Jersey child abuse whistleblower, Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret released from prison



Kate and Gerry McCann apply to the court to have Madeleine Foundation secretary Tony Bennett sent to prison

Maddie McCann Case Review: Scotland Yard detectives photographed carrying 30 boxes of information away from Metodo 3

Scotland Yard detectives have no jurisdiction in Spain to seize documents

Who arranged for a photographer to be available to record this particular photograph of Scotland Yard detectives taking away 30 boxes of information from Metodo 3?

Who knew what time those SY officers would be going to Metodo 3's offices?

ANSWER: Scotland Yard and Metodo 3.

So, who arranged the photograph?

Was it Scotland Yard? Does this mean SY are working in cahoots with the McCanns to carry out a £3.6 million whitewash paid for by British cash-strapped taxpayers, and didn't mind being photographed?

OR was it Metodo 3. Did Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns arrange for the photographer to be there?

Comment from retired police officer, PeterMac:

"Scotland Yard have no jurisdiction in Spain, or Portugal, or anywhere else outside the UK and HM dominions.
When they are in Spain or Portugal they have the status of tourists.
The boxes were handed over. Without argument, though perhaps after negotiation.
They were not 'seized'.

Which makes the whole story even more fascinating."

More information about the case review can be seen on these links:

Metodo 3 Met police follow new leads - 30 boxes taken

Maddie: Scotland Yard 'Operation Grange' Case Review

Why did Kate McCann feel "mentally raped" when diary was published in UK but not when it was published first in Portugal?

More information can be found on our forum here:


News of the World made hush payment of £125K to McCanns

Gonçalo Amaral: "Justice works in Silence"

Edition 707 ( 8 Dec 2011)

His life has been ripped apart since he led the police investigation into the Millennium’s greatest mystery, and came into legal confrontation with Kate and Gerry McCann. Gonçalo Amaral has lost his family, his business, his assets and the income from his controversial book that states all the reasons why he believes three-year-old Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A in Praia da Luz back in May of 2007. Now, four-and-a-half years down the line, he faces another hurdle: a trial for defamation of the McCanns – due to start in Lisbon in February – in which the couple are claiming 1.2 million euros in damages. Does he think he can win? “Of course”, he says. This is the man whose maxim is “justice works in silence”. He still believes the case of the world’s most famous missing person will be solved. And he told Algarve123 what he thinks is needed to get there…

You wouldn’t miss him in a crowd. Gonçalo Amaral, 52, is strikingly tall with a penchant for hats. He was wearing a long black coat, a black fedora and a bright red scarf when we met him on the terrace of Casa Inglesa in Portimão. He looked much more like an intellectual than a former police officer, but these days his life is spent largely writing - an activity he’s come to love as much as the police work that used to fill his days.

Our first question: “How’s life?” elicited the reply “Bad!” so any further niceties went by the board.

What Amaral has always maintained is that the McCanns’ zeal for litigation “will not bring their daughter back”. He claims various legal suits against him, and a number of other Portuguese public figures who have verbalised “anti-McCann-story” sentiments, are totally out of keeping with the Catholic faith so fervently embraced by Madeleine’s mother Kate.

“Is it Catholic to hold sentiments of vengeance? To seek to destroy a family as mine has been destroyed?” he asks.

“This litigation will carry a heavy price – but I have faith that the mystery will be resolved. “Even if I “disappear” in the process - as Kate McCann has written that she wishes I would in her book - I have a daughter and lots of friends who will make sure justice is done”.

It may sound theatrical - but Amaral is not about theatre. He is about truth – hard facts, solid investigative work.

“The case has to be re-opened, and I have faith that it will be,” he said. “It will either be when this current “procurador” leaves, or when the current chief of police leaves. It’s not something I am pushing for - even if I could - it’s just something I feel certain will happen. And when it does, the first, most essential thing to be done will be a reconstruction of that very first night – the night Madeleine disappeared. Because that’s what happened: she literally disappeared! The reconstruction will have to involve all the parties: the McCanns and their friends. You see, there are so many inconsistencies in these people’s statements that a reconstruction will very quickly highlight where they have not told the truth”.

An example of the power of reconstructions came only weeks ago in Spain where a father claimed his two children were abducted from a park. A police reconstruction quickly proved that the father had never taken his children to the park: witnesses who had seen him arrive in his car but hadn’t noticed the children in the back seat, were surprised to discover that in the reconstruction the child-sized dummies in the back were clearly visible. The children’s father is now in jail – although the children are still missing.

Amaral explained that when Madeleine disappeared police didn’t organise a reconstruction in Praia da Luz “because there were so many journalists on the ground” – and once the heat had died down, “the McCanns refused. They said any reconstruction should be made by actors – but the whole reason for reconstructions is to use the people involved, and see where their stories don’t add up!”

Going back to that first night is logical: the initial 48-hours after any disappearance are crucial. They can literally mean the difference between life and death – but in Madeleine’s case, Amaral is convinced of the latter. The theory that has led to his prosecution by the McCanns for defamation is clearly set out in his book “A Verdade de Mentira” (The Truth of the Lie) – banned from sale in 2009, and then “released” by the Appeals Court a year later. We say “released” because the books were actually never returned to publishers Guerra & Paz, and thus they and Amaral have had nothing to sell…

“It’s another part of the whole plot to assassinate my civil position,” Amaral says matter-of-factly. “I’ve been left with no chances; no way of paying my debts; liens on my property. I’ve had to move away from my family in order to protect them. My marriage, well, it’s not so good. Not good at all, really. My life seems to be all about divorce…”

So how does he find the strength to move forwards?

Well, I put the McCanns in a metaphorical box and I am not really thinking too much about the trial in February. I think I will win, and then they will appeal – but I have to have a path. I want to open another consultancy. I had one when I left the police force, but that was destroyed when the McCanns went after me over “A Verdade de Mentira”.

So that’s one thing - and the other is writing. I have recently brought out a new book: “Vidas sem Defesa” about missing children cases in Portugal, and I have another one almost ready (I am not going to tell you what it is about!). After that, I would like to take police “mysteries” and study them and write stories, not novels; stories based on facts to show what I believe really happened. There’s a real lack of books of this type.”

So he’s not angry over the agonies and frustrations he’s endured from what came from essentially doing his job?

“I have my anger well-guarded. No feelings for revenge. Like I say, they will pay for what they have done to me and my family – but through the courts. Even after everything that has happened, I still have faith in the Portuguese justice system”.

And does he have any clues as to what catapulted the Madeleine case into the stratosphere of media attention? Why did the McCanns receive so much help from the British authorities right from the very beginning? And why were they and the so-called Tapas 7 never taken to task for child neglect – considering that they all left their children alone at night during the ill-fated holiday?

“Ah, now there we’re getting into politics – and quite honestly, those are questions for the British public to ask. I don’t have to have theories about them. My job was to find Madeleine”.

A job handed to him nearly five years ago – and one that he will never forget.“Justice_works_in_Silence”


A few comments from our forum:Link
I am so upset to hear him talk like this. I have been holding onto the thought that at least his family remained intact and would be a support to him. It feels as though it is impossible to do anything to help him, and the small contributions I have been privileged to make towards his legal expenses seem like a useless exercise if his life has fallen apart so much. The McCanns have so much evil to answer for in relation to their own family, but the persecution and destruction of this man takes it to a whole new level. I feel absolutely devastated for him.


Even their pet dog was killed, its awful that two peoples actions have affected so many innocent people

I too am worried having read this article, about his desperate state regarding his family and possible divorce. This is not good. Like others I have tried to think that he would survive the onslaught regarding the libel trial but it does seem that its weighing him down. He is confident though that justice will be served but at whose cost?

I am glad he is continuing to write but worry that the proceeds will only go in the coffers of the McCanns.

He needs more support - is there anything else we can do ?
A few days ago I decided to create a video of support for Gonçalo Amaral (similar the Christmas Message last year )

Basically a video for Gonçalo Amaral with messages of support from anyone who wishes to add one.

I have put the details on my Facebook page and you can post message there or send an Email!/profile.php?id=100002389988016

Of course, Gonçalo Amaral - the detective who was in charge of searching for the McCann's missing daughter - isn't the only person they are trying to destroy - there is also Tony Bennett, the secretary of The Madeleine Foundation - who is trying to get the investigation re-opened, and Criminal Profiler Pat Brown...and you can see a list of the McCanns legal actions (at least 24 so far) that they are using the Maddie Search Fund to pay for..... here

Not only did Amaral's pet dog get killed but a car was also burned out McMafia style.

Some facts about the McCanns lawyer

Kate and Gerry McCann and the Leveson Inquiry

Kate and Gerry McCann have arrived to give evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into press standards about their experiences of the media after their daughter Madeleine went missing.

The couple are expected to describe their anger at newspaper stories suggesting they may have been involved in the little girl's disappearance from the family's holiday flat in Portugal in May 2007.

The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have previously spoken of their frustration that negative reporting like this was distracting from the search for Madeleine.

Eddie, the British sniffer dog, also did some 'negative reporting' when he detected Madeleine's death scent in the McCanns holiday apartment and hire car

This comment was posted on our forum here:

I'm still recovering from Gerry's freedom of speech statement...that is some gall. Its going to take time to recover from this one. Maybe he should be proving this to the ones that are being sued and threatened with losing their lifelong homes and pensions, imprisonment, for having 'their opinion'! Practice what you preach McCann

As for the diaries...wasn't it Gerry who had an online diary/blog for everyone to see and keep up to date with their thoughts and feelings? Wasn't it Kate who released the book to the world with all her thoughts/feelings (with hardly anything on Maddie in it)? isn't this 'book' already being publicised for paperback release in the UK next April 26th 2012?

To the 'Maddie is dead' headline....didn't Gerry say himself on his online diary/blog long before the press made the headline and I quote "I hope Maddie isn't buried here'!!!!!!

Isn't their 'story' officially logged in the UK Foreign Office as a 'missing persons' case and NOT an abduction as there is no evidence of an abduction?

Wasn't it the PJ who made them the suspects based on the evidence or lack of evidence that they hold? It wasn't the press who decided to make them suspects

Press intrusion...who made the call to Sky news and Daily Telegraph before the police even got there on May 3rd 2007? If they didn't want press intrusion why make the calls, especially at a time when you didn't know what happened to Maddie, she may have just wandered off and be found...they wanted the press intrusion alright

Why were posters already printed out and being handed on photographic quality paper within 2 hours of Maddie disappearing? and on paper unavailable to purchase in PDL. Where did they get this paper between 10pm and midnight as they discovered in their panic Maddie had gone?mmmmmmmmm...and why an old photo of Maddie

Why did they and all their Tapas friends phone everyone in sight pushing the point the shutters had been jemmied (and immediately putting down the Portuguese police) yet when proven it was a lie, all totally retract from this and admit they hadn't been and it was the patio door that was unlocked? yet 4 years later and having admitted the shutters were not jemmied, they are still going on TV interviews to this day to unsuspecting foreign countries telling their public the jemmied shutter lie with Kates reconstruction, knowing full well they have admitted this is not true?

Why do their twins look so much younger in May 2007 than they did in April 2007? Why do Maddie's cousins look incredibly younger in 2008 than they did in April 2007?

Why do they release pictures of their daughter with fully professional makeup sucking ice creams and laying in seductive poses? where are the pictures from the holiday? there are none of mother and daughter, friends, twins and daughter...none

This is from the top of my head.....I could go on and on

If you ever wanted proof that the UK is riddled with corruption controlled by ones with money...then look no further than the McCanns scam and the ones protecting them

This freak show this afternoon I think had 3 purposes. To get the public sympathy and back on side in believing their scam story. To put down at every opportunity the Portuguese and especially their press as they know next February they will be reporting truths from the forthcoming Amaral case, sowing the seeds now in the British heads how bad and biased the Portuguese are. Their continuing praise of Clarence Mitchell was suspect and a worry he may spill a few beans, so keep him on side with the lavishing praises of how wonderful he was.

Oh and Smethurst....You are not forgotten either.

The Leveson Inquiry video and transcript of the McCann's evidence can be viewed on our forum here

Details of people who are being sued by the McCanns or having their books banned despite Gerry McCann saying he believes in Freedom of Speech can be viewed on our forum here

Images of the McCann's press intrusion can be seen here

Criminal profiler Pat Brown is suing Kate and Gerry for libel and tortious interference with business

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To see how the McCanns are using public donations to silence people who don't believe their version of events, when you all thought they were using the money to search for Maddie:

The Search for Madeleine McCann: hampered by Gonçalo Amaral's book?

Because they were incredibly busy, really.

Kate McCann: How to piss off the Portuguese people with one easy lie

Kate McCann: "We jumped over walls and raked through undergrowth. We looked in ditches and holes. I remember opening up a big dumpster and saying to myself 'Please God, don't let her be in here'. The most striking and horrible thing was that we were completely alone. Nobody else, it seemed, was out looking for Madeleine."

McCann case: The great difference between the truth and a lie

This summary was originally written by 'bestbefore' and posted on the goodqualitywristbands blog:

The other great difference between the truth and a lie is that the truth is usually simple and a lie is invariably complicated.

"We went out to dinner leaving the kids most nights and we came back and they were still there" is really simple.

As is, unfortunately, "We went out one night leaving the kids but one of them got out of the apartment and fell off the balcony". Or, "We went out one night leaving the kids and we got back and one of them had had a serious accident". Or, "We went out one night leaving the kids and we got back and one of them had got out and been run over by a car."

The alternative is somewhat more complicated: "We went out one night leaving the kids, not realising that we'd been watched by a predatory paedophile for several days, who we hadn't noticed, despite the resort being quiet and despite the fact that we felt it was safe to leave the kids, who targeted Madeleine rather than the other kids because she was special, who got into the apartment between our checks, despite the fact we'd doubled the frequency from the night before following the crying incident, which we can't recall happening, avoiding being noticed by Gerry, who was talking to Jez, on the other side of the road to that claimed by Jez and Jane, who wasn't seen by Jez or Gerry anyway, just before she saw the abductor, who must have gone out through the window, despite no-one noticing it open and without leaving any marks, because the door slammed when Kate went in, and it's odd about those dogs, but Kate had handled dead bodies when she went to work in her holiday pants and took the cuddle cat, and anyway the twins' sandals were in the boot of the car with the nappies and the rotting meat, but we're totally confident in each other's innocence and our legal and PR team are too."

More information on the McCanns calculated hoax can be found by clicking this link to our forum: The complete mystery of Madeleine McCann

Gonçalo Amaral’s book: The truth about the lie

Madeleine McCann: The SUN 'Target a TROLL' NAMES in FULL!

Article by Mike 'proper journalist' Hardy

Madeleine McCann: The SUN 'Target a TROLL' NAMES in FULL!

After the conviction of Sean Duffy, an Aspergers Syndrome sufferer whose main hobbies appear to be drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and posting despicable and hurtful comments on the Facebook tribute pages of tragic individuals who had lost their lives, it coerced the SUN newspaper into action, prompting them to create their ‘TARGET a TROLL’ Campaign!

Kate and Gerry McCann, ever the intrepid publicity hunters, quickly latched on to this ‘CAMPAIGN’ and procured for themselves, (via their infamous PR Mogul-at-large, Clarence Mitchell), EXTRA COVERAGE and column inches galore about the most obvious, heartrending topic and pre-occupation which is perpetually close to their hearts; THEMSELVES.

On the back of the Duffy case comes their NEXT targeted troll; a 17 year old kid called Jack Tims who created a puerile website entitled “If I get 1 Million Likes I’ll let Maddie Go”; a childish prank that deserved to remain entirely in anonymity and obscurity, receiving the very little attention it warranted.

Now, thanks to “Britain’s Soaraway Sun” their THREE MILLIONestimated DAILY circulation figures ensure that the pubescent Tims is afforded all the attention that he clearly craves!

ANOTHER ‘TROLL’ target, named in the report is David Bret. According to the Sun:-

Blogger David Bret, 57, has also targeted the McCanns with posts wrongly accusing them of being involved in Maddie's abduction — even accusing Kate of being involved in her death”.

I have read MUCH of Mr. Brets’ ramblings, and I have never known him to assert EITHER of those accusations. Nor does the Sun offer any evidence in support of it.

However, I would imagine that David, a renowned International Biographer, will be more peeved at being referred to as a mere BLOGGER than being embroiled in this piss-poor publicity stunt for the McCanns!

HOWEVER, all things been equal, and given that the “Soaraway Sun’s” Campaign is designed to TARGET the hurtful and spiteful TROLLS who suggest that the McCanns may be complicit in the disappearance of their daughter; it is only FITTING that we should all enter into the true spirit of the campaign and “REPORT” them!

So here are a few for starters:-

McCanns are back in frame” ~ Report detailing the apparent involvement of the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter after leaked FSS reports suggest that DNA recovered matched Madeleine. For extra EFFECT, the report uses big, bold word type forCORPSE and BLOOD, making for a truly salacious story.

The TROLLS involved??

Step forward ANTONELLA LAZZERI and CLODAGH HARTLEY from the....erm.................SUN!

How about:-

“Blood found in McCann Car” ~ another in-depth report that points out

Sources said analysis of samples taken from the villa produced “significant” new information that could even lead to arrests within days”.

This particular TROLL was merely referred to as the ‘Online Reporter’ for the .....................SUN!

Let's try:-

“Catch 22 Quiz Mother Faced” ~ Detailing 22 of the less salubrious questions that Kate didn’t answer, including

WHAT did you do with her body”.

Another anonymous TROLL, this time writing for the .......SUN!

My PERSONAL favourite:-

“Maddie Special Report” ~ A FOUR page SPECIAL spread, on the McCann case, published in 2008, a year after Madeleine’s disappearance, and including SPECIALLY invited and edited comments from the PUBLIC, including:-

“KATE and Gerry McCann plan to write a book about their "year of hell" since Madeleine went missing. This is distasteful, sickening and outrageous. How can two suspects profit from the loss of their child? The sooner this couple are brought to book for child abandonment, the better”


“WHAT about the year of hell that child has had if she was abducted and is still alive? It's always been about money with Kate and Gerry”


“A MISTAKE is using salt instead of sugar. Leaving three babies alone night after night for the whole holiday, even after Madeleine told them she had cried, is wilful neglect and the sooner the McCanns admit their guilt the better for this world”

TROLLS indeed!

All carefully selected and edited for her “Soaraway” report in the SUN by ANTONELLA LAZZERI!

Of course, since those devil-may-care days of free speech, the Sun has since learned new information about the investigation which changes their whole perspective on how they report the case.

NOT information that suggests that the McCanns are INNOCENT of any of the accusations that the Sun previously published, of course; just information that reporting it can cost you a cool ONE Million pounds!! Just ask Richard Desmond over at the Express!

Best not.

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Gonçalo Amaral: The secret Maddie Case Review is a mere 'show off'

Gonçalo Amaral: "The English can always present the conclusions to which they themselves arrived in 2007. Because they know, they have the evidence of what happened - they don't need to investigate anything. All this is now a mere 'show off'

McCanns seek role in phone hacking investigation

If only...

Kate and Gerry McCann want to highlight their experiences at the hands of the British press. Clarence Mitchell said there was no evidence the McCanns phones had been hacked.

Posted by a proper investigative journalist - Mike Hardy

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Madeleine McCann and Kate & Gerry's PRESS Intrusion

The Press are widely reporting that Kate and Gerry McCann are to participate in the LEVESON inquiry, possibly giving TESTIMONY, alongside several key victims of press intrusion, as the first witnesses in the judicial inquiry into the phone-hacking scandal.

Even though there is categorically NO suggestion or allegation that their 'phones were hacked.

In the interests of fairness and accuracy, it is important to question why, exactly, the McCanns are "Key victims of press intrusion", as described by the Guardian.

Clearly this can't be the SAME Kate and Gerry McCann who contacted the Media BEFORE, or at the VERY LATEST at the SAME TIME as they contacted the Police regarding their "Missing" daughter.

Nor can it surely be the same McCanns who gleefully enrolled the services of Justine McGuiness and Sheree Dodd
(“press officer responsible to act as media liaison officer for the McCann family”)

or the infamous Spin-Meister Clarence Mitchell, who has penned a MILLION column inches in publicity for his 'Clients' regularly briefing EVERY newspaper Editor,
(“Mitchell still has the key phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people in power and will continue to use them. He has attended top-level briefings at No 10 every weekday for the past two years. The McCanns.... want to get messages to the very top that they are innocent.”)

And obviously NOT the same McCanns who set up a MULTI Million Pound MEDIA driven/reliant INDUSTRY/FUND/WEBSITE, masquerading as a CHARITY, within DAYS of Madeleine going missing.

And, presumably NOT the self-same McCanns who accepted a £750,000 fee in newspaper serialisation rights for Kate's book, an "honest and truthful account" entitled 'Madeleine'.

Along with the OTHER graciously accepted fees for such "intrusive" appearances on OPRAH and other television programs.

And, categorically NOT, surely, the same Kate McCann who somehow managed to 'intrude' onto EVERY front page of the Press when the parents of Claudia Lawrence, a missing 35 year old British woman, who was last seen in March of 2009, held a special service, a "candle-lit vigil" for THEIR daughter; whose picture, (where it appeared at ALL), was a mere FRACTION of the size of the lady of the moment.

Whether Lord Justice Leveson gets round to pointing out these 'anomolies' to the Golden Couple at the hearing remains to be seen.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.

Posted by Spudgun at 09:01

A true scandal? How Brian Kennedy and the McCanns may have deceived everyone about the search for Madeleine McCann’s bones in the Arade Dam

An article submitted for publication on The Madeleine Foundation website:

How Brian Kennedy and the McCann Team generated media publicity about a search for Madeleine’s remains in the Arade Dam, Portugal

Here we come to, surely, one of the most cynical and indeed sinister chapters in the whole sequence of events which followed the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Much more detail is available in The Madeleine Foundation’s lengthy article on its website, titled: ‘The Madeleine McCann mystery and the strange role of Madeira lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia: His links with the McCanns and Método 3…” (22)

In early February 2008, the British media reported on what purported to be a genuine, altruistic attempt by a Portuguese lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, to solve the mystery of what really happened to Madeleine McCann. He said he had used his own money to fund a search for Madeleine’s body in the Arade Dam, in southern Portugal, believing there was evidence that she had been killed and her body thrown into the dam.

In this article I will attempt to provide a number of indications that Marcos Aragão Correia may have been cynically paid by the McCann Team, via Método 3, to generate this story, which featured prominently in the British media over a period of weeks between January and March 2008.

Here are the details that I have been able to research:

It was in late January 2008 that Marcos Aragão Correia first came to public notice in Britain. He came forward with the dramatic news that he was sure that Madeleine’s body was lying in a reservoir. He added various details that suggested that he ‘knew’ Madeleine was dead. He said he had ‘been told’, by ‘underworld sources’, that Madeleine had been stolen to order by a gang of ruthless paedophiles, who had then, in turn, raped her, killed her and then dumped her body at the bottom of a reservoir - the Arade Dam in Portugal.

If anyone else had said this, the McCanns might have been deeply offended, even outraged. But as we shall uncover in the next few paragraphs, Marcos Aragão Correia, at the time of the search of the dam, was in the pay of Método 3, who, in turn, of course, were working for the McCanns. The shocking conclusion I have reached is that the McCann Team not only knew in advance that the ‘Arade Dam search’ story was about to break in the British media; they actually planned and planted it themselves. Brian Kennedy was the paymaster of Método 3, he appointed them and directed their work. So he also both knew and took part in planning this story and generating the media publicity about the search.

One aspect of Mr Aragão Correia’s claims that Madeleine McCann had been killed by paedophiles is that they chimed in almost perfect harmony with the repeated claims of both the McCanns and their team of public relations advisers that Madeleine had been abducted by evil men - quite probably paedophile predators. Story after story had appeared in the press during 2007 claiming that Madeleine had been stolen to order by a paedophile gang. The possibility that Madeleine had been abducted by paedophiles had in fact been specifically mentioned by Dr Gerald McCann the very night that Madeleine was reported missing.

We now need to find out just how Marcos Aragão Correia - up until now an obscure lawyer hailing from the Portuguese island of Madeira - burst on the scene and got deeply involved in the Madeleine McCann case. It’s not easy, since like so many things about this case, much remains hidden and secret - deliberately so, as the McCann Team choose not to tell us, just as Dr Kate McCann chose not to answer the 48 questions put to her by the Portuguese Police, and just as the McCanns and their friends refused to take part in a reconstruction in Portugal of the events of 3 May 2007, the night Madeleine was reported missing.

The full article can be read here: PART 6: A true scandal? How Brian Kennedy and the McCanns may have deceived everyone about the search for Madeleine’s bones in the Arade Dam

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To view more articles about the McCanns scam and fraudulent fund:

Kate and Gerry McCann's scam detective agency is investigated

Arthur Cowley’s remote mountainside cottage on Halkyn Mountain, Flintshire, Wales: clearly not the HQ of a thriving detective agency,‘Alpha Investigations Group’ [photo: Tony Bennett]

The Madeleine Foundation’s recent article: ‘Leading the Hunt for Maddie: Dave Edgar, the Cheshire Detective’ (3), covers in more detail the deception by the McCann Team over a company described as ‘Alpha Investigations Group’, and I refer readers to that article.

It was on 2 May 2009 that the public were first informed of the appointment of retired detectives Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley to the McCann investigation team. Indications suggest that Edgar was quietly taken on by Brian Kennedy in November 2008, with Cowley added on weeks or perhaps months later. Crucially, both were to appear in a much-hyped documentary, featuring a so-called ‘reconstruction’ of events in Praia da Luz on 3 May 2007, the day Madeleine was reported missing. The documentary was made by Mentorn Films and was transmitted on 7 May 2007 by Channel 4. It was widely ridiculed as a ‘mockumentary’, since the programme contained no analysis but merely recycled the McCann Team’s version of events.

For example, it claimed that the person allegedly seen by Jane Tanner carrying a child at 9.15pm that evening was one and the same as a man seen by Martin Smith, and members of his family, carrying a child in a different part of Praia da Luz 40 minutes later. The idea that an abductor might have been walking around Praia da Luz carrying an abducted child in his arms was risible. The Channel 4 documentary also claimed that in each incident, the child was being carried ‘in exactly the same manner’. This was patently untrue. Jane Tanner claimed that the child she saw being carried was held by the man’s two arms. By contrast, Martin Smith explicitly said that Madeleine was being carried on the man’s shoulder. That was just one of a number of errors in this attempt by Channel 4 to imprint the McCann Team’s version of events on the public mind.

Returning to the subject of the two ex-Cheshire detectives, the publicity around them in May 2009 claimed that they worked for a well-established private investigation agency, allegedly called ‘Alpha Investigations Group’. It was suggested that Edgar, a retired Detective Inspector, and Cowley, a retired Detective Sergeant, ‘headed up’ this group. The McCann Team needed to ‘big up’ their new detectives.

This was all a deliberate deception, in which a close aide of Brian Kennedy played a part. There never was any detective agency called ‘Alpha Investigations Group’. Instead, what happened was that on 10 June 2009, over a month after all the press reports about the mythical ‘Alpha Investigations Group’, Arthur Cowley registered, in his sole name, a company called ‘ALPHAIG’, Company No. 06929397. Its registered office was: ‘Treetops’, Pant-y-Gof, HALKYN, Flintshire, CH8 8DH.

There was no mention of Dave Edgar being involved with the company. The company has no internet presence, doesn’t advertise in any way, employs no-one, and its accounts, submitted in 2010 to Companies House, show minimal assets and no evidence of trading. To put it bluntly, it is a sham company, and it seems beyond doubt that it was explicitly created to deceive the media and, in turn, the public. Added weight to this suggestion is provided by the revelation that on 12 January 2009, the domain name ‘’ was registered by Andrew Dickman, who is inextricably associated with Brian Kennedy’s own company, the Latium Group. Dickman’s very close business relationship with Brian Kennedy was covered in an article in the Manchester Evening News on 21 May 2007, which informed its readers about a boost for the Kennedy-owned property business, Patrick Properties, named after his son Patrick. The company, said the article, was ‘established in 2002 by Mr Kennedy and managing director Andrew Dickman…’
Why did a right-hand man of Kennedy (Andrew Dickman) register the domain name ‘ALPHAIG’? Why did this happen over a month after the McCann Team was falsely claiming there was an ‘Alpha Investigations group’? Why did Arthur Cowley register a sham company, ‘ALPHAIG’? I suggest that these were deliberate actions, designed to deceive the public into thinking that their willing and kind donations to the Find Madeleine Fund were being spent wisely on an effective and successful private detective agency. This claim was, however, false.

Madeleine Foundation submits evidence to the Scotland Yard Review Team

ANNOUNCEMENT by Tony Bennett, secretary of The Madeleine Foundation

Further to our preliminary exchange of correspondence with Scotland Yard Review Team about its terms of reference, remit etc., (Note 1 below) in which we were told verbally and in writing that the Review Team was starting with a blank sheet and would consider ANY evidence no matter where it led, we have today by Recorded Delivery letter sent a 32-page letter and a bundle of supporting evidence to the Review Team.

We do not propose to disclose its contents. The Review Team will no doubt assess it, and in any event publication of the letter would risk yet a further letter from Carter-Ruck.

I will just say a few things.

I have spoken to one of the team's Detective Inspectors. He has, in terms, told me the following:

* The exercise is primarily a kind of 'cold case review', looking at all the paper evidence

* He described the volume of paperwork involved in the whole exercise as 'massive' and it was made clear to me that it would take months more work to get on top of it all and make sense of it

* Following the announcement of the review, he said that the Review Team had received many more letters from 'all sorts of people' offering evidence and containing suggestions which 'has added to our workload'

* It was unlikely that many people would be directly interviewed by the Review Team

* This remained a Portuguese Police investigation and was not in any shape or form a 're-investigation' exercise at this stage

* He has given me two contact telephone numbers for the Review Team which I won't disclose. Messages for the Review Team may be left by dialling 101 and asking to speak to a 'Member of the Madeleine McCann Review Team' at Belgravia Police Station'.

I have disclosed to the D.I. and in our letter to D.C.I. Andy Redwood that we have received written evidence of interest from an insider within one of the Madeleine McCann private investigation teams - and invited D.C.I. Redwood or one of his detectives to contact us if he wants to follow this up.

I will just disclose one paragraph from our letter to D.C.I. Redwood:

I know that we can expect the Metropolitan Police to approach the evidence in this case robustly, fearlessly and without favour, and no doubt if this is what happens, along with you and your team following recommended police policy guidelines and procedures, the eventual report will be career-enhancing for all those involved in this review. It only remains for us at this stage to wish you every possible success in uncovering just how Madeleine McCann disappeared and who was responsible.

It will not be a surprise to anyone that our letter and accompanying file of evidence to the Review Team deals contains in considerable detail an analysis of various contradictions, changes of statements and 'backfitting' as between and amongst the McCanns and their 'Tapas 9' friends, which we say is relevant circumstantial evidence.

The latest letter from Carter-Ruck to us insists that there is 'no credible evidence' that the McCanns have lied, or that Madeleine died in their apartment, or that they have covered up anything. It is because of their insistence that there is no such credible evidence that I now face contempt of court proceedings.

It is however worth bringing to mind the report of Britain's top criminal profiler in the National Policing Improvement Agency, Lee Rainbow, who in July 2007 wrote the following:

“Madeleine's father was the last one to see her alive. The family is a lead that should be followed. Contradictions in Gerald McCann's statements might lead us to suspect a homicide”.

Lee Rainbow's report also features in our letter to D.C.I. Redwood.

I would once again urge anyone with relevant evidence to write to D.C.I. Redwood.

DCI Andy Redwood
SCD1 - Homicide and Serious Crime Command
Room 3.30, 1st Floor
Belgravia Police Station
202-206 Buckingham Palace Road

Note 1: The Madeleine Foundation is still of course awaiting official responses from the Metropolitan Police to our Freedom of Information Act questions about the Scotland Yard Review Team and its precise remit

Posted on our forum here

Gonçalo Amaral: A message of hope for Maddie McCann

Gonçalo Amaral: "The investigation will be concluded, it will be reopened and it will be taken to an end; and justice will be made, that is all that we want."

The complete interview and transcript can be seen on Joana Morais' blog

Kate and Gerry McCann don't want Britain to read Criminal Profiler Pat Brown's book

Pat Brown's interview on Jim Bohannon Show August 2 2011, regarding the banning of her book by NHS doctors, prime suspects in the concealment of their own daughter's body, Kate and Gerry McCann.

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Pat's book is now being sold online at Barnes and Noble

Kate and Gerry McCann, prime suspects in their daughter's disappearance, continue to use Carter Ruck to silence those who seek the truth

Posted by Tony Bennett, Secretary of the Madeleine Foundation

This is to inform you all that at 3.35pm this afternoon I collected a large package from my nearest local Royal Mail Sorting Office which they had said on a delivery card was 'a white bag' and they had been unable to deliver whilst I was away on holiday and because it was 'too large for my letter box.

I was able to collect it this afternoon, not knowing what it was.

The lady at the sorting office (she's a Cockney) said as she lugged the package slowly towards me: "Blimey, it's a good job that didn't fall off on to me 'ed".

On reaching home later on I weighed it on my bathroo mscales and it was nearly a stone in weight.

On opening the package, there was a 5-page letter from Carrer-Ruck alleging basically that articles on the MF website, MR leaflets, and around four dozen items on this forum constituted a breach of ONE of the High Court undertakings given by me to the McCanns on 25 November 2009.

The specific undertaking they say I breached was "not to repeat allegations that the Claimants are guilty of, or are to be suspected of, causing the death of their daughter; and/or disposing of her body; and/or lying about what happeend and/or seeking to cover up what they had done".

I have been asked to remove a total of 22 articles from the MF website, and amend or cut two others.

So far as this forum is concerned, I have been asked to remove 42 of my postings, I give a full list of what the McCanns want removed below. I am urgently discussing with admin the removal of those posts from public view and so at any time these may disappear.

Incidentally the removal of all the posts and articles that the McCanns want removed will not necessarily stop the McCanns from bringing contempt of court proceedings, which would be brought before a High Court Judge. If found guilty of contempt, the three main remedies are: fine, seizure of assets, and imprisonment.

It may be noted that I have to date made 3,501 posts on here, and only 42 are deemed by the McCanns to be in contempt, that's less than 1.2%. The other 3,459 are presumably not regarded as being in contempt.

I have endeavoured since 25 November 2009 to stick closley to the facts and what may be deduced from, rather than finger-pointing and accusing - based on the legal advice I received at the time.

I can't publish the Carter-Ruck letter here (for technical reasons), but I can publish my reply to them, send just after 5pm today:

The removed material can be seen here for the next few days

Carter-Ruck to sue everyone

Evidence found in the McCanns apartment and hire car that Maddie is dead and the McCann's have faked her abduction and set up a fraudulent fund



By Dr Martin Roberts
04 August 2011


The McCanns may have been playing four-ball with us down by the sea-side in Portugal, but they'll need more than a sand wedge to dig themselves out of this.

Remember that trip to the beach on Tuesday 1 May - the one that didn't last too long because the weather was unkind and Madeleine preferred to be with her Mini Club playmates? And how the McCanns took the children back to their separate crèches for the last hour and a half, yet somehow managed to sign them in over an hour beforehand? Well it turns out they did something even more remarkable. They seem to have left Madeleine all on her own at the creche. (Some holiday!).

Although Madeleine was not signed out at the end of the day, her brother and sister were - at 5.20 p.m. We are at liberty to infer therefore that, collectively, their last hour and a half began at around 3.45 p.m., despite all three children having been signed in, apparently, at 2.30 p.m. that afternoon. Clerical error on the part of both parents no doubt.

Now here's the weird bit.

Mark Warner Nanny, Catriona Baker, gave a statement to the PJ on 10 May 2007, during which she told them that the only days they took the children to the beach were Tuesday afternoon (1 May 2007) between 15:30 and 16:30, on Wednesday (the next day) at the same time and on Thursday between 10 and 11 o'clock. (04-Processos, volume IV . Pgs. 870 to 873). She says nothing about any of the trips having been delayed or cancelled.

Which means the McCanns, having decided to take their children to the beach that afternoon for a change, delivered Madeleine back to an empty creche for the last hour and a half (commencing 3.45 p.m. approx.). Cat Baker will have left at least fifteen minutes earlier - for the beach. And the beach being no more than fifteen minutes walk away, the 'lobsters' should already have arrived on the sand before the McCanns had even set off for the creche. Did the two groups pass each other en route? Did the McCanns simply hand over the children there and then? 'Hi Cat! You can take over now. We'll just nip back and sign the registers an hour ago!'

Oh well. An account of the truth that contains only one lie can't be all bad can it? Unfortunately even one lie is one lie too many. And this one concerns a period of time over 48 hours before Madeleine is said to have been 'taken.' It's like having your car stolen on Wednesday and lying to police about where you drove to at the weekend.

There can be little doubt now that the McCanns have as many teeth in their respective mouths as Clarence Mitchell has in his.
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Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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