Kate and Gerry McCann "burst into laughter as they promoted her book about their lost daughter Madeleine."

Friday June 24,2011

By Daily Express Reporter

FOR once, grieving Kate McCann can find something to smile about. So often pictured as a sad, withdrawn figure, she and husband Gerry burst into laughter as they promoted her book about their lost daughter Madeleine.

The couple were in Amsterdam to launch the Dutch edition of the book which they hope will help to boost the search for Madeleine across Europe.

The heart-rending memoir has already topped the best-seller list in Britain and Australia, and hundreds of thousands of copies have flown off the shelves.

A spokesman for publishers Transworld said: “We hope it will reach number one across Europe and that somebody with important information will read it and be moved to come forward.”

Copies have been snapped up in Portugal, where Madeleine, then three, went missing from a seaside resort on the Algarve during a family holiday in 2007. The McCanns, both 43, from Rothley, Leics, have been given a boost by the amount which the book has raised towards their fund to back the continuing search for their daughter.

They say they have new hope that she will be found after Scotland Yard agreed to review the investigation into her disappearance.


Posted on 'Complete Mystery of Maddie McCann' forum here and Missing Madeleine forum here

The photograph of happy Kate and Gerry was removed from the Express article - according to author David Bret "the sub-editor of the Express explained over the phone yesterday that no papers will print anything regarded as unfavourable regarding the McCanns, and that the couple's "office" had complained that a picture of them laughing was unfavourable at it is a "misrepresentation" of how they feel, which was why they insisted it should be removed." Link here


Grieving Kate McCann - a sad, withdrawn figure

Are these photos also a misrepresentation of how they felt just days after Maddie was 'abducted' by an alleged paedophile ring?

Dr Kate McCann's children's porn book sells enough copies to fund Scotland Yard's search

Page 129 of Kate McCann's porn book which she hopes will be read by Maddie, the twins
and the paedophile who's got her

Sunday June 5,2011

By Sunday Express Reporter

KATE McCANN’S book about the disappearance of her daughter has already raised £2million for the Madeleine fund.

In three weeks, 165,000 copies of Madeleine have been sold in Britain, while the translated version is flying off the shelves in Portugal, where it hit number four in the top 10 last week.

Claudia Nogueria, who speaks for the McCanns in Portugal, said: “We hope it will reach the number one position and that somebody living here with important information will come forward.”

The book has also shot to the top of the charts in Australia and will soon be launched in Holland and Spain.

The 384-page hardback is Kate’s account of the disappearance of her three-year-old daughter on a family holiday in 2007.

Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/250873/Kate-McCann-s-book-raises-2m-for-MadeleineKate-McCann-s-book-raises-2m-for-MadeleineKate-McCann-s-book-raises-2m-for-Madeleine#ixzz1ONzpBG3I

A couple of comments from our forum:

Good! Let's hope Kate will hand over the money to Scotland Yard so they can fund the search for the daughter they lost when they left all three of their children alone in an unlocked apartment.
Kate's book sells because it is full of sex, (her and Gerry) violence, (her bad temper and mood swings) filthy language (against PJ and G Amoral) and sickening descriptions of her daughter's private parts .

Heres hoping that Scotland Yard take this case seriously and do a reconstruction
2 million divided by 165 thousand is more than 12 pounds per copy.
Since Amazon and WHSmiths were selling it at a tenner, this figure seems, how shall we put it, unlikely.

Discrepancies and lies in Kate's book compared to the statements in the official police files can be read here and here aswell as the McCann's hoax about Maddie's coloboma which can be read here

2. Kate McCann's book: 'Madeleine' - includes shocking section of book that highlights even more neglect of the twins just days after Madeleine went missing.

Complaint against the BBC upheld: Gonçalo Amaral did not use offensive language about the McCanns

Posted by AnnaEsse on her blog

The BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit has published its ruling on complaints that one of their reporters had misquoted Gonçalo Amaral outside the court in Lisbon.

BBC East Midlands 30/05/2011

ECU Ruling: East Midlands Today, BBC1 (East Midlands), 12 January 2011

Publication date: 30 May 2011


The programme included a brief exchange between a reporter and Gonçalo Amaral (a former policeman who had worked on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and had since written a book on the case). One word in the exchange was bleeped, and the report gave the impression that this was because Sr Amaral had used offensive language about the MrCanns. A viewer complained that this was inaccurate and unfair to Sr Amaral.

The reporter's belief, reinforced by others on the programme team who viewed the recording, was that Sr Amaral had indeed used an English phrase which included an offensive term applied to the McCanns. On further examination, however, it became clear that Sr Amaral had been speaking Portuguese, and that an inoffensive phrase had been misconstrued. Upheld

Further action
The Editor of the programme has discussed the outcome with the producer and reporter involved. In future, the team plans to use interpreters if clips from interviews are unclear.
Much more about this is posted on Joana Morais' blog with video and images - and I hope Dr Amaral will now sue the British newspapers.

Little victories - posted by Johanna who instigated the complaint


McCann case: Carter Ruck on the warpath again

Benefactor: Tycoon Brian Kennedy is supporting Kate and her husband Gerry

McCann Exposure blog is Carter-Rucked


Brian Kennedy via Carter Ruck has raised objections to four articles posted on McCann Exposure. Below is McCann Exposure’s response to Carter Ruck’s ““cease and desist” demand.

To whom it may concern,

Re: Carter Ruck‘s “cease and desist” computer-mediated-communication to WordPress.com dated 2nd June 2011, concerning four articles published at McCann Exposure.

Carter Ruck is in no position to ascertain the notion that Kate and Gerald McCann are “responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance or death” is a false allegation. It remains a mystery as to what really happened to Madeleine McCann. Furthermore, the truthfulness of such a hypothesis is a matter that can only be determined in Court. As such McCann Exposure will continue to hypothesize and debate the possibility that the McCann’s were complicit in their daughter‘s disappearance. Abundant discussion of this nature should be of no surprise given that a number of persons whom have been directly involved in the investigation of Madeleine disappearance have perceived this to possibly be the case.

For example, Mark Harrison, National Search Adviser, presented a report detailing the conclusions of his analysis to the investigation coordinators admitting the possibility that Madeleine could be dead, and her body hidden in an area near Praia da Luz. Based on his conclusions he suggested that in order to follow this line of inquiry specialized dogs should be used. Specifically, an enhanced victim recovery dog trained to detect cadaver scent, and a crime scene investigation dog able to detect human blood. Mr. Harrison also suggested that investigators should concentrate in the apartment where the McCann family had stayed, and in the Ocean Club apartments that had been occupied by their group of friends. He further suggested that “new and deeper searches” to Robert Murat’s home and “forensic searches” to Mr. Murat and his friends’ cars and to the McCann’s hire car should be undertaken. Lee Rainbow, a National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) expert, wrote in a report to the investigating coordinators, “It was Madeleine’s father who was the last one to see her alive. The family is a lead that should be followed. The contradictions in Gerald McCann’s statements might lead us to suspect a homicide.” Like Mr. Harrison, he too recommended that the police take new forensics from the McCann’s holiday apartment. Subsequent searches undertaken by Martin Grimes and his dogs on the back of these recommendations lend weight to the hypothesis that a cadaver had at some point been present in apartment 5a, as did the Forensic Science Services initial reports.

In light of this, McCann Exposure proposes that Carter Ruck’s attempt to impress on WordPress.com that the Portuguese authorities “confirmed that there was no evidence what so ever to implicate” Kate and Gerald McCann in their daughter’s disappearance is highly questionable. Additionally, Carter Ruck’s sympathy with “a tragic situation in which Mr and Mrs McCann found themselves” and Brian Kennedy’s significant donations and resources he utilized are of little consequence when alleging that untrue statements, defamation or libel are present on McCann Exposure.

None of the posts to which Mr. Kennedy objects are in anyway “highly defamatory”. McCann Exposure does NOT engage in the publication or encouragement of threatening or harassing content. Thus, this renders Carter Ruck’s statement of “hate content” negligible. Details of Mr. Kennedy’s home address, including an architectural map of Swettenham Hall, is freely accessible via the internet. Photographs of his home and businesses can also be freely accessed via internet searches. In the UK personal information such as home and business addresses are declared when registering a company; this information is also easily accessible via internet searches. McCann Exposure argues that Mr. Kennedy’s privacy and his family’s privacy were compromised the moment he became highly publicized as the McCann’s benefactor. Further, that his personal safety is more likely to have been jeopardized by his dubious business dealings as opposed to a few articles published on an obscure blog that speculates about his interest and involvement in the McCann case. McCann Exposure also contends that Mr. Kennedy risked his personal safety, his son’s personal safety and the personal safety of several persons sworn to Portuguese judicial secrecy when he meddled with witnesses and attempted to perform a 24-hour “stake out” whilst perversely “investigating” whom ever he was ‘staking out‘ at that time. It is a fact that Mr. Kennedy’s actions of holding private meetings with several witnesses in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann – one of whom was a Prime Suspect – could constitute interfering with witnesses and is a custodial offense both in the UK and in Portugal.

McCann Exposure has reviewed the four articles concerned and can confirm the following:

Articles “Madeleine Foundation’s Tony Bennett alleges Brian Kennedy intimidated witnesses in Madeleine McCann case” and “Brian “I play to win” Kennedy, McCann’s multi-millionaire benefactor – EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS removed at request of Carter Ruck“, have been amended.

Article “Brian Kennedy: The Cheshire Police Connection and ’Rotherhamgate’ – The Rotherham Rugby Union Club Slush Fund”, has been password protected and is therefore no longer accessible.

Article “Brian Kennedy seeks window of opportunity with banks”, required no action. This article was first published by The Business Desk and remains active on their website; it is not defamatory or libelous in any regard.

On a final note, McCann Exposure’s chief objective is to provide a chronological archive of articles on what is arguably the most controversial and unprecedented child disappearance case of contemporary times. Given that the McCann’s have courted the public relentlessly over the last four years in a bid to obtain information in relation to Madeleine’s disappearance and monies donated to their fund, McCann Exposure argues that it is the public’s right and in their interest that they have access to all facets of the case: something which the McCann’s, with a helping hand from Carter Ruck, wish to deprive them from. As such, articles published by McCann Exposure do not “constitute the criminal offense of harassment”. On the contrary, McCann Exposure is providing a chronological documented account of events that have unfolded in the McCann case. Articles published on McCann Exposure comprise a factual account of the twists and turns in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.

Yours Sincerely,

McCann Exposure.


Related links:

McCann Exposure Carter-Rucked for second time

Madeleine Foundation: New Gonçalo Amaral website

New site about Gonçalo Amaral http://goncaloamaral.webs.com/

Kate and Gerry McCann: Why have they lied about Maddie's coloboma for four years?

The McCann family has asked health professionals to look out for Madeleine McCann, a 4-year-old English girl with a coloboma of her right iris, who was abducted while on holiday in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007. 1 Madeleine's disappearance highlights the ever-present danger of child abduction worldwide, remembered in a national day—May 25—in the USA. Link

Quote: Carlos Anjos, Polícia Judiciária: "If that situation had been of an abduction, it would have been terrible for the child. Because if that child were to be sold, or something else... She was as good as... it was her death sentence. That situation, that day, advertising that photo, was simply the death sentence of that child."


Gerry McCann: "We thought it was possible this could hurt her. Her abductor might do something to her eye. But in marketing terms it was a good ploy."


In the Piers Morgan interview where Kate and Gerry were promoting their new book:

MORGAN: Madeleine had a very distinctive eye pattern, didn't she? Tell me about that, Kate, in case people see somebody they think may be Madeleine. Tell me about her eye.

K. MCCANN: If I'm honest, we haven't put too much emphasis on her eye, because I think you have to be very close to her to see it. But her eyes are slightly different colors, and one of them has this brown fleck in it. But you do notice, particularly on photographs, but --

MORGAN: Slightly distinctive eye colors and a little fleck.

MORGAN: And do you know if that would be still there if she's now eight years old?

G. MCCANN: Certainly believe it wouldn't have changed. I think there's been a pattern to be still there. That it's -- the technical term is coloboma, where there's a defect in the iris. I don't think it is actually. I think it's actually an additional bit of color. She certainly had no visual problems.


A few links from our forum:


A few comments from our forum:

"For me this is the most shocking revelation of this whole saga. That means either they knew she could not be found, or they don't want her to be found. No other possibilities."

"Missing a diagnosis is bad for a doctor, but making up one, especially for financial gain, is worse."

K. MCCANN: If I'm honest, we haven't put too much emphasis on her eye

"You couldn't make it up could you?

The posters with LOOK (showing coloboma in the 'O's)

The Bryan Adams song (Look into My Eyes)"

The other poster with 'Look into my Eyes' as displayed by David Beckham

"If I'm honest, we haven't put too much emphasis on her eye"

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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