Killer doctors working in our NHS - incredible or commonplace?

By Sam Greenhill
Last updated at 7:59 AM on 13th November 2010

A foreign doctor has been working in Britain despite a conviction for killing a patient in Spain.

Dr Marcos Ariel Hourmann was hired by two NHS ­hospitals while awaiting a murder trial.

Incredibly, even when he was found guilty of manslaughter, he was treating patients as a surgeon for a British police force, apparently earning £10,000 a month.

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A British doctor is working in Britain despite being a prime suspect in the death and concealment of his own three-year-old daughter in Portugal.

Dr Gerry McCann is hired by at least one NHS ­hospital while awaiting the re-opening of his daughter's investigation, which he seems extremely reluctant to do despite recently creating an online petition as a PR stunt.

Incredibly, even when Dr Gerry McCann was made arguido, he was still treating patients at Glenfield hospital as shown in the photo above.

A British doctor is working in Britain despite being suspected of paedophilia.

Dr David Payne is hired by at least one NHS hospital while still being under suspicion of paedophilia.

Incredibly, Dr David Payne and his friends were paid £375,000 for their part in the neglect that led to the disappearance of Maddie McCann.

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