Jim Gamble resigns from CEOP

A few links:

Madeleine Foundation's letter to Jim Gamble http://t.co/L2einIB

Jim Gamble's reply to Madeleine Foundation 16 July 2010 http://tinyurl.com/3xr36xa

McCanns 'Curse' strikes Again: Jim Gamble head of CEOP has Resigned

Jim Gamble CEOP A Question If I May

Child Protection and the McCanns - the Neverending Saga

Gamble is Gone - The Beginning of the End

Background Information: Gerald McCANN - shows a registration number 19309 in the CATS system

Excerpt from Madeleine Foundation letter to Prime Minister:

Why was there an entry against Dr Gerald McCann in the Child Abuse section of Leicestershire Police CATS system, and why is the entry now blank? CATS is the ‘Case Adminsitration and Tracking System’, developed in response to Recommendation 104 in Lord Laming's report into the death of Victoria Climbie, which recommended a national child abuse database. It is now used by more than a dozen police forces. The following is an extract from a statement made by Detective Constable Hughes to the Portuguese Police on 16 May 2008. For some reason this was over a year after Madeleine was reported missing:

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