Madeleine McCann case: New articles from The Madeleine Foundation

New articles from The Madeleine Foundation:

Letter to Cheshire and Leicestershire Police explaining why Brian Kennedy should be investigated for perverting the course of justice - and the replies we got from the police forces concerned

More about the man to prosecute Goncalo Amaral: 1. His weird book 2. His mediumistic powers 3. His horrible vision of Madeleine being strangled 4. His dealings with Metodo 3 5. M Gautier's story 6. Correia's psychic abilities pass Metodo 3's test

How the lies of a convicted murdersss of her own child helped a court to convict Goncalo Amaral of filing a false report

How the McCanns and PR guru Clarence Mitchell collaborated with Stuart Prior of Leics Police and the Portuguese Police, helped by Brian Kennedy paying Melissa Little to do another artist's sketch based on a muddled account by Gail Cooper

The sensational report compiled and published by the Portuguese police as their official report on why they had made the McCanns suspects (also to be found in The Madeleine Foundation's book: 'The Madeleine McCann Case Files: Volume 1")

Sections 15 and 16 from The Madeleine Foundation's essay on Marcos Aragao Correia

Marcos Aragao Correia is the lawyer who pursued Goncalo Amaral and successfully obtained a criminal conviction of him in the Portuguese courts for allegedly filing a false report. These extracts from our essay cast doubt on his state of mind

Extracts from Chapters J and K of The Madeleine Foundation's article on Robert Murat: 'The Mystery of Robert Murat: From Arguido to Applause'

A key chapter of Goncalo Amaral's book 'The Truth About A Lie' explains the remarkable saga of how Jane Tanner came to identify Murat, leading to his being taken in for questioning. Jane Tanner later changed her mind about Murat being the abductor.

Why did Ray Wyre write an article about Madeleine's disappearance within days of Madeleine disappearing. And why did the McCanns meet the Wyres. And what sort of charcater was ray Wyre anyway?

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty