BBC's Simon Hare and his failure to produce a fair and balanced programme about The Madeleine Foundation

By Tony Bennett, secretary of the Madeleine Foundation

6th Madeleine Foundation Conference - Shropshire - Summary Report

The following criticisms of Simon Hare and the programme he had put together were made:

*In the opening sequence, an impression was given to the viewer that by asking Simon Hare to meet with a member at the Nottingham Gateway Hotel, we somehow misled Simon Hare into thinking we had booked our conference there. This appeared to be a very deliberate misrepresentation. After he had asked for permission to attend the conference, we had clearly told him that we were meeting ‘at a community centre in Nottingham’. We had told him to meet at the Gateway Hotel and told him we would take him to ‘a nearby venue’. We had been absolutely straight about that, explaining that we did not disclose the venues in advance to anyone who had not registered, explaining that McCann-supporters had in the past openly threatened to disrupt proceedings. The accompanying background music to the clips of Nuthall Parish Hall was also designed to create a misleading impression of mystery.

* Simon Hare claimed that after leaving the Madeleine Foundation conference he was ‘still no nearer to understanding what the Madeleine Foundation was all about’. This was disingenuous at best. By that time, he had been able to read our entire website and had listened by invitation to a robust discussion by 19 members and supporters of what might have happened to Madeleine McCann.

* Simon Hare had promised in writing that as part of his obligation to produce a fair programme, he would ensure that viewers were told that the ban on Goncalo Amaral’s book being sold had been lifted on 19 October. That promise had been broken. Not only that, but in a trailer for the film he had described Goncalo Amaral as ‘discredited’

* The express purpose of The Madeleine Foundation handing in a petition to 10 Downing Street, and letters at the Home Office and Ministry of Justice, was to press the government to hold a full public enquiry, with the power to summon witnesses, into all aspects of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Simon Hare did not even mention this, despite promising in writing that he would make a ‘full and fair’ programme about our work.

* The arguments that we gave during interviews as to why we considered that the McCanns had questions to answer, e.g. the cadaver dog’s alerts, the McCanns’ reactions to the cadaver dog’s alerts, and the long list of discrepancies and changes of story, were all left on the cutting room floor and never made the film. Instead, Simon Hare dismissed the all the circumstantial and other evidence that Madeleine had died in the McCanns’ apartment as ‘discredited’. In short, the film did not allow us to make our case.

* The sequence of an MF member hiding behind a lamp-post was a breach of trust. The member concerned had specifically stated that she did not wish to be filmed and Simon Hare had agreed in writing to that, having been told that many MF members and supporters feared repercussions if they made public their questioning of the McCanns’ abduction claim.

* The playing of the song: ‘I don’t care what the people may say’ was cut into the film to convey a subtle, but inaccurate, message.

* The statement of Debbie Butler about what happened on the day of leafleting in Leicestershire on 12 August 2009 was false in several respects, and, again contrary to specific promises, was not put to the other three participants in the leafleting that day, namely Tony Bennett, Grenville Green and Helene Davies- Green. The following statements by Ms Butler were wholly untrue:

(i)] that she was ‘instructed’ to do anything that day

(ii)] that it was known in advance that the Restaurant and Tea Rooms in Mountsorrel was a place Dr Kate McCann had once visited with Madeleine

(iii) that any of us distributed leaflets there that day

(iv) that she was ‘instructed’ to leaflet the McCanns’ road. The Crescent

(v) that she only did so because Helene’s legs ‘turned to jelly’.

* Moreover, the other three had given to Simon Hare their account of the day’s events and none of those were used.

* During the making of the programme, Simon Hare had been given chapter and verse about Ms Butler’s malicious claim of fraud against Tony Bennett and full particulars of her repeated false claims to have walked across Spain in the summer heat, making it as plain as could be that her word on anything could simply not be trusted. Moreover, Simon Hare had given his promise that because of these concerns he would not be interviewing Debbie Butler for the programme.

* The longest clip shown of the Bristol leafleting was of a group of students challenging Tony Bennett. Other sequences showing Tony chatting to passers-by who were in full support of our campaign and asking to take away more leaflets to hand to others were clearly left on the cutting-room floor.

* No reference whatsoever was made to the in-depth articles on our website, e.g. about the contradictions, about the private investigators, about the Fund, about Robert Murat, about the trials of Goncalo Amaral, about Marcos Aragao Correia, etc., yet these form the core of our work, and the BBC promised a ‘full’ look at the work of The Madeleine Foundation.

* During the filming of Grenville Green, Simon Hare asked to film him running a Union Jack up the flagpole in his garden. He asked Simon Hare: “What do you want to do that for?” and refused.

These were not the only points of concern raised about the film. At stake had been the reputation of the BBC for fairness, integrity and honesty. What action we take to raise these concerns formally with the BBC has not yet been resolved.

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Thoughts on BBC Inside Out and the Madeleine Foundation

Many thanks to Sasha from Little Morsals:

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. - Edith Wharton

Although I’m not a member of the Madeleine Foundation, I did attend the meeting in Nuthall as a supporter ...a supporter in as much that I lean towards the possible death of Madeleine in apartment 5a. For me personally, the abduction scenario just doesn’t fit.

The Nuthall meeting was the first I had attended and naturally I had no idea what to expect. I knew I would be meeting like-minded people to discuss the case and chew over various ideas but that was about it. I also knew, as all attending members/supporters did, that BBC journalist Simon Hare would be there on Sunday afternoon. This nearly put me off from attending until I learned there would be no cameras present.

I attended Saturday’s venue and was pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the people, feeling as though I’d known them for years and quickly settled in. I listened to the debates, suggestions and ideas and was quietly impressed with the in-depth knowledge of most. There was no nastiness or name calling. The McCann name was never at any time mocked in anyway. The whole reason for gathering together was to brainstorm the information each person had collected.

Sunday morning was very much the same, but things changed on the afternoon when Simon Hare arrived. Although Simon seemed a genuinely nice person (I must say that there’s no doubt he is a very likeable person), no one likes the feeling that there may be a spy in the camp.... consequently, the brainstorming minimised and people were careful on what they said. The outcome was a rather splintered discussion compared to Saturday and the morning of Sunday.

So, I can understand when Simon said at the beginning of the documentary that: “But at the moment I still don’t feel I’m any nearer to understanding exactly what the Madeleine Foundation is about.” However, as he spent subsequent months in the presence of Tony Bennett, Grenville and Helene Green, I have no doubt that he is fully aware what the Madeleine Foundation is about, yet nowhere during the 16 minute documentary did he correct his original statement.

His apparent on- the-spot interviews with the general public comes into question too. It seems he only aired the negative comments rather than doing a professional job of airing both sides to the argument, which is of course, is one of the objectives of professional journalism. Were these carefully selected people or did Simon simply decide that anyone who spoke in favour of the Madeleine Foundation would be left on the cutting room floor? And why did he include a group of children who are not old enough for life experience let alone to make an informed decision? Choose anyone who is spoon fed by the mainstream media who hasn’t so much as begun to investigate the case and you will hear parrot fashion responses. Goodness, it was on the News so it must be true!

Another psychological move was to show Helene Davies-Green with the now infamous Sun article calling her and the Madeleine Foundation ‘Sicko’ ... this was quickly followed with a clip of Grenville Green in Portugal supporting Mr Amaral’s Freedom of Speech. I’m not quite sure why it was spliced this way but in case there is any confusion between the meanings of the two clips: Name-calling and freedom of speech is not the same thing. I have never heard any of the Madeleine Foundation members lower themselves to such levels as the Sun had done.

To my mind the documentary appears to discredit the Madeline Foundation, albeit in an almost friendly manner. But to be fair, I’m sure if the ‘Inside Out’ team wanted, they could have portrayed the Foundation in a worse light, especially considering previous press coverage that's been levied against them. So on that point, Simon and his 'Inside Out' team should be congratulated for not turning the documentary into a complete anti-Madeleine Foundation campaign.

On a lighter note, I did quite like the filming of Helene in the kitchen preparing wild mushrooms and of Grenville tinkering with his now infamous motorbike – ordinary people going about their lives, yet sharing one thing in common with the fast growing public concern that something is not quite right with the abduction scenario.

But back to the documentary....

The Madeleine Foundation isn’t a huge organisation which shows itself off in places such as expensive hotels which brag conference rooms the size of football fields – that can be saved for the likes of corporate investors and others who may feel the need to impress – The Madeleine Foundation, rightly so too in my personal opinion, choose to hold their meetings in more friendly surroundings where buffets are laid on by the members. Had it been any other way then I for one would feel most uncomfortable. Simon Hare may have expected the hotel (where he met Tony Bennett before being brought to the village hall) to be the meeting place for the Madeleine Foundation but then that does show the mindset of someone who is probably used to a more exaggerated offence intended to Simon Hare.

Another point to make is that Kate and Gerry McCann are not looking for the case to be reopened as stated by Simon Hare; they are merely looking for a review. The two are very different things with very different meanings.

I seem to have the feeling that the documentary was a prelude to something much bigger on the horizon, mostly because it never really concluded anything. In fact it was so disjointed in places it leaves the viewer wondering what the purpose of the documentary was, especially as ‘Inside Out’ bragged they intended to find out what the Madeleine Foundation is all about...when finding out was the last thing they seemed interested in and something the documentary did not seem to accomplish regardless of the amount of time spent with the main members. the ‘Inside Out’ team seem unable to comprehend what the Madeleine Foundation is all about, please allow me to fill in the gap:

Considering Kate and Gerry McCann have a vested interest in making the public believe their abduction scenario it is understandable that the Foundation (and many others outside of the Madeleine Foundation for that matter) should put aside their word of what they say happened (as I have mentioned several times in other articles, it is ONLY the McCann couple who have suggested and pursued this route. The police have not.) For this reason the Madeleine Foundation use the official police files as their guideline which – incidentally – does not contain any evidence to suggest there was ever an intruder in the family holiday apartment in Praia da Luz. So, in the belief that Madeleine may have died in apartment 5a, their sole objective is to try and uncover what really happened to Madeleine McCann in May 2007.

It’s as simple as that.


Discussion on BBC Programme re MF - Inside Out 7.30 pm 22/11/10

BBC film on The Madeleine Foundation to be aired Monday 22 November, 7.30pm

The 100+ questions deleted from the Sunday Express comments section

The 100+ questions deleted from the Sunday Express comments section, 22 November 2010

"Have Your Say" no longer available
With thanks to A. Miller for allowing reproduction here
Posted: 21 November 2010, removed: 22 November 2010

These questions were originally posted within the Sunday Express' "Have Your Say" comments section which accompanied the article, 'Kate and Gerry McCann get help from JK Rowling', published 21 November 2010. These comments, along with all other comments, were removed at around 09:50am the following morning.

This was not a pre-scripted list, it flowed as thoughts emerged, and needs to be read in that context. Whilst the author has kindly allowed me to make amendments, I have decided to keep it as originally posted as any amendments by me would destroy the spontaneity and emotion of the original.

1. Will Kate McCann in her book tell us why she left her three children, a three year old and two, two year olds alone in a dark unlocked apartment in a country foreign to them?

This she did for 5 consecutive nights!

2. Will Kate McCann tell us why, despite being told by her three year old daughter on the morning of the day she was reported missing, that she and her baby brother had been awake, afraid and crying the previous evening, crying because mummy and daddy had left them once again – why she or her husband Gerry did not stay and look after the children but, decided it was BEST to leave them once more in an unlocked apartment?

3. Will Kate McCann tell us why she discussed this at the dinner table with friends, telling them that she left the door open for Madeleine to wander into the night in her bare feet and pyjamas to look for mummy and daddy in the pub?

4. Will Kate McCann tell us why knowing her three babies had cried for her, knowing she had left them alone again, knowing she had left the door unlocked, that she sat in the pub for over 90 minutes and DID NOT go and check on her children?

5. Will Kate McCann tell us why when she arrived at the apartment she, and I quote – 'wasn't going to bother to look in the bedroom to do a visual check' of her children?

6. Will Kate McCann tell us why when she noticed the bedroom door more open, curious she walked towards it, but STILL did not look inside to see if her children were okay, she simply closed it over?

7. Will Kate McCann tell us why in their original police statements it is said that both she and Gerry, her husband entered the apartment by the locked front door USING THEIR KEY?

8. Will Kate McCann tell us why she told the world that the bedroom window was open and the shuttered jemmied open when she arrived at the apartment, when this was NOT the truth and her highly paid spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, ex Labour Party Media Monitor had to retract this very statement?

9. Will Kate McCann tell us why they then changed their story of the window and shutter being jemmied open – the route she stated the abductor had used (forensics proved that no one had gone through this window either in or out) to there now being an unlocked patio door, which then conveniently became the means of entry for an alleged intruder?

10. Will Kate McCann tell us why she immediately before searching for her child, before raising the alarm to her friends, before contacting the police, knew that her daughter had been abducted? She had left the patio door unlocked she stated for the child to leave the apartment in the cold dark night to look for her and Gerry McCann in the pub. Why would she not have considered that this is what the child might have done? Done what her parents expected of her!

11. Will Kate McCann tell us why she later stated that Madeleine would never leave her toddler twin brother and sister on their own, therefore would NOT have left the apartment?

12. Will Kate McCann tell us why when her daughter told her that she had been awake and crying because mummy and daddy were not there to care for and comfort her, that she and Gerry began thinking when this might have been, I quote "was it maybe when we were bathing them that they had cried?" Bathing them that is before leaving them!

Mrs Kate McCann and Mr. Gerry McCann stated the above in televised interview. Such a ridiculous answer to the question put to them. Quite clearly the child had asked of her parents – why had they not come when she and her baby brother had cried for them?

13. Will Kate McCann tell us why her friend who supposedly saw a man carrying off their daughter at around 9:15 pm did not tell them of this until the early hours of the next morning?

14. Will Kate McCann tell us why this same friend did not notice the open window at this time?

15. Will Kate McCann tell us why she allowed a man whom her children did not know, a man who said he did not know the McCann children into her apartment that night to check on her children?

If the children were awake and distressed as they were on the previous night when alone, the sight of this man would terrify them half to death. Was this man to then return to the pub leaving the children in a more distressed condition and tell the parents they were awake and crying?

16. Will Kate McCann tell us why when no one within that group of parents checked on each other’s children throughout that week, that this one night they allowed the one person in the group who stated he did not know the children to do so?

17. Will Kate McCann tell us why, if the window and shutter were not jemmied open and NOT open at 9:30/9:40 ish when this man checked on her children how it came to be open when she checked 20 minutes later?

18. Will Kate McCann tell us why police forensics found ONLY her fingerprints on this window area?

19. Will Kate McCann tell us why she believes the alleged abductor opened this window, not as his means of entry/exit (that was her original story) but as a 'red herring?' This she states on the McCann Website!

20. Will Kate McCann tell us – if the abductor opened this window and jemmied the shutter(as a red herring) and was seen carrying off the child (in the McCann abduction theory) at 9:10/9:15, how did it come to be closed when the man from their party – Matt Oldfield did a check of the McCann apartment at 9:30/9:40? And open again when she arrived at 10’ish?

21. Will Kate McCann tell us how this possibly could be?

22. Will Kate McCann tell us in light of this crucial information (that the window was closed at 9:35/9:40) how it is that she will not accept that her daughter could possibly have been removed from the apartment after the time of the check by Matt Oldfield and the time she arrived at 10:00 pm?

Matt Oldfield said he glanced in the McCann children's bedroom but did not bother to look and see if Madeleine was in her bed.

The window and shutter being intact at this time clearly indicates that if someone was seen at 9:15 carrying off the child, then it was NOT this person who opened the window and shutter!

That window and shutter were opened after 9:40 and 10:00 pm Kate McCann’s check. Only her fingerprints were found on the window area!

This shuttered window (shutters that are not able to be opened from the outside – that is their purpose – security) was beside the front locked door, and one had to pass right alongside it to get to the front door.

23. Will Kate McCann tell us why on her check of the children – when she entered the apartment by the front locked door, passing the shuttered window (as was the original version given to police) that she failed to notice that the shutter was almost fully up and the window open as far as was possible?


24. Will Kate McCann tell us why the sighting of a man by an Irish family, the name of Smith, four adults, who saw a man carrying a blonde child in pyjamas, was not followed up with purpose?

25. Will Kate McCann tell us what she thinks of the fact that one of the Smith family members is sure that the man he saw carrying the child was GERRY McCann?

26. Will Kate McCann tell us why she told police that Madeleine's pyjamas had a tea stain on them on the morning of the 3rd May 2007 and that she had had to wash this stain out? She did not know how the stain came to be on the pyjamas as it was a dried stain, aged. She had not noticed this when she put her to bed the previous evening and at that time she had only given the child milk to drink. What was her reason for bringing this up?

Did Madeleine attempt to make tea in the absence of her parents on the night of the 2nd? Did she do so again on the night of the 3rd and was injured? What is the significance of mentioning a tea stain?

27. Will Kate McCann tell us why she asked Madeleine at teatime on the night she vanished, if she was upset at not having been asked to the beach with all of the other families in their group that day?

A cruel thing for a mother to do!

28. Will she tell us why she asked this of her daughter when it was not true? The McCann's had been asked to join the others, but declined!

29. Will Kate tell us why their versions of events change quite dramatically from one televised interview to another?

30. Will Kate McCann tell us why she did not answer the questions put to her by police, hindering the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter?

31. Will Kate McCann tell us why she accepted that her friends felt to take part in a criminal reconstruction of events of the evening her daughter disappeared as requested by police, was a pointless exercise and refused to do so?

One friend said it would be too emotional – outrageous!

The McCann's believe their daughter is alive, most likely with paedophiles, and yet they all felt to assist police was pointless and would be too emotional.

Let us hope the wee girl understands their distress if she is ever found alive and rescued from the years of torture at the hands of the paedophiles!

32. Will Kate McCann tell us in what way the book by Goncalo Amaral, the ex police officer who has much experience a skilled and respected officer during his time with the Portuguese police, and who reported in his book the findings of the police investigation, will she tell us how that has hindered the McCann private investigation? Will she give us specific examples of this?

33. Will Kate McCann tell us why they have disrespected the ruling of the Court in Portugal and have refused to return to Goncalo Amaral the books belonging to him?

34. Will Kate McCann tell us if she and her husband are holding on to 'The Truth of the Lie' by Goncalo Amaral as they fear it being published in the UK?

35. Will Kate McCann tell us whether it is the case or not that they want their book published in the UK before Goncalo Amaral's – which is the account of the police investigation?

36. Will Kate McCann tell us why there is an online petition for a review of the case of missing Madeleine, when she knows that this will hold no water with either Government, Portugal or UK in helping along any review?

Theresa May has made this quite clear, that the crimes against this child Madeleine McCann – abandonment and whatever else, where committed in Portugal and only the Portuguese have jurisdiction! Ann Widdecombe also wrote a piece on this!

37. Will Kate McCann tell us why they are waiting for the petition to reach 100,000 signatures before taking it to..? They know perfectly well that it is of no use!

38. Will Kate McCann tell us why on the steps of the Lisbon Court they claimed that the Portuguese police had information marked as irrelevant re missing Madeleine which contained important leads and new sightings of the child, information which was passed to them in January 2010 yet they stated on televised interview but two weeks ago that their private investigation has come up with nothing? Gerry McCann stated they have no leads at all!

39. What happened to this information, did they check it out and realise that the Portuguese police had indeed done their job?

40. Will Kate McCann tell us why it is, for the umpteenth time since their daughter disappeared that they have made claims that their Fund is running low (usually standing around £300,00 - £500,000 at these times) and that this phenomenal amount of money is not enough to search for their daughter!

41. Will Kate McCann tell us why on televised interview two weeks ago that the McCann's once again made these claims, appealing for money from the public, when at that time they the McCann's had secured a book deal and had been given an advance payment in this regard, that 600,000 words of the book were already on paper?

42. Will Kate McCann tell us why they mislead the public in this respect?

43. Will Kate McCann tell us why it is that they continually in interview state that no one is looking for Madeleine with the exception of her and Gerry and a £multi million Fund donated by the public, and imply that the Portuguese police have abandoned them?

Kate and Gerry McCann, before this case was shelved, did have the opportunity to request that it remain open. They allowed the deadline date to pass.

Kate and Gerry McCann, as do the rest of the world, realise that no investigation be it murder or missing persons remains open indefinitely when there is no new information or leads. Investigations throughout the world are shelved until such times as new credible and relevant information comes to light.

44. Will Kate McCann tell us why she insists on their portrayal of the abandoned parents, abandoned by the police both here in the UK and in Portugal when this is not the case at all?

Why would these parents do this, for sympathy, for donations to their Fund?

45. Will Kate McCann tell us why she and husband Gerry will not go to Portugal request the RE-OPENING of this case – (not merely a review – which has in fact been done before) and co-operate with the Portuguese authorities in taking part in a criminal reconstruction, along with their friends, and also answering any questions put to them this time around?

They both know that this would go a long way to having this case re-opened?

46. Will Kate McCann tell us if the Private Detective Dave Edgar,ex police British Police Officer, has any ideas of his own regarding how Madeleine came to be missing, or as their employee is he simply going through the motions, going along with them, agreeing with their theory on abduction, the time it took place etc?

It would seem odd for a detective to agree entirely with them, when you consider the fact that there is NOT one shred of evidence that abduction took place, and the many versions of events told by the couple both in their police statements and on televised interview. More importantly, it would not be in keeping with the police files detailing the findings of the Portuguese police, which do NOT point to abduction?

Does he and all of the many PI's before him, simply pick up their pay cheque and not ask questions?

Two and a half years he has been employed by them and he has come up with nothing at all!

47. Will Kate McCann tell us why this private detective Dave Edgar said in press conference that Jane Tanner their friend who supposedly saw a man carrying off Madeleine at 9:15 pm (while her daddy Gerry stood on the street and the guy walked more or less right by him) may not have seen a man but a WOMAN?

48. Will Kate McCann tell us why this detective has reached the conclusion that Madeleine is in a lair in PDL wilderness, yet they have not used any of the £millions in the Fund to search here?

49. Will Kate McCann tell us if the £300,000 left in the pot, plus the advance from the book deal will be ploughed into doing just that, searching this area?

50. Will Kate McCann tell us why if their private investigator believes this is where Madeleine is being held, that they stated on televised interview that they had NO LEADS at all?

51. Will Kate McCann tell us why in their documentary, self made, that Gerry McCann enters the apartment on his check of his children, using the front locked door (which ties in with his FIRST police statement) yet he changed this story to having entered by the unlocked patio door?

52. Will Kate McCann tell us why their documentary was littered with items which do not tie in with their police statements and other televised interviews?

53. Will Kate McCann tell us why mid way through the holiday they changed their system of leaving the children in a locked apartment to leaving them in an unlocked apartment?

54. Will Kate McCann tell us why they would think that this was the safer option?

Kate McCann and Gerry McCann stated that they began leaving the patio door unlocked as the noise from the front door might wake their children (my goodness how awful for them, to have to attend to their OWN crying children whom they had left alone in a strange environment) if up until that point the opening of the door had NOT disturbed their children, and all was well, why then would they even discuss leaving their children so vulnerable or how could they, not as medical professional reach the decision that this would be best for their three wee kiddies?

55. Will Kate McCann tell us on WHAT night they decided it best to leave their children in an unlocked apartment, leaving their children more at risk, more vulnerable?

56. Will Kate McCann tell us what instruction she gave to Madeleine in respect of exiting the apartment and going out into the cold dark night to search for mummy and daddy?

57. Will Kate McCann tell us if she left warm clothing out for the child?

58. Will Kate McCann tell us at what time and on what day she told Madeleine that the door would be left unlocked for her to exit?

59. Will Kate McCann tell us, what was her three year old daughter's reaction to this plan?

Did the child jump for joy at hearing this news, or did she, as one would expect of a three year old, upset at the idea that her parents were going out to leave them again, and scared witless at the prospect of having to go out into the night alone and look for them?

60. Will Kate McCann tell us if she unlocked the child safety gate at the top of the stairs which Madeleine would have had to negotiate had she left through the unlocked patio door?

61. Will Kate McCann tell us how she could have possibly been comfortable going out to dinner knowing that she had left the door unlocked for the purpose of her three year old child to exit out into the night, negotiate child gates, steep stairs onto an open road with vehicular traffic and then to somehow search for her mummy and daddy?

62. Will Kate McCann tell us of the conversation she had at the dinner table when she explained what she had done - left the door unlocked for Madeleine to exit into the night- to the other mothers in her party, and how her best friend Fiona Payne told her that 'Madeleine would be fine?!'

63. Will Kate McCann tell us why it is that they have employed at least five lots of private investigators to search for their daughter, none of them experienced in looking for missing persons?

64. Will Kate McCann tell us why it is that they have a formidable legal team at the ready should they, Kate and Gerry McCann require their services if any criminal charges are brought against them?

65. Will Kate McCann tell us how they can manage to secure for themselves, only the very best in their field to protect them, yet for Madeleine there has been a string of dodgy detectives, who they have paid £1million + from the Fund?

66. Will Kate McCann tell us why for 6 months they paid Metodo 3 a detective company, hundreds of thousands of pounds, a company who claimed they would return Madeleine by Christmas of that year they were employed by McCann’s, a company who had no experience in looking for missing persons?

67. Will Kate McCann tell us why they paid Kevin Halligen, from the firm Oakley, hundreds of thousands of pounds to search for Madeleine, a fraudster, who was wanted by the FBI and who is now in prison in the UK awaiting extradition to the US?

68. Will Kate McCann tell us how their formidable team did not know the background of this man?

69. Will Kate McCann tell us why their spokesperson Clarence Mitchell, at the time the news broke re Kevin Halligen, stated that Halligen had done a good job whilst in the McCann's employ?

70. Will Kate McCann tell us why later news report were of the McCann's being ripped off by this man, though no comment from the McCann's? Someone swindles them out of hundred of thousands of pounds and they have nothing to say!

71. Will Kate McCann tell us why they are not attempting to re-coup this money, and why they choose to sweep this under the carpet?

72. Will Kate McCann tell us why they are not taking action against this man but would rather ask the public to once again put their hands in their pockets, despite knowing also that they had a book deal, and an advance payment coming their way?

73. Will Kate McCann tell us why if as they said in interviews given to the UK news channels recently, that their Fund was low, did they contradict this on Portuguese television stating that they had been quoted inaccurately? This was not true. It was not a case of inaccurate reporting, they spoke on television we all heard what the McCann's had to say...nothing inaccurate about it!

74. Will Kate McCann tell us why (as she and her husband Gerry remain 'persons of interest' to any future re-investigation of this case) that she believes as 'possible suspects' if you like that they are entitled to be given access to the police files, those that are not available to the public?

75. Will Kate McCann tell us why their daughter Madeleine was made a Ward of Court?

This is generally to protect the child, often in cases where there is a dispute between parents over custody/one parent abducting the child taking to a foreign country perhaps. It is not a process used for stranger abduction! As the McCann couple are together, united, one has to ask:

76. Will Kate McCann tell us who it was that Madeleine required to be protected from?

It was not an alleged abductor!

77. Will Kate McCann tell us how often she attended church in PDL before Madeleine disappeared?

78. Will Kate McCann tell us why when Gerry McCann was asked if he knew Robert Murat (Murat was at one point made arguido in this case, as were the McCann couple) that he replied 'no comment?'

79. Will Kate McCann tell us, either yes or no – Did her husband Gerry know Robert Murat?

80. Will Kate McCann tell us why they tell the press and on televised interview that they have been cleared of any involvement in their daughter's disappearance, when this is not the case at all?

The McCann's have never been charged at this point in time with any crime against their children, therefore they have not appeared in a Court of Law, therefore cannot possibly have been CLEARED!

The McCann however were released from their arguida status. No more no less.

81. Will Kate McCann tell the public explain to them what measures, if any, they have taken to prevent once more, donations to this Fund being spent on dodgy detectives?

£1million + thrown down the drain is one hell of a lot of money to have been so careless with. It was £1million + that was donated to help find this child, and it was handed over to fly by night detectives, and I cannot for a moment understand how this could have happened?

82. Will Kate McCann tell us why the new set up within their Board of Directors (Gerry McCann's brother has now left amid speculation as to why) of which she and Gerry are now part, is more effective than before?

McCann's stated the new Board are more effective!

83. Will Kate McCann tell us if Mr. Kennedy the owner of the double glazing company is still meeting any of their costs, paying for Clarence Mitchell's salary, legal fees or otherwise?

84. Will Kate McCann tell us if Mr. Kennedy's solicitor is still acting on their behalf also?

85. Will Kate McCann tell us how much they are now paying for the 'spinning services' of Clarence Mitchell?

Full time salary was reported as £70,000 per annum, part time - £28,000 per annum!

86. Will Kate McCann tell us how many are on their payroll and at what cost?

87. Will Kate McCann tell us why on interview recently they claimed to be running short of money, but with the same token stated they had taken on 2 or 3 new private detectives?

88. Will Kate McCann tell us, with this team, now increased in number, if they have made any headway in this private investigation?

89. Will Kate McCann tell us if these 2/3 new detectives are simply going over the files which the 5 lots of private detectives before them did, to no avail?

90. Will Kate McCann tell us what salary is paid to each of these detectives?

91. Will Kate McCann tell us how many detectives are now on their team and what role, do each of them play?

92. Will Kate McCann tell us if Dave Edgar still leads this private investigation?

As he appears not to have noticed any of the great holes in the police statements, official police files, and has gone along with inconsistencies in the self made documentary, one has to question his motives?

93. Will Kate McCann tell us why she and Gerry McCann insist that the findings of the cadaver dogs should not be taken seriously? Dogs which have been used around the world and successfully so in such cases?

94. Will Kate McCann tell us how many patient deaths she attended in the weeks prior to going on holiday to Portugal?

95. Will Kate McCann tell us why it is that she believes Madeleine will be giving her captors and torturers 'her tuppence worth'?

Hardly likely that a child abducted held by paedophiles or anyone else would be giving them her 'tuppence worth!'

96. Will Kate McCann tell us how it is that she and her husband Gerry insist on stating that there is NO EVIDENCE that Madeleine has come to any harm...when clearly she has?

97. Will Kate McCann tell us why it is she and husband Gerry have never once said that they were sorry for the appalling neglect of their children, or more to the point have not ever accepted that they did wrong?

98. Will Kate McCann tell us why she and husband Gerry consider the heinous treatment of their children meted out by them, as being 'Within the Bounds of Responsible Parenting?'

99. Will Kate McCann tell us why husband Gerry said he knew there was something wrong in the apartment due to the bedroom door being open wider, yet he did not investigate how this came to be and chose to return to the pub, leaving the children alone again in the unlocked apartment?

100. Will Kate McCann tell us why on earth she would think that anyone would believe the ever changing stories of the events of that night, why when they are in black and white in the police files, available online, on televised interview also that she would think that her story could be taken seriously.

101. Will Kate McCann tell us why during the daytime, she and husband Gerry diligently locked their apartment when the family went out for the day, to protect their belongings from any would-be intruder...yet in the evenings the very same belongings, along with the most precious people in their lives, their three wee children were then abandoned in an unlocked apartment?

Did they consider Portugal to be a safer place by night than by day?

102. Will Kate McCann tell us why they did not take advantage of the night time babysitting service available to them?

103. Will Kate McCann tell us why they said they were mimicking a baby listening service, one which was NOT available at this complex as it was not considered to be a safe option, and of this they knew before travelling to Portugal?

Will Kate McCann in her book, tell yet again another 'account of the truth?'

Posted on mccannfiles and Missing Madeleine forum

JK Rowling helped celebrity child neglectors Kate and Gerry McCann

JK Rowling helped Kate and Gerry McCann to secure their book deal, the Sunday Express can reveal.

For the first time in years the Sunday Express is allowing comments about the McCanns - maybe they want their libel payout money back? (update: 103 comments now deleted but saved here)

More comments on Missing Madeleine forum
Related links

Maddie: The truth about the lie - the unbanned book
Official police files

Child neglect pays - these NHS doctors got £375,000 for their part in the disappearance of Maddie McCann.



The Madeleine Foundation decided in early 2010 to co-operate with BBC East Midlands in the making of a programme, said to be of 8 to 10 minutes’ length, about our work. It was to be part of the BBC’s ‘Inside Out’ series, which examines organisations - often highly controversial ones - in depth.

The decision to co-operate was close-run and taken only with a certain amount of reluctance and misgivings. The reasons for these misgivings included:

1. the previous history of The Madeleine Foundation’s treatment by the press, which had been universally hostile
2. concern that the BBC’s agenda was not to paint a fair picture of The Madeleine Foundation but to attack us
3. the previous conduct of BBC East Midlands, notably their hostile interview of our former Chairman Debbie Butler on 14 August 2009 after what became known as the ‘Rothley Leaflet Drop’, and the way they reported on Mr Amaral’s appeal against his book ban in Lisbon. Alone amongst many media, BBC East Midlands’ reporter John O’Sullivan had claimed that Mr Amaral had said, in answer to a question, ‘F___ the McCanns’, whereas all other media said he had simply said ‘Forca los McCanns’, meaning: ‘Ask the McCanns’. Mr Amaral does not speak English.

In favour of co-operating with the programme were the following considerations:

1. even previous adverse publicity had led to renewed interest in The Madeleine Foundation. Despite hostile publicity, The Madeleine Foundation had received thousands of extra hits to its website, two dozen new people joined, other people wished to distribute our controversial ’10 Reasons’ leaflet, we received many offers of help, and hundreds of extra copies of our book ‘60 Reasons’ were sold
2. there remained large numbers of people who had not heard about the work of The Madeleine Foundation, amongst a population we believe to be still overwhelmingly sceptical about the McCanns’ claims
3. the BBC has a duty under OFCOM codes of practice to produce a ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ programme about us. Indeed, Simon Hare of BBC East Midlands, who first approached us about making a programme, promised that his programme would be fair to us
4. we would certainly be given a fair opportunity within the programme to explain why we were set up, what our aims are, and how we set about achieving them.

The rest of this article can be read here

Amazon fight back: 'Madeleine' book by Kate and Gerry McCann linked to celebrity child neglect

click images to see how Amazon are linking the McCanns to celebrity child neglect

Despite the McCanns having one of the best known publishers for their "account of the truth" they are now advertising their yet-to-be-completed book on Amazon

While you're waiting to read "an account" of Kate's truth (which is obviously different to the 'account of truth' she told the Portuguese police, otherwise why write a book?) you might want to take a look at these other 'Madeleine' books.

Gonçalo Amaral's book based on the findings of the official police investigation which concluded that Madeleine died in the McCann's apartment and her body was concealed.

Maddie Case Files based on the official police files released into public domain

This was Madeleine's favourite book which was torn and used to write down Kate and Gerry's timeline before the police arrived.

This is one of the books found in the McCanns holiday apartment

More here

BBC East Midlands programme about the Madeleine Foundation

Quote hardlinemarxist

"Note – The McCanns have never been cleared of wrong doing. Like Robert Murat, their arguido status was lifted and the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance was shelved pending further information coming to light. The Madeleine Foundation campaigns for justice for Madeleine McCann. My understanding is that The Madeleine Foundation largely considers Amaral’s thesis to be accurate; this is why they demonstrate support for him."

Quote Tony Bennett, Madeleine Foundation

Dear all,

The BBC has just posted up this synopsis for the programme about The Madeleine Foundation to be shown next Monday 22nd at 7.30pm by BBC TV East Midlands:

Next Monday, 19:30 on BBC One (East Midlands only)


What happened to Madeleine McCann remains a mystery. Her parents were cleared of playing any role in her disappearance, but a controversial group continues to campaign in support of a discredited detective who claims Kate and Gerry McCann covered up the truth. Inside Out investigates the members and motives of the Madeleine Foundation.

I am now fearful that the programme will give us a worse pasting than I thought.

The references to the McCanns being 'cleared' and Amaral being 'discredited' appear to me to be biased to begin with. The language is IMO not neutral.

Nevertheless, I stick by my point of view that the response we had just over a year ago to the awful publicity about us being 'vile sickos', stalkers etc. etc. showed that many people wanted to know more about us, despite the adverse coverage.

We got new members, loads of hits on our website, hundreds of extra books sold, many offers of help etc. etc. For that reason I believe the broadcast will win us new friends and contacts as well as perhaps some new and highly critical enemies.

I would ask you not to be too downhearted by the broadcast, I am still trusting the BBC will observe its duty and OFCOM guidance to produce a fair programme so far as our activities are concerned.

We shall see.


Some links for those who live in the East Midlands who may google for info about the fraudulent, child neglecting NHS doctors who are prime suspects in the death and concealment of their own daughter.

Madeleine Foundation and BBC Inside Out

Up-to-the-minute Maddie news from Portugal that isn't reported in the UK

Maddie: The truth about the lie

Official police files

Complete mystery of Maddie McCann forum

McCann's on twitter

Madeleine Foundation on Facebook

BBC East Midlands apologise to the Madeleine Foundation

Here we see Anne Davies, BBC East Midlands, being biased towards former chairman of the Madeleine Foundation.

Voice for Madeleine McCann

Kate McCann said she is in the process of writing a book to give an account of the truth of what happened to Madeleine. She claims a book deal has already been signed, even though just last week they were asking for donations to their Fund because the money will run out by next Spring. I wonder if the McCanns mentioned this book deal when they wrote to David Beckham et al asking them for money?

Presumably that means Kate did not tell the truth to the Portuguese police if she now intends to give an account of the truth in the book. Presumably she and Gerry and the Tapas 7 did not tell the truth in their Channel 4 documentary "Madeleine was here"? Presumably their government-appointed highly paid spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, has been lying also.

The McCanns recently set up a petition for a review of Maddie's investigation which attracted over 30,000 signatures. The McCanns were in Portugal last week but don't seem to have requested the reopening of the investigation, as is their right. Why won't she just go to Portugal and tell this truth to the police? Why won't she answer the 48 questions and take part in an official reconstruction?

Anyway, Joana Morais has details of a real petition on her site to get this investigation reopened. It will be interesting to see if Kate and Gerry McCann and their 30,000+ supporters sign it.
Related links:

Kate's Account of The Truth - The Sun

ITV News just now

The 48 questions the Portuguese police asked Dr Kate McCann from Anthony Bennett on Vimeo.

Madeleine Foundation members and supporters forum

The Madeleine Foundation is also on Twitter and Facebook

Kate and Gerry McCann sign book deal about Maddie's disappearance

Maddie: The truth about the lie

Leicester police wont investigate Brian Kennedy for allegedly perverting course of justice in Maddie case

Brian Kennedy not to be investigated
over allegedly perverting the course of justice
in the Madeleine McCann case

Article filed for The Madeleine Foundation

by Tony Bennett, 11 November 2010

One of the most worrying features about matters surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann came in a report by journalist Mark Hollingsworth in the Evening Standard, in August 2009.

He reported at length on the activities of Kevin Halligen, an Irish man with secret service and intelligence contacts who was employed by the McCanns at a reputed cost of £300,000 or £500,000 during 2008. He was arrested in October 2009 while living in a £700-a-night Oxford hotel and ever since has been in Belmarsh High Security Prison, S.E. London, pending extradition proceedings against him by the U.S. government. They want him to face charges of defrauding an American company of $2 million (about £1,200,000).

But of greater interest to those of us trying to get to the truth of what really happened to Madeleine McCann, Hollingsworth’s article informed readers that the person who appointed and helped to fund Halligen, Cheshire double-glazing magnate Brian Kennedy, had allegedly intimidated several witnesses who could give evidence on matters relating to Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. Worse than that, Hollingsworth asserted that some of these witnesses were so intimidated that they refused to give witness statements to the Portuguese Police Officers who were investigating Madeleine’s disappearance.

Such actions, if true, amount to the commission of the serious crime of perverting the course of justice, an offence carrying a maximum penalty of 14 years in jail. Leicestershire Police have pursued what they always referred to as a ‘joint investigation’ with their Portuguese colleagues into Madeleine’s disappearance. Brian Kennedy lives in Cheshire. We therefore wrote to both Leicestershire and Cheshire Constabularies asking them to investigate the allegations of the serious crime of interfering with witnesses having been committed by Brian Kennedy.

Below you’ll find links to the two letters we wrote to Leicestershire Police in July and august this year, and to the eventual reply we received from Detective Superintendent Stuart Prior of Leicestershire Police on Thursday 11 November:

Correspondence with Leicester police can be read here:
Image from McCann archive

Madeleine Foundation funds now unfrozen after false allegations of fraud by former chairman Debbie Butler

Statement by Tony Bennett, Secretary of The Madeleine Foundation:

On 11 November, our bankers finally decided to return to members of The Madeleine Foundation the £2,766 funds that were frozen at the request of Ms Debbie Butler on 4 November 2009.

Essex Police ended their 8-month investigation into Ms Butler's allegations in July, but it wasn't until September that they sent a clear letter stating that I was 'no longer a suspect'. On receipt of that, the bank wrote to Ms Butler giving her a further period of time to raise any other reasonable objections to that money being transferred back to the members. She did not.

The whole police handling of the investigation into me, based solely on Ms Butler's false claims, is currently being investigated by Independent Police Complaints Commission Senior Investigator Chris Mahaffey. A final report will be issued by the IPCC in the New Year. I have been advised that the probable conclusion will be that no police officer should be disciplined over the way the investigation was conducted - but that there are likely to be a number of criticisms of Essex Police's actions, and 'lessons to be learned'. As a police officer put it to me recently, the police need to be very careful 'not to get embroiled in personal vendettas'. The IPCC report will be made public.

At our Committee meeting on 23 October, we resolved that on receipt of the members' money back, we would immediately pay Goncalo Amaral a further 600 euros (about £530) and we'll do that in the coming week. That will be on top of the 600 euros we donated back in June this year.

Posted on our forum here


Email from Tony Bennett to his members and supporters:

Dear members and supporters,


This is a brief e-mail to tell you that, after just over a year since our bank account was frozen at the request of our ex-Chairman Debbie Butler, the bank has not only restored our funds this week in full - but also offered us £100.00 compensation for their handling of the matter.

You can read more about this on a thread at Jill Havern's site, here:

Your Committee met on 23 October [Copy of the Minutes available to members on request] and agreed that when these funds were restored to us, we would pay a further 600 euros to the PJGA, the fund which is for Goncalo Amaral's legal expenses. THis will be done enxt week.

It's just over a year also after the press reported this:

A source close to Gerry and Kate McCann said: "This foundation is now in meltdown. They can't wait to see the end of it."

Since then:

* Our website has been restored and has much more on it than the old one

* '60 Reasons' may not be on sale but has been copied on to torrent sites and other wesbites where tens of thousand more have read it

* We have published a second book on the case

* We have distributed thousands of leaflets in support of Goncalo Amaral

* and now we've got our frozen funds back with a nice bonus.

On a personal note, I would like to thank in particular Sharon for helping to achieve this turnaround from a year ago, and also Grenville Green and his wife Helene who also played a major part in bringing this about. Plus the whole Committee would like to thank all of those who have supported us one way or another or take an interest in what we are trying to do in The Madeleine Foundation.

Tony Bennett
The Madeleine Foundation
01279 635789

Killer doctors working in our NHS - incredible or commonplace?

By Sam Greenhill
Last updated at 7:59 AM on 13th November 2010

A foreign doctor has been working in Britain despite a conviction for killing a patient in Spain.

Dr Marcos Ariel Hourmann was hired by two NHS ­hospitals while awaiting a murder trial.

Incredibly, even when he was found guilty of manslaughter, he was treating patients as a surgeon for a British police force, apparently earning £10,000 a month.

Read more:


A British doctor is working in Britain despite being a prime suspect in the death and concealment of his own three-year-old daughter in Portugal.

Dr Gerry McCann is hired by at least one NHS ­hospital while awaiting the re-opening of his daughter's investigation, which he seems extremely reluctant to do despite recently creating an online petition as a PR stunt.

Incredibly, even when Dr Gerry McCann was made arguido, he was still treating patients at Glenfield hospital as shown in the photo above.

A British doctor is working in Britain despite being suspected of paedophilia.

Dr David Payne is hired by at least one NHS hospital while still being under suspicion of paedophilia.

Incredibly, Dr David Payne and his friends were paid £375,000 for their part in the neglect that led to the disappearance of Maddie McCann.

The Gaspar statements

Killer doctors in the NHS

In the UK a "dishonest, malevolent doctor" could still get away with murder

Doctors notes

Cooperman, when announced to the world, was originally a man the McCanns and their private detectives wanted to eliminate from their enquiries. Cooperman they said was probably just an innocent tourist, perhaps one that had been misunderstood by those that encountered him. The News of the World stated Cooperman had committed no crime, even though in the next breathe the News of the World insisted Cooperman fitted the description given by Jane Tanner of Madeleine's abductor. That was simply a small detail and wasn't about to stop those that would have a definitive perpetrator to fit the crime of the abduction of Madeleine.

Cooperman was announced in 2008 but he had been in the works for some time. To see where the conception of Cooperman took place one has to look back to May 2007 and to one of the first reports made to Leicestershire Police by a tourist who had stayed at the Ocean Club in the days prior to the McCann’s visit. Amanda Mills is the key witness in the Cooperman saga and if the early news reports are taken in some sort of rough chronological order Amanda Mills lays claim to be the first 'independent' witness to Cooperman, apart that is from Gail Cooper herself.

Amanda Mills was reported both on the 8th and the 9th of May telling police of the presence of a man in Luz near to Maddies apartment. Amanda claims she reported her sighting as soon as she read of the reports of the "abduction” in the papers. This is a little odd in itself as one of the most memorable media events of 2007 unfurled primarily through the medium of TV and not the written word. It was the wall to wall coverage of the BBC from Luz with Jane Hill and the other newscasters shipped out, that most sticks. GMTV's early morning reports catered for the immediacy of the audience's working day. Before the daily paper lands on the mat or is bought on the way to work there is always the 24hrs rolling news. It was this medium almost exclusively that was so ruthlessly exploited by the McCanns in those first hours and not the daily papers. The TV made it happen for the McCanns and it was next left to the dailies to then report that fact.

Gerry McCann’s first phone call on the night of the 3rd of May was to Dr Alastair Clark, a doctor in political manipulation, a friend of Gerry's and a confidant of Gordon Brown. Gerry’s phone call to Clark worked was as precisely as a guided missile. This call was the one single phone call that gave the McCann story wings and with those wings it flew straight into the early morning news bulletins. These were very ones being watched in the living rooms of millions of cereal crunching Brits on the morning of May the 4th 2007. There is not much on the net about Clark, like a lot of men who have access in the highest of places there is a dearth of personal details, even professional attributes are scarce and well pruned. All that can easily be established is that Clark is a doctor and a lecturer in how to govern and manage in both ideas and people. These are skills any politician must covert. This inevitably makes Clark a popular man with those in power, whoever they are.

Clark is a leader in his chosen sphere and it is no surprise to see the distinguished Clark distinguishing himself in the field of politics and man management in various notable ways. The winning of prizes is one of those ways. Society confers 'worth' upon an individuals work in their field by this mechanism and Clark has won his share of prizes.One of the most coveted of prizes for political animals is one awarded annually by the Political Studies Association. The PSA is a trade body of people who like to think they are the power behind the British political throne. Given the idiotic tabloid nature of the British publics apparent simplistic appetite for spin, skew and stupidity in political life they are probably right to believe they are the masters of all our destinies.

This is Clark's biog from the Queens University Belfast website. Here Dr Clark lists just one prize. The prize he values most was awarded to him in 2007 by the Political Studies Association. The prize is the Arthur McDougall Prize. It is a new prize, it has only been awarded for the past 7 or 8 years, but it is a very very prestigious and noteworthy prize. The Doctor shows off his prize as he should. This prize has pride of place.

The PSA website for the awarding authority shows the Doctor did not receive their award in 2007.The site lists the winner in 2007 as Nicholas (Nick) Cheeseman of Jesus College Oxford as the winner in 2007. Doctor Clark won the award all right but not in 2007. Clark won the award in 2006 and not as shown on the Doctor's university biog in 2007. A simple mistake you might think and one Doctor Clark will probably correct, or might have already corrected even before you read this article.

2007 was a momentous year for Doctor Clark, a year to remember. It is to be hoped Doctor Clark now makes a more honest effort to remember that 2006 was the year in which he excelled in his field, and 2007 was the year he did something quite else.

End of Part One

Ann Widdecombe: Kate and Gerry McCann 'Have I got news for you!'


DISTRESSED: Kate McCann has criticised the Home Secretary

Wednesday November 10,2010
By Ann Widdecombe

KATE McCann accuses Theresa May of doing too little to find her missing daughter. Her emotion is understandable but her attack on the Home Secretary is misplaced.

The ball is firmly in the court of the Portuguese authorities, not the British ones.

Our politicians can comment and make representations but they cannot overrule the decisions of the Portuguese, who in turn have said they will act if new evidence is produced.

The Government is not, as Kate McCann puts it, giving up on Madeleine but rather is accepting its limitations over a crime that happened in another country and which is subject to another jurisdiction. Mrs May deserves credit for meeting these distressed parents, not criticism for making her own judgments about what she should then do.

We will reopen Maddie case, say Portuguese

Tomorrows headline

Comment from kangdang:

This is what Mr. Martin Smith told police, in Portugal and, later, in Ireland:

“I saw Gerard McCann (sic) going down the plane stairs carrying one of his children on 9th September 2007 BBC news at 10 PM, I have been shown the video clip by Sergeant Hogan which I recognise. A clip I have seen before on the Internet. In relation to the video clips of Gerard McCann (sic) and the person I saw on 3rd May 2007 when I saw the BBC news at 10 PM on 9th September 2007 something struck me that it could have been the same person. It was the way Gerard McCann turned his head down which was similar to what the individual did on 3rd May 2007 when we met him. It may have been the way he was carrying the child either. I would be 60-80% sure that it was Gerard McCann (sic) that I met that night carrying a child.”

Translations of Martin Smith and family statements can be read here

Chapter 8 of Dr Amaral's book regarding the Smith Sighting: A man with a child in his arms

More comments on our forum here
Related links

Journalist 'spudgun' EXPRESS Newspapers Versus the McCanns. Richard Desmond's Halloween Prank

Daily Mail: I’m disappointed in you Home Secretary, says Kate McCann

Google articles

From paper edition

McCann's petition for full review - some very interesting information

Posted by jjp on Headlines today

The McCann petition on got me wondering about online petitions in general.

So I signed up to using a temporary throw-away email address.

My account was confirmed and within seconds I was the owner of the following page.

Immediately, I decided to sign my own petition.

So I invented a completely fake email address – and proceeded to sign.

Not a problem – signature on view within five seconds.
Could I sign again using the same fake email address? Why not give it a go I thought? And lo and behold within another few seconds my petition had received its second signature both from the same fake email account.

A very interesting article - read the full article here

'Madeleine may never be found,' admits Kate McCann as she reveals appeal fund will run dry within months

By Vanessa Allen

Madeleine McCann’s mother yesterday admitted she ‘had to face up to the fact’ that her missing daughter may never be found.

The 42-year-old spoke out as she and her husband Gerry revealed that their appeal fund will run dry by early 2012.

Kate McCann said: ‘When the money runs out we will not be able to pay the investigators helping us to find Madeleine, It will be just me and Gerry left looking for her. I just can’t contemplate that.’

She added: ‘I have to face the fact that we may never find her.’ But she added: ‘If no one apart from us is looking, then so be it.’

Read more:

Vanessa's first article was whooshed off the internet but has been saved here

Quote from Gonçalo Amaral: "I remind you that they “demanded” the archiving of the process, in 2008, when they were arguidos, merely to defend their image. They are not interested in the reopening of the process or of the investigation"

Related: Kevin Halligen on trial today

Forum topics:

Tony Bennett at Westminster Mags Court, November 3, to see how Kevin Halligen gets on.

Kevin Halligen Special: One Year On - 3 November 2010 at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court

PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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