More lies from Dr Kate McCann: JK Rowling did not help her write her "account of the truth"

FFS, Kate, how many more lies are you going to tell?

The Mirror: Madeleine McCann search: JK Rowling helps Maddy's mum Kate write book

The Independent: Rowling denies helping Kate to write book

Yesterday it emerged that the author had given a helping hand to Kate McCann, the mother of the missing eight-year-old, Madeleine, with her account of the disappearance in Portugal four years ago. But Rowling denied reports that she had written the book which is due to be published next month.

In a statement a spokesman for the author said: "While JK Rowling has been a long-term family supporter, her only part in bringing the book to publication has been in supporting the fact that her literary agent was also representing Kate. Beyond this, she has not been involved in any aspect of the writing, editing or publication of the book."

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Comment by Tony Bennett of the Madeleine Foundation:

So in the lead-up to the publication of this 'very truthful' book about Madeleine, which will contain Dr McCanns' 'version of the truth', it looks like Dr Kate McCann (ahd her advisers and public relations officers) have been very untruthful.

The Daily Mail account yesterday had this:

"Rowling also helped Kate and husband Gerry by putting them in touch with her agent Christopher Little who arranged a book deal with publishers Transworld".

I think we can believe J K Rowling in this instance. I suspect the sequence of events was this:

1. McCanns to J K Rowling - 'We need a publisher for our very truthful account of what happened to Madeleine, can you advise?'

2. J K Rowling to McCanns - 'Try Bill Scott-Kerr at my publishers, Transworld'

3. McCanns to J K Rowling - 'We need a bit of help writing the book'

4. J K Rowling to McCanns - 'Sorry, too busy'

5. Meeting of McCanns and their publishes, advisers and public relations team - 'Bring J K Rowling into it to boost sales, advance orders are well below our predictions'

6. Clarence Mitchell briefs press: 'J K Rowling helped Kate write her book'.

7. Mirror headline: J K ROWLING'S MADDY BOOK

8. J K Rowling and her advisers: 'WT!?*!!??**?!*?!*' Put out a statement denying this immediately!!


But here's another lie.

In Sunday's Express, Dr Kate McCann said it was the 'fear of attacks by groups like The Madeleine Foundation' which had decided her against doing book-signings.

But in the Daily Mail the following day, we read this:

"Heartbroken mother will not take part in celebrity-style signings because it would be 'in bad taste'".

OK, 'very truthful' Kate, which is it?

Too frightened of attacks?

Or 'book signings would be in bad taste'?

Or is it even a third, unmentionable reason? That is - Because so few people would want to buy a book by people who deliberately left their three children in a dark room, 120 yards' walk away, whilst wining and dining wth their mates, yet produced an unnamed Social Services official who allegedly said: 'This is well within the bounds of responsible parenting?

All of this after TWO of the their three children, only the previous night, had said: "Why weren't you here when we were crying last night?"

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