Police caution mum for leaving son, 14, to mind 3 year old brother

Full article in Daily Express

Spot the difference:

A doctor who left his daughter of 3 to mind her younger twin siblings in an unlocked apartment while he went to a tapas bar with his wife, Dr Kate McCann, was given a police standing ovation and was not suspended from work.

Last night the case ignited a debate over when it is acceptable for parents to briefly leave older siblings home alone as carers.

Police found that the named healthcare professional, Dr Gerry McCann, left his children home alone together for just *cough* 30 minutes, even though a neighbour had heard the 3 year old babysitter crying for over an hour.

Although no valuables were taken and there was no “incident”, and the children were not believed to be in danger, except that the 3 year old babysitter was abducted leaving a trail of blood and cadaver behind the sofa and in the wardrobe and hire car, both doctors were cautioned by police officers for concealing the body of the 3 year old babysitter.

Dr Kate McCann has also not been suspended from her job but chose to give up work to manage their multi-million pound Fund, which has helped pay off their mortgage, and to write a book which will contain a "truthful account" of what happened to the 3 year old babysitter.



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