Dave Edgar, the Cheshire Detective: Leading the Hunt for Maddie McCann

Prison lairs, Victoria Beckham-lookalikes, letters from dead paedophiles -
and bogus claims that he heads up the so-called ‘Alpha Investigations Group’

The Madeleine Foundation’s John Whitehouse looks at the bogus group set up by the McCanns and Brian Kennedy which, with the help of British media, misled the public into thinking that former Detective Inspector Dave Edgar headed up a thriving private investigations agency. The article goes on to analyse the thoughts and actions of Dave Edgar, Brian Kennedy’s chosen instrument to lead the McCanns’ private investigation, and Edgar’s assistant, Arthur Cowley, as they head the hunt for Madeleine McCann from a house in Knutsford

A sequel to our article: ‘The McCanns’ private investigators - we investigate’ (Article No. 26.0)

Author: John Whitehouse

Published by The Madeleine Foundation, 5 May 2011


After the successive debacles of the McCanns and Brian Kennedy appointing first the controversial Spanish detective agency Metodo 3 and then fraudster Kevin Halligen, supposedly to search for Madeleine, they then appointed local retired detective inspector Dave Edgar to ‘lead the hunt for Madeleine’ in November 2008.

Edgar was then based in the H.Q. of the private investigation office run by Brian Kennedy, a house in Knutsford bought by Kennedy for that purpose in the summer of 2007. Edgar did not at that time, nor has he since, either owned, part-owned or ‘run’ a company known as ‘Alpha Investigations Group’. His claim to do so is a sham.

In fact, one of Brian Kennedy’s right-hand men, Andrew Dickman, registered the domain name on 12 January 2009, some four months before the McCann Team misled the media and the public into thinking that Dave Edgar ran a prestigious-sounding company called ‘Alpha Investigations Group’.

Despite much publicity and hype about Edgar’s ‘Alpha Investigations Group’ in May 2009, in fact the company being referred to was actually called ‘ALPHAIG’. It was not registered until after May - on 10 June 2009. Despite claims that Edgar, or Edgar and a colleague, Arthur Cowley, run ALPHAIG, it is a company wholly owned by Arthur Cowley. The registered address of the company, ‘Treetops’, in the remote Flintshire hamlet of Pant-y-Gof, is a property situated down a remote farm track and cul-de-sac, which may be unoccupied. ALPHAIG has no web presence, and does not give out any contact details. Its summary accounts, released in January this year, revealed inter alia that it had fixed assets worth just £630, hardly the kind of assets associated with a significant private investigations company.

Edgar’s main role over the past two years appears to have been to talk up as ‘strong leads’ claims - which are frankly bogus - that Madeleine may have been taken by a Victoria Beckham-lookalike on a yacht to Australia, may be held in a prison lair near Praia da Luz, may have been seen in Dubai, may have been taken to the U.S. as claimed by an Angolan basketball-playing bouncer, or may have been taken by an unnamed gypsy gang leader, details of whom were given by a dying paedophile in a German hospital to his long-estranged son, who in turn claims to have burnt that letter before proceeding to tell the Sun all about it.

The public have been told that they should buy Dr Kate McCann’s new book, due out on 12 May, in order to ‘continue the search for Madeleine’. Dr McCann has said that the book could ‘raise £1 million’, which she and the McCann Team say would pay for Dave Edgar and his ‘team of detectives’ to continue looking for Madeleine for a further two years.

On the evidence of this article, they would be wasting their money.

Read the full article here which includes the shocking accounts of Dave Edgar's company and an update of recent developments:

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