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22 Aug 2010

Madeleine McCann: What are the main contradictions in statements of the McCanns & their friends about Madeleine's disappearance?

Dr David Payne undergoing police questioning regarding Madeleine's disappearance

Open question posted by the Secretary of the Madeleine Foundation, Tony Bennett, on yahoo answers

For example, Dr Kate McCann said in an early witness statement that on the evening Madeleine disappeared, Dr Payne knocked on the door just as she came out of a shower at about 6.30pm, and she spoke to him for about 30 seconds whilst he was kept outside on the balcony. But in his own early witness statement, Dr Payne said he was there inside the apartment for up to half-an-hour, saw the children all ready for bed in white night attire, saw them being put to bed etc. Are there any other contradictions in their accounts?

The following questions have been put to the McCann's libel lawyers, Carter Ruck, and posted on our forum:

1. Did David Payne actually visit Dr Kate McCann at all on the evening of 3 May?

2. Did he see Dr Kate McCann only in a towel? - or not?

3. Did he enter the apartment, or not?

4. If he was there, was he there for 30 seconds, or 30 minutes - or how long was he there?

5. Was the tennis game at 3.00pm pre-booked by the McCanns (Jane Tanner’s version) or not (your clients’ version)?

6. Why did Dr Gerald McCann play tennis for an hour from 6pm to 7pm on 3 May (various statements) when he had had to stop playing any tennis at all at 4.30pm due to a recurrence of an apparently pre-existing Achilles tendon injury? (David James Smith article)

7. Did Dr Gerald McCann carry on playing with Julian the tennis coach at 4.30pm (Dr Kate McCann’s statement) or not (David James Smith article)?

8. Did Dr Kate McCann go jogging between 4.30pm and 5.30pm (her statement) or not (Dr Gerald McCann doesn’t mention this in his first two statements)?

9. Was Dr Gerald McCann really on the tennis courts nearly all the time between 3.30pm and 7.00pm?

10. Did your clients decide that the children were not going to the recreation area and therefore bathed the children together between 5.30pm and 6.00pm (Dr Kate Mccann’s statement) or did they not decide this (as evidenced by Dr Gerald McCann asking Dr David Payne at around 6.30pm to ask if his wife and children were coming down to the recreation area)?

11. If Dr David Payne did visit Dr Kate McCann at around 6.30pm the night Madeleine disappeared, for which of the following reasons was it (all these have at various times been given by various witnesses):
(a) to see if she was all right?
(b) to bring her and the children down to the recreation area? - or
(c) because Dr Gerald McCann was worried about how his wife was
coping with the children and to see if she needed help?

12. Were the children taken by your clients for tea on 3 May 2007 (some statements) or were they already having tea when your clients visited the creche (other statements?

13. Were your clients both sat on Madeleine’s bed reading stories to the children (Dr Gerald McCann’s version) or not (Dr Kate McCann does not mention this)? (Note: David James Smith in his Times article gives a third version, namely that Dr Kate Mcann was sitting on the couch with the three children whilst Dr Gerald McCann was elsewhere drinking beer).

14. Did Dr Matthew Oldfield tell Dr Gerald McCann that he’d checked your clients’ apartment and heard nothing (Dr Oldfield’s account) or not (Dr Gerald McCann’s version)?

15. For which reason did Dr Matthew Oldfield leave the table at 9.00pm (a) to chase up the tardy Paynes because he saw the lights still burning in their apartment, or (b) to check on the children? (there are varying accounts and it is generally agreed in the statements that both your clients were present at the moment Dr Matthew Oldfield left the table)

16. Did the Paynes meet Dr Matthew Oldfield en route between the 'Tapas' bar and the Paynes' apartment around 9.00pm? If so, why do some statements say this never happened (e.g. Dianne Webster who was adamant this meeting never took place) while others who say this meeting did happen disagree about where it is supposed to have taken place?
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