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12 Nov 2010

Doctors notes

Cooperman, when announced to the world, was originally a man the McCanns and their private detectives wanted to eliminate from their enquiries. Cooperman they said was probably just an innocent tourist, perhaps one that had been misunderstood by those that encountered him. The News of the World stated Cooperman had committed no crime, even though in the next breathe the News of the World insisted Cooperman fitted the description given by Jane Tanner of Madeleine's abductor. That was simply a small detail and wasn't about to stop those that would have a definitive perpetrator to fit the crime of the abduction of Madeleine.

Cooperman was announced in 2008 but he had been in the works for some time. To see where the conception of Cooperman took place one has to look back to May 2007 and to one of the first reports made to Leicestershire Police by a tourist who had stayed at the Ocean Club in the days prior to the McCann’s visit. Amanda Mills is the key witness in the Cooperman saga and if the early news reports are taken in some sort of rough chronological order Amanda Mills lays claim to be the first 'independent' witness to Cooperman, apart that is from Gail Cooper herself.

Amanda Mills was reported both on the 8th and the 9th of May telling police of the presence of a man in Luz near to Maddies apartment. Amanda claims she reported her sighting as soon as she read of the reports of the "abduction” in the papers. This is a little odd in itself as one of the most memorable media events of 2007 unfurled primarily through the medium of TV and not the written word. It was the wall to wall coverage of the BBC from Luz with Jane Hill and the other newscasters shipped out, that most sticks. GMTV's early morning reports catered for the immediacy of the audience's working day. Before the daily paper lands on the mat or is bought on the way to work there is always the 24hrs rolling news. It was this medium almost exclusively that was so ruthlessly exploited by the McCanns in those first hours and not the daily papers. The TV made it happen for the McCanns and it was next left to the dailies to then report that fact.

Gerry McCann’s first phone call on the night of the 3rd of May was to Dr Alastair Clark, a doctor in political manipulation, a friend of Gerry's and a confidant of Gordon Brown. Gerry’s phone call to Clark worked was as precisely as a guided missile. This call was the one single phone call that gave the McCann story wings and with those wings it flew straight into the early morning news bulletins. These were very ones being watched in the living rooms of millions of cereal crunching Brits on the morning of May the 4th 2007. There is not much on the net about Clark, like a lot of men who have access in the highest of places there is a dearth of personal details, even professional attributes are scarce and well pruned. All that can easily be established is that Clark is a doctor and a lecturer in how to govern and manage in both ideas and people. These are skills any politician must covert. This inevitably makes Clark a popular man with those in power, whoever they are.

Clark is a leader in his chosen sphere and it is no surprise to see the distinguished Clark distinguishing himself in the field of politics and man management in various notable ways. The winning of prizes is one of those ways. Society confers 'worth' upon an individuals work in their field by this mechanism and Clark has won his share of prizes.One of the most coveted of prizes for political animals is one awarded annually by the Political Studies Association. The PSA is a trade body of people who like to think they are the power behind the British political throne. Given the idiotic tabloid nature of the British publics apparent simplistic appetite for spin, skew and stupidity in political life they are probably right to believe they are the masters of all our destinies.

This is Clark's biog from the Queens University Belfast website. Here Dr Clark lists just one prize. The prize he values most was awarded to him in 2007 by the Political Studies Association. The prize is the Arthur McDougall Prize. It is a new prize, it has only been awarded for the past 7 or 8 years, but it is a very very prestigious and noteworthy prize. The Doctor shows off his prize as he should. This prize has pride of place.

The PSA website for the awarding authority shows the Doctor did not receive their award in 2007.The site lists the winner in 2007 as Nicholas (Nick) Cheeseman of Jesus College Oxford as the winner in 2007. Doctor Clark won the award all right but not in 2007. Clark won the award in 2006 and not as shown on the Doctor's university biog in 2007. A simple mistake you might think and one Doctor Clark will probably correct, or might have already corrected even before you read this article.

2007 was a momentous year for Doctor Clark, a year to remember. It is to be hoped Doctor Clark now makes a more honest effort to remember that 2006 was the year in which he excelled in his field, and 2007 was the year he did something quite else.

End of Part One

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

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