Martin Grime's sniffer dog, Eddie, was wrong

Tony Bennett, Secretary of the Madeleine Foundation

Eddie caused 'complications' by his 10 alerts in Praia da Luz, says report:

Eddie alerted to the scent of a human corpse at the following 10 locations in Praia da Luz - and nowhere else:

1. McCanns' living room, Flat G5A
2. McCanns' master bedroom, Flat G5A
3. McCanns' veranda, Flat G5A
4. McCanns' garden, Flat G5A
5. One of Dr Kate McCann's clothes
6. Another of Dr Kate McCann's clothes
7. A red T-shirt belonging to one of the children
8. The pink soft toy, 'Cuddle Cat'
9. The floor of the the McCanns' hired Renault Scenic
10. The car key of the McCanns' hired Renault Scenic.

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8:57am UK, Thursday March 24, 2011

Gerard Tubb, Sky News correspondent

Police sniffer dogs used to find missing people and dead bodies "urgently" need better training and monitoring, according to an official report.

A South Yorkshire Police spaniel called Eddie was said to have sniffed out the "scent of death" at the Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey and the apartment from which Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal.

But in both cases nothing more was found and South Yorkshire Police say Eddie is no longer working with them.