Voice for Madeleine McCann

Kate McCann said she is in the process of writing a book to give an account of the truth of what happened to Madeleine. She claims a book deal has already been signed, even though just last week they were asking for donations to their Fund because the money will run out by next Spring. I wonder if the McCanns mentioned this book deal when they wrote to David Beckham et al asking them for money?

Presumably that means Kate did not tell the truth to the Portuguese police if she now intends to give an account of the truth in the book. Presumably she and Gerry and the Tapas 7 did not tell the truth in their Channel 4 documentary "Madeleine was here"? Presumably their government-appointed highly paid spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, has been lying also.

The McCanns recently set up a petition for a review of Maddie's investigation which attracted over 30,000 signatures. The McCanns were in Portugal last week but don't seem to have requested the reopening of the investigation, as is their right. Why won't she just go to Portugal and tell this truth to the police? Why won't she answer the 48 questions and take part in an official reconstruction?

Anyway, Joana Morais has details of a real petition on her site to get this investigation reopened. It will be interesting to see if Kate and Gerry McCann and their 30,000+ supporters sign it.
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