Jez Wilkins and Bridget O’Donnell: The Hoax

The journalist and the film maker: "They walked past the press, sniffer dogs, police to get to the shops. But they didn't get involved. They didn't help. They just watched."

By Ironside

The stage was set for the play to begin; everyone knew their part and settled comfortably into their role.

There was no time for a dry run, it was ‘ACTION’ when suddenly, onto the set strolled an extra not cast in the play. In the movies, the director would shout ‘CUT’ and the actors would be able to do another take.

Shortly after 9 pm May 3rd, Jez Wilkins, the famous TV Director for his hoax show... had become a major player in the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Later, newspaper headlines would scream ‘Madeleine and the Silent Witness’ the man who would clear the McCanns.

When we look at the police statements, no one has come forward to say they saw any of the group walking around or near any apartments on any other night.

Wilkins, did see Tanner May 3rd, but much earlier in the evening, he remembers she wore a purple dress and was standing outside her apartment. If Tanner saw Wilkins she has never said so.

Tanner I believe did see Wilkins earlier; this would be the reason why she explained her mode of dress... cut off trousers and flip flops...

Gerry McCann was ONLY seen the evening of May 3rd leaving OR returning to his apartment by someone who knew him. The young Irish girl also saw McCann and Wilkins talking together... no one has denied that this meeting did take place.

The problem for McCann is that this messed up his well thought out plan. The timing of Tanner seeing Wilkins, McCann and the abductor all at around 9.15 or 9.20 pm means if, as McCann claims, he had just checked his children and all was well the abduction took all of four minutes and while he and Jez were standing outside the apartment.

This of course is impossible, but McCann needed to explain why he was there to Jez, checking his children and telling him if he had not been with a group they would not have left the children alone, the seed was planted, the children alone left a window of opportunity for an abduction. Wilkins later had a knock on his door not to ask for help but to inform him McCanns child had been abducted.

Tanner gave McCann an alibi by saying she saw him and the abductor at the same time. The Smith Sighting, if anyone later would think they recognized McCann, was now covered.

Now, let’s go back and re-set the stage. Removed from the play Wilkins, the extra, where does this leave us and what do we have?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing, a night like any other, no one saw anything because there was nothing to see.

The plan would have been so simple, the McCanns would have returned to the apartment after dinner and drinks, (drinks paid for by credit cards that they claim not to have had.).... at a much later time, their usual 11.30 or 12.00 pm. The simulated abduction planned to take place at just before 10.00 pm would leave more than ample time to play on “Neglect”.

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Here is one of the comments left on Textusa's blog:

Anonymous said :
Jul 12, 2010 4:09:00 AM

Totally agree. The wilkins know what hapenned to Madeleine and where she was concealed. They are part of the gang and the cover-up. Bridget prove it when she claimed that the portuguese police show a wrong picture of Madeleine to her. By saying that she show us how stupid she is and how baddly informed about Portugal and the portuguese police she was. Few hours after Madeleine was reported missing, Madeleine picture crossed the world trough all portuguese on-line newspapers and trough the RTP international TV channels. In Portugal, the disapearence went into all the houses trough all the TV channels and attract the attention of all the portuguese. No way for the police involved in the search of the girl to be not informed or to mistake the pictures. Bridget had an agenda when she tried to pass an image of a fool police and of-course the Mccann's gang were behind that agenda.
This means, whatever hapenned to Madeleine was not an accident and will shock the society if was in the aknowledgement of the public.
Will be interesting to see, if available, what the wilkins have done and who they meet in PDL during their holidays. Have they meet the Mccann's before or be part of their night partys? I believe yes and this is why they need to be part of the cover-up- They are affraid of being involved in the saga, then, they must state in favour of an abduction. BUT IT IS EASY TO CATCH A LIAR.

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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