Amazon fight back: 'Madeleine' book by Kate and Gerry McCann linked to celebrity child neglect

click images to see how Amazon are linking the McCanns to celebrity child neglect

Despite the McCanns having one of the best known publishers for their "account of the truth" they are now advertising their yet-to-be-completed book on Amazon

While you're waiting to read "an account" of Kate's truth (which is obviously different to the 'account of truth' she told the Portuguese police, otherwise why write a book?) you might want to take a look at these other 'Madeleine' books.

Gonçalo Amaral's book based on the findings of the official police investigation which concluded that Madeleine died in the McCann's apartment and her body was concealed.

Maddie Case Files based on the official police files released into public domain

This was Madeleine's favourite book which was torn and used to write down Kate and Gerry's timeline before the police arrived.

This is one of the books found in the McCanns holiday apartment

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