Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

2 Jul 2010

Students for Madeleine McCann: McCanns want students' private and personal details

Support: Students for Madeleine

"We know many students travel over the summer, take gap-year travel and also go places off the beaten path. We are launching a new initiative for students to help in the search for Madeleine.

If you would like to help with this project, please send the information below to: students_for_madeleine@findmadeleine.com."

Well done McCanns you've gone and done it again haven't you?

Now you want to enlist students to help with your 'project', which just happens to be your missing daughter, Madeleine - but first you want to know all kinds of details about these students, like what University or school they go to, what they're studying, what social networking sites they use (don't forget to read the Gaspar statements kids), or whether they're travelling this year and where they're going!


What gives the McCanns the right to ask students, paticularly schoolchildren, to divulge personal information before they can sign up to help find their daughter when they didn't even search for her themselves because it was too dark? Dave Edgar, their private detective, told the media ten months ago that Madeleine is being held captive in a secret lair in a lawless village in Praia da Luz. Have they even searched there yet? No.

I wonder if the students will have to buy their good quality wristbands and travel packs, which consists of 10 English posters, 2 luggage tags, 2 wallet cards and a car sticker, from their online Madeleine store which still bears the date 2006.

Discussed on MM forum and MF forum

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