And is this a full time operation and what size team is working on it?

Police: As I said we wouldn’t provide a running commentary but at the very beginning we said there were 30 officers who would be deployed, er, not continually but various tasks along with workload they have on other cases, er, but we have deployed 30 officers.

SM: In a normal case in Britain it’s not unusual for the police to give an ongoing commentary as to how it’s progressing so what…

Police: …I’ve only worked here 11 years but I would say it’s not common. We give information whilst it’s appropriate to produce but whilst there’s an investigation going on and where it’s potentially murder, we say very little, we say very little. You read a lot in the press but that doesn’t come from us. We deal with about 250 murders a year and all of them are dealt with in exactly the same way in terms of how we deal with the media.

I also discussed the fact that all FOI requests made to Leicestershire Constabulary under Operation Task were coming back with a blanket “no comment” and a wall of silence. The police officer I spoke to at the Met told me to put in FOI requests to them and do not assume that they would treat them the same [as Leicestershire Constabulary].

For anyone wishing to put in new FOI requests under Operation Grange, email them at:SCDFOIArequests@met.pnn.police.uk

I have to say that it was reasonably reassuring to hear that the Metropolitan Police are treating the case as “potential murder” instead of the McCanns’ nonsensical talk of abduction.

It is probably premature to expect miracles but for the first time in a British Police force we can just about hear the cops singing in tune with Goncalo Amaral.


More information about Madeleine McCann can be found on our forum LINK

Source: http://fakedabduction.com/2011/08/operation-grange-madeleine-mccann-a-potential-murder-enquiry/

Scotland Yard WILL examine parents' possible guilt re Madeleine McCann - OFFICIAL

Here's an interesting question posed by one of our forum members regarding letters to and from New Scotland Yard regarding the case review of Madeleine McCann (letters here):

"I'm very confused about this whole process. I don't even understand the scope of this and the possible consequences. Say for instance that they question the parents and Tapas friends regarding the timeline inconsistencies and one of them cracks and reveals they have previously told lies. What can happen after that? Can anyone be charged with anything? Is there a crime like obstruction of justice in Portugal? Would they have to re-open the Portuguese enquiry for any action to follow?"

Tony Bennett's response:

"Good questions.

First of all, this is a REVIEW, similar to what is called a 'cold case review'. Essentially this means a group of officers trawling through thousands of documents and looking for possible new leads and lines of enquiry.

If there is evidence of a crime having been committed by one or more individuals, then the status of the review would change from REVIEW to INVESTIGATION - and, yes, that could lead to ARRESTS.

It is my understanding that as Madeleine McCann is British and all the Tapas group are British and as some of the alleged offences occurred in Britain that IF they have collectively covered up the death of Madeleine in Praia da Luz they could be charged under British law with a whole raft of offences:

* causing or allowing the death of a child (McCanns)

* hiding a body and preventing an inquest (McCanns)

* interfering with or perverting the course of justice - or conspiracy to interfere with or pervert the course of justice (McCanns, Tapas friends, and anyone else involved in the cover-up)

* conspiracy to obtain a pecuniary advantage by deception (all those involved in setting up and running the Fund)

* interference with witnesses (Brian Kennedy).

I think Cameron, Sir Paul Stephenson, and the McCann Team hoped that the Review would merely be an excuse to lambast the Portuguese Police once again for their incompetence, and announce that the Portuguese Police had lamentably failed to follow up potential 'sightings' of Madeleine, therefore giving the McCanns' narrative the official backing of Scotland Yard.

Those of us who believe the evidence strongly suggests that Madeleine McCann died in Apartment G5A have, I believe, a solemn duty to explain this to DCI Andy Redwood and his colleagues."

Discussion about Maddie's case review here and here

Criminal profiler Pat Brown is putting together a team to go to Portugal


A message to Pat Brown from a member of our forum:

Pat, if you read this post, please please please push this as far as you can. With a sound professional background and reputation you can do what the rest of us would like to do (red flag all the weirdness of the case to a mass audience and try and get some answers/explanations for the contradictions etc) but do not have the opportunity or access to the right people. This is a Golden Opportunity to change the course of this peculiar situation, where two people seem able to control everyone and everything they wish despite some gargantuan flaws in the theory they are persuing.

The McCanns seem to have a free license to defame anyone who questions their theory, despite there being not a scrap of evidence for that theory. Yet are able to wield the axe over anyone who, using the official investigation files in the public domain, comes up with a different theory or scenario. They can contradict themselves with impunity (see thread on The Eye/Coloboma for a sledgehammer of a lie), but supress anyone who publicises their own spoken error!

I think the McC's should be put in a situation where they clarify all the errors and contradictions they have made as a quid pro quo for the millions and millions of pounds from the Portugese and British public purses they have had spent on this (but they say nothing has been done - pah!)

There has to come a point where the McC's admit the wrongs they have and continue to do, or just go away. This cannot go on for 4 more years, it really can't.

So please Pat, help bring this dreadful media whitewash, this never-ending series of contradictions and arrogant behaviour to it's conclusion for everyones sake. Thank you and good luck!!

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PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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