'Madeleine may never be found,' admits Kate McCann as she reveals appeal fund will run dry within months

By Vanessa Allen

Madeleine McCann’s mother yesterday admitted she ‘had to face up to the fact’ that her missing daughter may never be found.

The 42-year-old spoke out as she and her husband Gerry revealed that their appeal fund will run dry by early 2012.

Kate McCann said: ‘When the money runs out we will not be able to pay the investigators helping us to find Madeleine, It will be just me and Gerry left looking for her. I just can’t contemplate that.’

She added: ‘I have to face the fact that we may never find her.’ But she added: ‘If no one apart from us is looking, then so be it.’

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Quote from Gonçalo Amaral: "I remind you that they “demanded” the archiving of the process, in 2008, when they were arguidos, merely to defend their image. They are not interested in the reopening of the process or of the investigation"

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