Madeleine Foundation Press Release: Buying Kate McCann's book won't help find Madeleine


6 May 2011

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Buying Kate McCann’s book won't help find Madeleine

With less than a week to go before the official release of Kate McCann's book, 'Madeleine', The Madeleine Foundation, which is sceptical about the McCanns' assumption that Madeleine was abducted, has warned the public that buying the book is unlikely to help to find Madeleine. The Committee has released the following statement:

"For a start, both Amazon and WH Smith have already cut the retail price of the book from £20 to just £10, meaning that the book is effectively selling for under £8. With the publishers and distributors needing to cover their costs, little will be left for the McCanns' 'Find Madeleine Fund'.

In addition, claims that the McCanns’ private investigation has been led by a couple of ex-detectives, Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley of the 'Alpha Investigations Group' detective agency have been exposed as false in a new article on The Madeleine Foundation's website, published yesterday (5 May).

As our research shows, there is no such company. A company called ALPHAIG was however registered 6 weeks after the McCanns claimed that they had turned to 'Alpha Investigations Group' for help. This is solely owned by Arthur Cowley, its registered office is in Cowley's home, and the company's accounts reveal it has no employees and no assets. In other words, it is a sham company designed to create a false impression.

Moreover, despite spending millions of pounds of the public's money on investigators, the general public has not been given one single usable piece of information about the alleged abductor. Altogether, a total of 18 different artists' sketches have been given of 'suspects', 'persons of interest', and 'persons we wish to eliminate from our enquiries', two of them women. Even the McCanns' own website does not update its visitors on who they are really supposed to be looking for. Worse, a video in the McCanns’ site of a man in a yellow T-shirt looks nothing like the artist’s sketch of the ‘ugly, spotty, pock-marked man’, said to have been seen near the McCanns’ apartment the week they were in Praia da Luz.

Furthermore, the McCanns' private detectives, based in a house in Knutsford, Cheshire, purchased by multi-millionaire Brian Kennedy in 2007, have an appalling track record. The first company chosen, controversial Spanish detective agency Metodo 3, falsely promised that they had located Madeleine and that she would be 'home by Christmas' (2007).

The McCanns followed that by appointing fraudster Kevin Halligen, paying him a reputed £500,000 which he mostly spent on high living in the U.S. and Britain. Since October 2009 he has been in Belmarsh High Security Prison, fighting extradition to the U.S., where he is wanted on an alleged $2 million fraud. Another company, iJet, was paid by the McCanns in 2008 to field calls to its 'Investigation Hotline', but its Director publicly declared in 2009 that the McCanns had refused to follow up any of the public's calls to that 'phone line. A number of articles on our website examine in depth all aspects, many of them carefully hidden, of the McCanns' private investigation operation to date.

On top of all these considerations, the McCanns' current chief investigator, Dave Edgar, has made a variety of bizarre, contradictory claims about Madeleine's whereabouts which lack credibility, like:

* that Madeleine was seen walking behind a couple in Dubai

* that Madeleine was taken to Australia on a yacht by an Australian-speaking 'Victoria Beckham-lookalike'

* that an Angolan-born basketball-playing bouncer in Spain knows that Madeleine is in the U.S.

* that a letter from dying paedophile Raymond Hewlett which was then burnt by his estranged son Wayne Hewlett revealed the name of a gypsy gang leader whose gang had abducted Madeleine, and

* that he was 'convinced' that Madeleine was being held in a prison lair within10 miles of Praia da Luz, where the McCanns holidayed in 2007".

The Madeleine Foundation is currently inviting the public to sign an internet petition calling for a full public enquiry into all aspects of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Wey would like to see a judicial enquiry with the power to summon all relevant witnesses, including the McCanns and their friends, to give evidence on oath. We feel that such a public enquiry would be the best means of getting to the truth about what really happened to Madeleine.

There is a link to the petition on The Madeleine Foundation website:

We are also helping the Madeleine McCann Research Group to distribute their ‘50 FACTS’ leaflet which lists 50 factual matters about the McCann case which the British media have failed to highlight.

Our original book on the case can no longer be sold or distributed after the McCanns threatened a High Court libel writ if it continued to be sold.

Our new book: ‘The Madeleine McCann Case Files: Volume 1’, continues to sell steadily.



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