Kate McCann: "If your child goes missing or a family member goes missing sometimes you might not get anything."

But we got it all and we're still bitching

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In a recent charity run for Missing Persons, Mrs McCann said burglaryvictims might get help from the state, but added: "If your child goes missing or a family member goes missing sometimes you might not get anything."

Well done on completing the run, but I beg to differ.

From the residents and holidaymakers on the ground in Portugal to the translators and posters online, here are a few of the agencies and people who have contributed to help in the search to find Madeleine...

... Mark Warner ... Interpol ... World Embassies ...
... Translators ... CEOP ... Liaison Officers ... SOCA ... NPIA ...
... Scotland Yard ... Portuguese Tourist Board ... FSS ... FBI ...
... Criminologists ... Social Services ... Sniffer Dogs ...

Police forces from around the world including Poland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Malta, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the Guardia and many more. Police forces within the UK including Exeter, Glasgow, Leicester West Yorkshire. Not to mention all of the Portuguese government/non governmental agencies and facilities at first hand. All areas were searched extensively, involving all squads of police, the army, Marine authorities in what was "the greatest search Portugal had ever seen".

There really are too many to mention. I like to be accurate, but it would take forever to compile the full list.

Add to that the huge amount of airtime and media coverage devoted to reporting, interviews and dedicated appeals. Jetsetting the world for free has allowed visits to places such as Washington, Morocco, Fatima and blessings from the Pope. Private ministerial meetings and advice from the best consultants. Police escorts and preferential first class treatment.

A private company created under the guise of a fund, has allowed a comprehensive team of lawyers to be hired and a mortgage to be paid. Well meaning people, including pensioners and children have donated to this fund. They wanted help find the child, unaware their money would be used in such a ill mannered fashion. To this day, the 'fund' is still misreported and believed by the more naive amongst us as a... charity. A charity it most certainly is not.

So, all in all, a very fair amount of worldwide help for infamous parents who apparently neglected their children and put their daughter in the position she now finds herself. Certainly can't be attributed to not getting anything.

All Kate McCann had to do was answer 48 questions to aid the investigation. She refused to answer all but one..

Q - Are you aware that the fact of your not answering the questions put to you jeopardise the investigation that was aimed at finding out what happened to your daughter.

She answered: "Yes, if the investigation thinks that."

Why? Her husband co-operated with the police. The age old excuse of 'incriminating oneself' just doesn't wash - what parent would refuse?

Comparing the help you may receive from the state when a person goes missing to a burglary really comes as no surprise. Did you know it can also be put on a par with your student overdraft?

Perhaps Mrs McCann should count her lucky stars that her family has received unprecedented support thus far. She should perhaps check her own insurance policy - leaving your valuables on show with unlocked doors really does entitle you to nothing.

** The 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer, can be viewed on the BBC News website by clicking here.

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