Leicestershire Police Acting Deputy Chief Constable suspended for gross misconduct and fraud

A deputy chief constable along with 2 more police officers are under suspension due to accusations of gross misconduct as well as fraud.

Acting Deputy Chief Constable Gordon Fraser began work in the position in Leicestershire during January. He had previously been working for the West Midlands police for twenty two years. Two additional West Midlands police officers have also been suspended,however they have not yet been identified. These suspensions are all reported to be in relation to the officers’ business dealings.

Leicestershire Police issued a statement to confirm that Mr Fraser’s has been suspended from duty. A spokesman said that this continues on after allegations that were received with regards to business interests linked to Mr Fraser. He went on to say that it is currently a continuing investigation and for that reason additional details may not be provided at the moment.

Details of he situation have been forwarded to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and they advised that it should be investigated by digfferent police force.

Merseyside Police have said that they are carrying out the inquiry, and they have confirm that Chief Constable Jon Murphy is currently carrying out an investigation regarding an officer from the Leicestershire Constabulary, 2 officers from the West Midlands Police force and also a member of the public, subsequent to allegations associated with gross misconduct as well as fraud.

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