Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

8 Sep 2010

Evil, greedy NHS doctors, Kate and Gerry McCann want Amaral's house and pension and to make his children homeless

“My husband and I have never abandoned our daughters, or allowed paedophiles in our circle of friends. I am shocked that a couple who affirm to be religious is seeking out to destroy our family”, said Sofia Leal.

Full article can be read on Joana Morais: McCanns Want Amaral's Family Home
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McCann Exposure: Kate and Gerry McCann seek to make two young children homeless
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A couple of comments from the forum:

1. "Silly woman,even IF she knows more about the case she should have kept quiet considering her husband is being sued for libel"

2. "Not silly. To the contrary very brave.
Afterall the mccanns have evolved to pond low lives demanding everything, even pension...what has Mrs Amaral got to lose? There is nothing at stake anymore.

Besides she'd said nothing libellous.
If the mccanns construe it to mean them, are they then admitting guilt conscious to both points in the statement?

When this goes to trial it'll reflect very negatively for the mccanns.
Their greed and vindictiveness know no bound - is that going to go down well with the public?

It stops being about Maddie to them long ago.
It's all about their vendetta and hatred against a retired Police Inspector who'd named them 'official suspects' The pair of fascists are baying for blood; doubtless even a blind can see that.

No matter what, they cannot whitewash their blackened name. Its too late for that. Taking Amaral to court and cleaning him out only serves to rehash their blackened name in the press all over again when this goes to trial.

I have never in my life seen such greed in a defamation case even before the case is over and won.
Demanding all these even before trial begins is being very presumptious and shows their intent to destroy Amaral totally. They have taken it beyond defending their name.

If the Portuguese law has allowed for that...then it sucks. How can a presumptious demand be legal when the case is still pending trial and there's no verdict yet. If mccanns lost, can Amaral equally demand all the assets of mccanns including their future earnings and pensions?"


By Nigel Moore, with thanks to 'Astro'
Updated 09 September 2010

To clarify, the court wanted to seize half of the Amarals' house (the half that belongs to Gonçalo), but were unable to do that while the couple is married and the house legally belongs to both of them - because they wed under the most common marriage regime in Portugal, which means that any assets that were acquired by any one of them, after the date of marriage, belongs to both members of the couple.

The McCanns, via their lawyer, applied for Sofia Leal to execute a separation of assets, (i.e. to split ownership of the house into two halves) in order to facilitate the seizing of Gonçalo's half of the house; Sofia Leal refused and so, in August, the court proceeded to seize the whole house.


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Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

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