Madeleine Foundation Investigation conference, Cheshire and Lancashire

Arthur Cowley's cottage is claimed to be the registered office of ALPHAIG, which in turn has been deliberately misrepresented by the McCann Team as Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley's 'Alpha Investigations Group'

Posted by Tony Bennett, Secretary of the Madeleine Foundation:

Hundreds of '50 FACTS' leaflets were distributed this weekend in the Victoria Avenue area of Crewe, Swettenham village near Congleton, the Meadowhead Lane area of Rochdale, and the villages of Halkyn and Pentre Halkyn, Flintshire.

The Sun and Express articles were discussed. Most of the Sun article consists of self-serving, and disturbing, statements by Dr K McCann which are impossible to verify. Only one out of our 163 questions was even partially answered. The Express and Sun articles today were based on an artist's sketch which, so far as we know, has never been made public.

Further detailed investigations around the village of Halkyn revealed and confirmed that Arthur Cowley (whom we met) does not run any investigations group from there or anywhere else. We'll supply more info later.

REMINDER: Next Madeleine Foundation conference and AGM, Bristol, Sat 18th and Sun 19th June, when the whole conference will be devoted to a line-by-line analysis of the contents of Dr K McCann's book.
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