Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

24 Oct 2010

Madeleine McCann:- The Sun, the Moon and the TRUTH.....by SPUDGUN

Written by journalist 'Spudgun' on his blog


"I am moved to respond to the many friends, (and some foes!), regarding my post relating to the lifting of the ban on the book by "Disgraced Maddie Cop", Goncola Amaral, by the Lisbon Courts of Appeal.

My response is to the many posters, supporters and well wishers who share a unified determination that Madeleine McCann shall have a judicious retribution and atonement for what they believe to be the cessation of her short life. It is essential that YOU maintain your resolve not to let this case be forgotten, (although given the McCanns predilection for publicity and litigation, it currently shows no sign of going away just yet).

This case is so much more than a tale of a missing girl, tragic enough in itself as that is. This is a very intricate and interwoven cornucopia of lies, deception and subterfuge, seemingly extending, (to a degree at least), to the very echelons of British Government.

That a Government and its Media are willing to manipulate, engineer and propagate a certain line has far reaching and very grave consequences for EVERY Democratic establishment in the World, and it is truly beyond all logical reason why that manipulation is taking place, but it IS inarguable that it is.

Conversely, it is equally essential that we ALL maintain focus and commitment to establishing the TRUTH.

Sadly, none of us know exactly what happened in Praia de Luz that night, and as interesting, fascinating and entertaining as it can be to discuss, argue or suppose the chain of events, it serves NO-ONE to deliberate them.

Discussing the merits of Gerry's involvement with Knights Templar or Operation Ore, or the sexual peccadilloes of the Tapas group, or theories about body disposal, Masonic rites, body language experts, voice analysis experts etc....... does absolutely NOTHING except to safely compartmentalise us all EXACTLY where the McCanns and their supporters, (ESPECIALLY the PRESS), WANT us:- in the moronic corridors of those internet forums that provide so much angst and purpose for Clarence Mitchell, and so much material for his Media lackeys.

No. Our weapons of choice HAVE to be the truth. The pen is mightier than the sword ONLY when its words are razor sharp with the blades of truth. And the truth really IS, out there.

Had people have taken it upon themselves to do but just a MODICUM of research back in 2003, when Tony Blair’s plagiarised dissertation on Iraq’s weapons and military capabilities was been presented to the British public as FACTUAL ANALYSIS; it would have meant that the population would have REALISED LONG BEFORE we invaded Iraq, that we were being taken into war on a LIE!. The truth was clearly there to see long before the Americans and their allies rolled into Kuwait to prepare for the Massacre, (sorry, 'War on Terror').

Had anyone ever bothered to grasp the REAL significance of the fact that the American company HALLIBURTON’S was to take control of the production and movement of the OIL coming out of Iraq when the invasion first took place, then I would suggest the REAL reason for that war would have been blindingly obvious to even the most gullible. (The big clue was always in HALLIBURTON’S former Chairman and still major shareholder DICK CHENEY.

Name ring any bells?)

But of course, most people never bothered to look beyond their cornflake bowl and the abusive headlines levelled at the Portuguese, much preferring to keep tabs on who was winning the ‘X – Factor’ or ‘Big Brother’.

As I have stated previously, Herman Goering once said:-

“It's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy”

Goering understood the power of the Media and the ease with which people would believe what they were told. What he never knew, however, was that one day the INTERNET would come along and provide the population with the means of ascertaining what the REST of the world thought.

For, (thanks to the Internet), it is abundantly obvious that the rest of the World has rather differing views on the Madeleine McCann case than does most of BRITAIN.

That is NOT because the British people are uniquely different, but rather because it is densely populated with people who are accustomed to being indoctrinated by its newspapers, its Media broadcasts and its 'Celebrity' non-entities, on whose every word it too often relies.

In fact, the very people to whom Goering was referring when pointing out the ease in which they could be “brought to the bidding of the leaders”.

But there IS a WEALTH of TRUTH already out there. Irrefutable and inarguable FACTS, that ensures that there are questions to be ASKED.

Questions about specialist dogs who say that the McCanns, their clothes, their apartment and their hire car had traces of CADAVERINE and/or blood.

Questions about one of the world’s foremost Forensic Specialist Services, (Birmingham FSS), initially reporting a 100% DNA Match to Madeleine on some of the samples that it tested.

On why key detectives from Leicestershire Police concluded that Madeleine died in the apartment.

On why every single one of the McCanns AND their ‘Tapas’ friends’ initial statements and assertions ALL contradict each other.

On why Jane Tanner saw an abductor for whom she has given THREE different descriptions, in different interviews and statements.

On why the statements and declarations made by the McCanns and their Tapas friends regarding their movements and actions do not stand up to scrutiny and logic.

On why, amongst all the HUNDREDS of potential witnesses in Praia da Luz, Jane Tanner, Fiona Payne, Rachel Oldfield and Russell O’Brien the ONLY people who allege to have seen Robert Murat outside Madeleine’s window on the night of her disappearance, allegations that were eventually DISMISSED by the Portuguese authorities.

And the most compelling and important question of all?

Why NO-ONE in the British Media has so far dared to ask ANY of the questions above?.

(Of course, on a personal level, I’d ALSO love to know why the Express Newspapers paid the McCanns AND the Tapas members HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF POUNDS in LIBEL payments, after reprinting allegations made in the Portuguese Press, allegations based on the PJ FILES!! Doesn’t Richard Desmond KNOW that the simple and inarguable defence to Libel is when the allegations are, in fact, TRUE!! After all, just this week, the Lisbon Courts declared what many already knew. That the main thrust of Amaral’s book is based on FACTS!!)

As the popular, unattributed adage goes, “The ability to ask questions is the greatest resource in learning the truth”.

Personally, I prefer the words of Confucius:-

THREE things cannot forever be hidden. The Sun, the Moon.........................
And the TRUTH."

Posted by Spudgun at 13:21

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